Mike Colter Says Bedroom Scenes Helped Him Define Luke Cage

Colter appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role as Marvel's newest superhero in an all new Netflix series.
22:14 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Mike Colter Says Bedroom Scenes Helped Him Define Luke Cage
Committed alone. I'm just miss you. Yeah. My guess you guys ever heard of thank you. I'm about sick of always have and about a new schools. Hello everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what pop and in the whole culture and if you're alive this weekend. Hi my guess is that you're going to be tuning in to Netflix and watching the cage because my guest Mike Colter. Who plays of the cage is telling me that there are thirteen episodes and that IA and telling him. That I know people that will watch all starting Friday night but I'm glad to have you here are you gonna do that too is that how you gonna spend oh Friday night. Let brought in in now it would give you be weird it's been there's an hour of the license of and I actually was in. I'm gonna take my time I I'm I'm I hope everyone binges it like use it as soon as possible but. I'm probably gonna nurture and and and take it like a fine line insipid in I'll get to an episode you're there and let. At whole fine wine analogy. Are the marvel universe. That. I don't know if that's the kind of well through abuse don't Beers should be some good and it's only a little more war. Well before I started keeping count with you over the whole marvel universe and where Luke fits in. Let's tell those poor benighted souls than did and no. I. Let's get that some damages but aren't you doing that that that the key to know who he's. But you know I get it Mickey's Munro prologue means of republika. We're trying to correct that's oval which you'll start calling him Luke cage you know. According wondered what that could definitely love your work move K. Mickey wouldn't care he bids for severe acuity ditzy Disney because it cost of that. You know who cases uses show that if you're not a superhero fanatic. That's okay this shows is hard for people who dislike the dramas that complex characters that we're trying to go. In at thirteen at some food format that allows you to explore this character who was. Put in the prison. Wrongly convicted. Experimented on illegally always expand analytical will be your president and you're kind of the expected it to victory the reward enough by the doing other things but you know the experimentation. Executive popular. That never quite worked it never eligible to draw off philatelic of the debate at certain activities what bugs that would go and bloom with a solo projects over and over got a call got a call Elizabeth Longley development clinical sorry but it's dialogue. It did you know that's what happens the Eagles arrived he he has his powers and abilities in the use the to a state. Course one would abuse people that you bursting the first thing I do gets a close this case closely escapees and goals and two and hiding. Under in an alias which is Luke cage his real name. Is our coral Lucas and basically he is there try to put his life back together. And of course he finds trouble in Holland is laying low the second BBB fashion and we stated that it's it's the hip hop western. And that's like units agree description for because the guy who goals in the town has no one knows who is as the men with no name in this established Baghdad in the house are yet these abilities and elect you know what he's like an award though because I got my own problems passing through. And eventually. Things happen and yet to get involved in the ethical community. Census simple and bulletproof its super smaltz is all that's the by the way bullet by the way he's unbreakable in super strength endurance cruelty. And all that stuff. And then sociological. It means the big words here yet but I've got to bring in up because he wore a black man in Harlan. Which plays a central role in this year's you know it really is the whose bullet or who's bulletproof could easily so. Think a lot of people that wished they had that that the is something that you know while we're making kind of felt like we might have been. Not on to something because listen and kept the character was established in 1972. It was done at a time where I don't think you know people were aware of what was going on the world and now we have these. Iphones via cameras and everybody's kind of recording stuff and so. It was seen things in society now that are going. This is not popping out and realized going on and so right now it's hot topic it's one of those things were if you look at the news and you look at the agent would. With a trailer looks like. You're going to be in intrigue because. Yep this is the time the timely topic the cookies and trying to be you know political who have politicized and so they because marvelous person almost in a team vehicle. But as this one of those things you can't help but touch upon some things that release you know resonating with people. Still. You're right I don't think when in the seventies people were thinking that way but while you're shooting it's movie this whole series are you thinking will. We try not to I tried not to think about it because it's such is. Weird thing to try to create something. That is a global that you look. That adds hopefully it will lead successful show. That will cross boundaries and color lines of people. All shapes sizes and colors would joy. But when you tell a story that is in fees and interest in intriguing. In order would. Intriguing tipped off that and I think you have to always be you know. They but it into the details so we tell a story has its Pacific and this is the story about a black man who. Happens to be used for some super abilities and also happens where where equity. Because it it keeps his he's so the