Prince's New Protege: Liv Warfield

R&B singer Liv Warfield is on the rise with new album "The Unexpected."
5:07 | 04/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince's New Protege: Liv Warfield
RB sensation Liv Warfield is fresh off big performances on the Jimmy Fallon show the Late Show with David Letterman. And the Arsenio Hall Show and with each performance she's winning over new fan. Her new album the unexpected it's out now we're thrilled to have Liv Warfield with us right now -- thank you so much free -- you pleasure. I love the title of your new album. The unexpected it's -- so much about your story. -- yes -- everything about his journey has been expecting. IA actually start -- my music room leaks about one years old plant -- kept hidden from my family. And when I moved to Portland I think everything just opened up for me you know my journey has been beautiful I mean people have been really support my career and just the -- I mean just the journey itself has -- unexpected sound. I can't wait for what's -- so it's just. It's crazy and another piece of that magic wears her encounter with the prints to who brought you has brought you under his way absolutely have been a part of new power generation for five years. And this past year I was able to relieved to what I wanted with this album he's been quite -- mentor. I've learned so much from hand. Just being around him in just his energy and being a writer arranger performer. Like a kind of absorbed those things from him in -- It's been it's been pretty cool what's been his biggest influence -- I think it's the performance the performance aspect of it. Being on stage with him I mean you can't help but -- kind of absorb that energy that he brings you know so. He's kind of taught me to take chances and kind of be fearless. Really want to take that into this. This album the approach the album on to make sure that it -- feel alive. And that I'm concentrating on preserving the music before us. -- I think there's something to that having eaten eleven -- players play with us like it's such a big. Production but I think there's something -- that. It's it's an awesome week edgy soulful sounds a little ground Elvis and so a lot of broad perspective at first time you played alongside -- -- Along spent so many things it was exciting it was scary it was. I do that first day -- got on stage with him I was war. In -- by watching him I had to remember that I'm still singing still onstage going to be performing. But after that it's just. It developed into something so beautiful in just him being there for me. It's -- one -- the -- footnotes to your your music is that you learn to sing relatively late in life doesn't know how did you start. Well I played violin for quite some time so it was kind of a process by. Was raised in church and numbers saying -- never sing in front of anybody I was actually happy so. I thought I was going to the Olympics one news that flat at seven years old -- kind of news that's what I wanted to do wanted to perform. My parents would sit -- out in front of the TV and I watch Diana Ross -- -- over and over again like I mean that's what to do. That was too shy too scared every -- and silently from home. I support organ track scholarship after that. I didn't want one anymore I just might need to use this -- I need to take chance things happen. And not. You know actually need to -- -- -- for me to see you in your -- yeah what kind of music where you. We've seen at least all. I was singing -- -- -- at a -- I love my Whitney Houston. -- Mary Jane lot of love Tina Turner. All of those things and Portland played a really big part in. Kind of influencing those sounds on -- love Donnie Hathaway lake. All of his all of this actually all of the artists that -- mentioning -- -- like an ice melting -- on this album currently -- all those influences in. And on the albums so it's -- -- -- -- all of in the albums out now -- unexpected and what's your message to fans in in your music on this first video that you. Hong I want to take them on a journey I really won the Latin music aspect that -- -- -- Get into people's souls I really warrant I didn't want it to be perfect -- just won -- since the a story a story about from. When the performances -- -- Liv Warfield -- the world it is rocketed higher alternative RB soul and rock and roll. So I just want to keep people on that journey and dentists. Really love music community really really dating from the bore fruit thank you so much -- -- -- -- -- the album is out now it's called the unexpected. Be sure to check -- out.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"R&B singer Liv Warfield is on the rise with new album \"The Unexpected.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23294735","title":"Prince's New Protege: Liv Warfield","url":"/Entertainment/video/princes-protg-liv-warfield-23294735"}