Naked Statue of Hillary Clinton Appears in NYC; Is It Art or Offensive?

Statue of Democratic nominee is sparking a discussion about whether or not the statue is appropriate or acceptable.
3:49 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Naked Statue of Hillary Clinton Appears in NYC; Is It Art or Offensive?
You remember a couple months ago and now artist planned. I'd naked Donald Trump statue when he public car. Remember and while another artist just plays a noted Hillary Clinton's statue on a Manhattan sidewalk but this time. A woman knocked him down sat on it until it was ruled by the police because there was no permit. But the question is is this offensive or is it all art. Tonight old quest I think are hard can be offensive by mean anything can be offensive looking could be an atheist walking down the street NC a crucifix and find that offensive you can be. Someone who opposes LG BT right concede gay pride parade and the F Fenton at the bottom line is you don't need to react to everything sometimes you can just see it. No I didn't want either of those pieces I want my case I don't need to tackle Ed and stand on in an. Breaking it and makes I have so and so I south. We've got a lot of bad it'll also let the song neither of the. Artists. Teen permits and I I was looking at just seven things that go into getting one for like the new York city park to get into it it's that extensive process that takes about six months and they take into account. Other work you've done it's. It how it. Is to human scale look at the size and everything so because I come he's really big in kind of crazy that until they would normally take that account and where it's located in. That's the thing is I I do believe you have a right to do that I just feel like they're both eye sores. You know back in 1999. Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York City. And there was they hung out. There was a any athletics and exhibit I guess what have you wanna call it at the Brooklyn Museum opposite virgin Mary Mack revealing a breast. A maid of elephant dot right and she was surrounded by angels drawn in the shape but genitalia this was in the museum through them. And he of he said I'm I'm I'm taking all public funding away from the Brooklyn Museum this is disgusting not Rotblat. And the museum sued him. And they settled and the museum want guys. Yeah yeah and as offensive as that isn't Hillary Clinton has as a matter of fact I've found a quote she said it's not appropriate to penalize and punish the museum. Though she personally would not go to see the exhibition say you love the choice it's like this shelf people get mad at things that we say click I mean I got married and that. I'm saying this is a free country let me tell you what the part New York City parks department sent him. And Marcy park stands firmly against any un permitted erection in city parks no matter how small. I'm. New York City are stupid and it's what may say. The Donald Trump catching I thought he had X don't Don that. Yeah who I was I I don't know I don't know I don't think really well there's no wonder where nano is wearing no underwear. Yet now just. Let's not let terror we're talking about how terrorists that you. Which you might say at the Time Warner Center attack and it is up you know Botero made these large so huge people and and they area's full frontal. And the body is bronze and the genitalia as a slightly different column because people take a picture hanging not. It's not that it's only and must undo what an amazing stump sacks allowed right in the middle of the time one about what because it's private property. And equipped by terrorists and asked well and it does have that many houses and while no it's it's a great if it's whoever owns the property thinks of the art is amazing bacon they have the right foot whatever they want to hang you have the right act don't win but that's why we went terrorism great artists. But it's just kind of amazing.

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{"id":42917770,"title":"Naked Statue of Hillary Clinton Appears in NYC; Is It Art or Offensive?","duration":"3:49","description":"Statue of Democratic nominee is sparking a discussion about whether or not the statue is appropriate or acceptable.","url":"/Entertainment/video/naked-statue-hillary-clinton-appears-nyc-art-offensive-42917770","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}