NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Talks About Fantasy Football

Jerry Rice teams up with Intel to revolutionize sports data.
5:21 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Talks About Fantasy Football
As fantasy football is at an all time high fantasy owners are -- high demand for player. And team analysis on or to become obviously -- fantasy football champion. NFL hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice and Intel have teamed up to explore the intersection between football. Fantasy football. And technology. And the -- -- -- here talk about this. Convergence of all 380s it's amazing. Fantasy football is blown up. Time -- you know when aptly fantasy football and when that well when that plane back in the day organize big but it is just among us now because you get close at thirty million people -- fantasy football. And it's a billion dollar industry. It's what I'm it would used to be sent a pastime something to do button and now it's like it's it's serious business since -- out Intel is obviously coming out of the way. People to really throw together some great teams will -- pretty much power in those devices that those sports fans -- to play fantasy football so. Today you know -- to be on your computer all day long you know it. That. You can get the data and all the sudden. It's like instant. You know you have -- ability to all this information. Now you can make Smart decisions on who you wanna bring on your team what you and I -- talking about this and you're saying that -- he had that information then had -- I mean what -- would that change that what if I had that information back in the day. Probably wouldn't double everything that I did you -- 208 touchdowns probably in double. Fifty hunted. You know cats is over twenty some thousand yards because you have all the data right here this economy can jump little bit easier you think it makes is a -- -- the same time calming you're the guy in the field that's got a process all of that such a rapid. Pace. -- you know I think is always better to have that not to have you know you don't want them over -- but -- is callable on down to you. Being a Smart in making good decisions -- you plan -- one of the -- yet fantasy league. National but I'm always album always have -- people to pick my -- yes they wanna know you know say Hayes failed Kevin Johnson out Peyton Manning. Those guys in on economy -- and -- the numbers -- contention but -- woman sesame circular on the side. Right where yeah. They get -- as he put on the negativity Adolor writing during boats not cars are there and I ask you that who's looking good this season. I'm like you know I think Peyton Manning yet also Kevin Johnson would be you know the first two guys that we'll pick that you know. Right now is mid season yet -- the presses on and and the thing about. Tennessee football to 20000 pieces of information is taken from one game. -- 20000 pieces now you can have that information where you can -- haven. -- -- need to -- this person on May be need to. At this person to my team. And hopefully -- -- make you. A better fantasy. Player it might also -- to -- new pool so you need that information so you talk about Manning he's 37 now you retired. At 42 after two decades. How much -- you think he's gonna go. I don't think. You know -- little thing -- is gonna go that long yet you know because of that injury day and I am -- watching him and he still doesn't look like he has that velocity on that ball. Just like the old days so he's very Smart intelligent -- football field. And he's probably used in some this data -- fantasy football. Breaking down teams where you know -- Tennessee. -- Tennessee's he knows is that what to do. You've had Joseph Montana Ron Amadon all right what do you think about -- -- You know I think I mean to put it kind of compare -- on Tuesday I think we'll Collin company. You know his run it's now. The wildcat the read option all of that but he's always also one of those quarterback. That can -- back in the pocket -- with accuracy and deliver the ball down field. So he's still learning and in I think he's only going get better but you when you have a guy. Of that talent you've got to continue to build around him. We'll have to wait -- if he's going to be on his Blackberry -- He better dictated all these stats -- you and everyone else in going to be keeping a close cyan yet I think. The players today if -- are not taken advantage would Intel is provided for them they're crazy. Because this is really gonna help their game is coming up. To break down certain tendencies about players. Where you can go out there and in try to be successful football field picked guidance the recommendation from Jerry Rice right there -- -- and also one -- thing yes 40% of women. -- plane it was which obviously shows at least. How much fantasy football and yes completely blown up -- what these women are -- and a look we have all the data. We are out to kick your vote. And as bad as they are going to -- and information -- rise it has been a pleasure thank you for having me appreciate.

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{"id":20662935,"title":"NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Talks About Fantasy Football","duration":"5:21","description":"Jerry Rice teams up with Intel to revolutionize sports data.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nfl-hall-famer-jerry-rice-talks-fantasy-football-20662935","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}