What movies to stream from home

Universal Studios releases movies at home that are currently in theatres, such as “The Hunt” and “The Invisible Man,” while Disney+ releases “Frozen 2” to stream early.
1:53 | 03/21/20

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Transcript for What movies to stream from home
We theaters across the country are closing their doors but there are now more options to stream your favorite movies at home after watching costs of course. Jason Nathanson files this report. Self isolation as people streaming movies and TV shows in droves but what to watch for the first time ever universal releasing movies at home that are currently in theaters and the hunt and the invisible man. And focus features will stream its Jane Austen comedy Hamas. Those are Friday and universal says the upcoming trolls movie. Will be released at home the day it was supposed to be in theaters April 10 expect to pay twenty bucks a pop to stream those films. And I'm. Out now Disney is made its massive hit frozen to available to stream early on its streaming service Disney plus and the Star Wars film the rise of skywalker dropped early for purchase. It'll also cost you twenty bucks wherever you reckon movements a couple of new TV dramas came out this week whose adaptation of the wildly popular book little fires everywhere starring Keri Washington and Reese Witherspoon need to figure. Is on HBO there's the timely political serious the plot against America Netflix it's the miniseries self made inspired by the life from madame CJ walker Octavia Spencer stars in the rags to riches story about one of the early twentieth century's only female African American millionaires and it's a great time to catch up on the shows everyone always talked about but you never got around to HBO's the wire The Sopranos. The game of drones are good place to start Netflix and ABC have all of breaking bad and it spin off that are called sol. Shoes folks. Or check out Donald Glover is brilliant series Atlanta and affects on who had sued again and just like this time like your at a party and everything's crazy. Which also as a new showed de based on the life of rapper little Dickie. It'll hopefully make you laugh during these stressful times Jason Abrams and ABC news Hollywood.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Universal Studios releases movies at home that are currently in theatres, such as “The Hunt” and “The Invisible Man,” while Disney+ releases “Frozen 2” to stream early.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"69721613","title":"What movies to stream from home","url":"/Entertainment/video/movies-stream-home-69721613"}