whole Trayvon Martin Ortiz are brought out so and it kind of makes people neglect if this were the keys. Where was cited today in and if we had a guy like that because people I think innately good. And they wanted to do groupings so the reason we will also be heroes because we go if I had. That power and I would help mankind or I would help people in this is what makes people really get connected with errors. But what I really like about this when you watch it it's not really. For me to episode three we're and I goats and Wu tang climbing it everything is happening via. But its cash to yeah. You may have those powers but you don't when he's in the well no in this thing about it yet they anybody looks. Of the way. Everyone likes a bit of humility and most people some people don't have any movement I think people are generally. Connected to that because. We would like to think that if you have something special in her gifted. There's important news that won't rub it both faces you know look walk around this bidding you know crow bars and in particular cars distort all relate. This guy's really too much seasonally. Fiercely. The irresistible as there's attic have you had a no organized party moderate and whatever it breaks if the OK come from a thug what what return of the ship you know. It's fun with Lucas low key doesn't want he doesn't want all the attention that comes because it society people think he's a free you know. He's a freak and ultimately bills like the pitchers better for him does it live a normal life. But we as viewers can't wait for him. To come above the rate. What what happens you have to order to we have at some point you know gets into the fray he stands up and Andy and he makes his presence though. And like he'd do you know every reaction as an equal and opposite reaction there are however this left collateral damage so when he mixes mu. Now that he's a sort small wore his hands and he's equipped to do with this but the people around the morning it is so that's what he's concerned about. And once it's almost like. Almost like what's your take up that mantle of hero thing peoples are confident it so this is have a man he's the leader of the mask. He doesn't have like a detective if you have any formal. Business this is him he's is walking around town. Though is the calypso and that's another aspect of this series like dealing with that that beneath the let me things like OK to teach you schedule these days. I need to do this for Anita help me you know it's now he's become that guy can't help. At that time you're on Jessica Jones prep you for. Getting into this didn't let. You know it was it does with that breaking guys you know then there has been broken now you know obviously you know being a superhero that's supposed to be you know ladies man and supposed to be kind of you know effortlessly. You know. While it's a bit but it's it's a little bit of a departure you know it's very difficult to understand how the world works for a guy like him but you know it's kind of what intriguing things through written that they would just the queen he's been introduced. Soon this world and so evidently haven't fallen through because this is expected. He it is. When did you think I understand this guy implying that probably I think that got him probably somewhere oddly enough. In one of the bedroom scenes not dreaming action. And in and the heart rate and Jessica to note although that was our governor via in this it's on the scene with her in the some of these silences and some of the things that some of the exchanges between are there is really clued me into. Who he was because he's one of these guys and you have a guy who's got this you know he's super string that is you know for the he has the opposite Airbus. But it takes a real strong competent man to be. That was support to a female who is the primary character but also. The lead in in in this story line. What's the kind of you nurturing and that's try to overwhelm them because of the meal Eagles and you know it's typical to be just there it exists in that supportable with out. Feeling insecure and so sometimes guys were not comfortable with themselves. And that's that Luke Luke was okay with that you knew that she could kind of handle herself but it she needed him. He was there is going to be and he was able to allow hours shares much ones this year. We're shares little if you want to sheer. And just be that person like that rock in the so it's one of those things that this group that less is more kind of approach we sometimes you learn more about listening. And sometimes being the support mechanism. Bid you would as a leadership you know unreachable it's very important. He's a lot of things yeah and we're going to see I think after this is at third series and then we're gonna get iron fist and then we're getting the defendant that it is the culmination of all of these pairs them together trying to work of the defenders are kind of the New York streak for shivered at the event here lol lol lol. Lol street level guys who just do the neighborhood to do next it's just noticed that in that neighborhood -- that they think the flying around in you know blowing up over the snub them that is due within neighborhood you know. People come to them and they can touch them they notified them into where they can where they can locate these guys ever kind of like you know. It's like we're connected to the big moral universe that's a cool thing it's like. There's references like you know that the the incident talked about it and some of the other seriously the accident the thing that happened in the incident the incident. And obviously big green guy that cuts that means that references it and publisher of the talk about you know counselor who wouldn't admit it but. Goes and references so we're in the same world it's gonna cool because like. You