Midland weighs the competition for CMA Vocal Group trophy

Midland doesn’t want Little Big Town to beat them out for the best CMA Vocal Group.
2:12 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Midland weighs the competition for CMA Vocal Group trophy
Do you guys feel as new this year as she felt last year when you're nominated for a new artist as needed. We do not feel as soon as in the U. But yeah I guess you can be nominated divisive we will age out of this category. After his here there's Fallujah. It's just cool to be nominated and and and gets to get to go and see the performances and try to meet people like Rodney Crowell land that yet them. And I don't really on Saturday had a vested Allen's. I guess so we can make that happens there's sir dogs all right C well. Equally important your also nominated in that really competitive. Vocal group category mutant we nominating do not do remember yes I mean we're not playing around the cure ulcers those those group. I think all of that's on one guns little big town or about probably in there that everyone has one. Besides us and that having so much you let us win Old Dominion 11 guy or Lady Antebellum was one before assured were seeking sympathy campaign. On the road to religiously please let us when. Just kind of my attitude now takes attitude you'll get it and Walt want the same person to keep it over and over again but I sort of think. Once you have it you can let somebody else when they were WS during the just goes he goes. Cut open when another CMA. You can't think you know we don't like yeah room dreamer trophies and when you get your CNN looked in Kimberly is literally had heard. Stewart she calls them was when his son were at all growers and fallen around just with her words are ready that mrs. Hughes also verbally abusive to him. Not if but when you get your CMA where we as we're talking the truth a little victim guys you thought there like this guy's really could drew well. We today we're like little big time yeah. Wishes he may get a live. Probably at that Karen Jimmy they've got volume Olympia snow off the law that we'll still take credit for it that.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Midland doesn’t want Little Big Town to beat them out for the best CMA Vocal Group.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66921752","title":"Midland weighs the competition for CMA Vocal Group trophy","url":"/Entertainment/video/midland-weighs-competition-cma-vocal-group-trophy-66921752"}