don't like me it's like being in Hollywood if people think well you must know everyone in Hollywood right because shall digital television and on the of that you have right you know and when you name with TV personalities and we do you must be you know Regis Philbin all the time and you must know it would have been also everyone is an on the televisions into north so. That's what it's like it's like you kind of like. In that world. About human don't you come to this. Profession that hearing you from south. Originally Isetan Carolina's game you don't know that Stanton. You know I can get it by have a couple drinking and completely about to comment on pop I don't want my work. Our daughter on it there. In a war you know I was looking that is professional and I was a kid because. At first. I was in the visual arts but drew stuff netbook that you know that was the best thing since last remodeling disappearance I was throwing the peak people's faces I was in really it's resident visas that would like ads ask you sit down which front brother basically my grandmother. I was struggling details under the promote themselves look inept our schools that. And I thought that was agreed. You know opting to get it to have them blow up that I start studying what painters were successful relive all of them were dead. Think there were no I can think of an active body what was successful in making money alive so slick as we don't know like what was in the work hard and if that doesn't do. No practical regular yellow very attractive. Penciled in as sort of look at in the accident but about it now I'd a had no it's been a child actor. Because the I couldn't I couldn't find a way to actually Mickey Hollywood meals of small town. Memo with us and you waited to pursue his dream I was where it was it was going to be united or anybody knows nepotism to Leno. So I figured this would be something I could do would I would have to go. Go to school fort that we had to get myself kind of Natalie learn the craft but I can find a platform social with it's CB in the objected and it's an interest so that's what it it was a long process with the middle middle school thinking about this dream the whole time high school impairment so. Sort of by the college record study and eventually someone with you you know opportunity in a community and we have to find. About what to rockers the got a graduate degree from our prisons if this is an album that is pretty cool or did the conservatory thing. I got out and the authority agent moved up to Ali for year bounced back between Newark and alien. Eventually start working or you don't mean that to be honest and yet they are an actor there's a lot of times you don't most of you know gambles like literally people talk about public interest that it was nickel limited its own. This is a gift the gift that is not something that's it for granted I think it's something that. If you're lucky you can do whatever you want to do with life in your happy doing it then it's no longer are we never careers. You know the joint. But most people we'll talk about movies for an. They don't really get their. There are in a movie and it turns out to be million dollar base together and could split and it wins the Oscars best picture it would wanted to drag Judea. What you do for me it was incumbent it was sobering experience over experts because. Again be the practical guy airman and you know me I mean. I'm happier you Warren after the kind of guy I'm always witnessing what what does this really mean so again this wonderful opportunity with the equities would. I've written script Republican it's not knowing who was going to be in it and the time. I'm like okay. Just a strip alone a call my agent Thomas that this is going to win every major war in the Oscars you're report was released really into the studio right on the yeah with an accurate idea and I got ideas. And he's seen to be really you know what you relief. And who currently prominent Clinton directed as the most going to be an ethical about the children's rule. So the time Phyllis Hoffman who was the cast of the clintons with like thirty years governments associate that we. Several years ago which he was a champion of much really help you know a lot she told me this part was you know gonna be for me and I was like whatever I don't mean which was talking about. But it turned out that I got the rule. We went on to do. Pretty much what I would do but for me what happens is you have just read experienced earlier Riordan who commit illegal weapons and it would be that Wales in aggregate were the deck and without thinking that I thought you would think where Spielberg no no no we're calling bill I knew a new applicants because what happens if you do these great job and you go. All right what's next and you know that there's not the same kind of caliber work out there and most are calling this week on the job. A plea to boxer I didn't want anything to do with athletic role that it would plea that cliche you know tall. What's the most fluent please strong care systems you know this like I wasn't looking for the Easter typical role though like there was more adjusting things to do this so. I set you know idle for a couple years does some plays it cool thing here there but with a passion about jumping on the train that was presented to me which was. Hey comment for this rule into the boxer another beat of a passable clearly Hollywood tonight we are in there's no imagination to look at the magazine in the go hey this is is that they cast my body looks chemical. Call me and like that's their casting there's builds the specificity and I. And it's at the league with a premier that I would have been happy about have been working I would have been happy so I was patient I think I got lucky gimmick about the almost quit the business. Good wife came along and kind of reinvigorated meaning if you're like okay this is really yours you roll I feel like this is something. We're doing it wasn't very interest in grow LaMont bishop because even though he's the drug kingpin. What they did on that show with the relationship your character has with a sign yeah. Is fasten. And is far more debt. To daddy I'm just this cliched version we we we're slowing and McVeigh were trying to forgotten arts almost that this is. This degree character but what I really want to let people instantly. Dubose give over the Brooklyn. From BS the characterize that youth is what have you with best is one of its many businesses has more people who's very diverse is dry cleaning business gets a horse stable he has gyms new all these things. It's over him in the look at it that way he sends kids to private school he says is you know resident upon what neighborhood. And he's just doing everything that ever bills would do what he has this you know image that people you know portrait of him. Sure he makes a phone call every now and then people with appear split I mean there are people who do that all time within politics and nobody gives him a bad name nobody says. While he's the bad guy because he means what does appear. Hollywood studio executives use that it is yeah yeah exactly right so. Now they just disappear in ways where you don't see them about their careers and if you're right it's just aren't as quick as we reported 900 listeners. But what about you. What a day they saying. Duties were they saying. You doing with your life I wasn't looking I was looking I had had apparently that was bigger supporter of my mother actually want to be an actress when she was younger. She wants and what to New York where her mother got sick fell ill should come back home to South Carolina and take care for a mother passed away. During its options years that there should have a father and kind of you know. Hello and you know it's never never move that will wait sold someone's vicariously she's living her dream about threw me. That she whispered supporter of Mark Hamill was her support my teachers were support I did meet anybody who was you know against my dream and it was weird because while that nurturing environment. Made me feel very confident it also BB have to develop a chip my shoulder in artificially I would look for with the mold him up despite all the allies. Either you kind of fall complacent out golden eggs and I'm going you know people like all you can do this and then. As I got older I started making them things in late you know that person you know slighted when I came into the room baited know my name silly thing like that. And then Iran to have all right Chad that's like you know everybody else is saying good good good keep it up and I'll show you I'll say out loud and equip the business. Good to topics you're not gonna let you believe it is to hold out yet you believe me I'll show you if you believe me should she with the release of the villain in your life. Basically yes it's. I don't look at the media has sixty because I've that they I don't I've you advocated yet there you are with cotton mountain and if it's so great that that you that you what's it like when you're dealing with that actor. Of acknowledged that Calvert had to do and because I'd love that we the office. As extra that you would that. Yeah frowned upon and it's justice who will you know it's the right populist like you know tale rhetorical stroller. The they were really really Smart about casting and also when you're creating are those votes but you know we're right in writing the theories. It has to be agreements on would have the kind of everyone has to be will devote we have to have a lot going on human case on the screen otherwise gone to mountain kind of waiting for Lukens it's visas. He needs to be interest in all these characters in and it. Be quite honest the protagonist is oh only as good antagonists and some degree because it makes you fear an acute care about the primary character you have to fuel this kind of connection. So what would scream absolutely commercials you know great actor and in your bouncing off him in you and you're working up them. He admits the job he's here because you you you love that your point of view and you were in Utica as reasons speak that which more and so it makes my dog users I was told it one's foot what's that. Act like that and I don't think any was beaten anyone this but I object mystic goes with household electric act as if this is commercial. If it works but it seems I've been some of that I suffer later because the because you've been their heads you big league we humans know Mike should mice so much you have to be really scared it's typically attended church with and we could've stood to Clint Eastwood you know this is mind yeah yeah Catholic went under the director but with the and the dolphins star yet what in this scene. It's my movie that's gets them are. They're gonna pull you way for me now because. This is going to happen and then your life can change in such fundamental way if you probably just be impossible. Well on don't get me in my colored Eminem's the way 10 yeah just green vehicles though still Skittles and what's it's gotten skills to go to news from Jr. Yes good to spill all that. But this show always ends in song. Okay with little bit of something that's in your head. My government was so tired we don't really care really you know here we like tire we like the idea that this is emotional and personal not. Policies with satellite you know cash in those sons lynch and but only darkness. Period and in those sons and we she's gloom. In his us is saying though home in his and he goes away and. That and he's Jessica Jones that was for you that was yet picked it up correctly that Mike. It gives them a pleasure that is great.

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