'Real Live': Eminem takes on Trump

Rapper Eminem takes on Donald Trump in a rap cypher at the BET awards and holds no punches.
6:45 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Eminem takes on Trump
Our ring onto another controversial figure here the president of the United States Donald Trump and Eminem we're gonna change yours or limits Eminem. He may have known he released a for a half minute freestyle rap here slamming the president with a lot of profanity so there's a lot of beeps are for gonna play it is here. And it got a lot of controversy and president trump was not very happy about it. And you guys heard entry was released in the BET. Bob awards. Can you guys cedar reapply clip over the little bit I believe. Night every for them a little bit but I'm always get better service center Seattle. Like people didn't demagogue and so you know what you guys think of. I it was interesting moments it for the BET black entertainment network to show Eminem this person from the hip hop scene but a white man taking on its president trump in this. This whole way it would need whether it was fully freestyle the weather was something that was slightly scripted. He went after him on everything from Colin copper neck and black lives matter movement to even taxes that he said flying Donald Trump run in his personal jet. We talked about the wall at one point. Use the sort of southern accents to imitate some of Donald Thompson mortars at the end drew what he called a line in the sand. Saying you're either with me or if you with president trump you're not allowed to be my fan and to like that man. Com this is pretty into. Beneath an air of a truck put. How far ahead of the candidate Eric trump music and he's always been varied music has always obviously been very socially aware and we know the beauty because this air trump. It's is taken it is like. Completely new height that is just an artist perhaps who were each I think Eminem is always sort of been their by this air of trunk it's just you go no holds bar. Everything's fair game and it's really gone to. A whole new level I mean yes but also a time of bloodshed or cardinal people's lives are talking about human rights to turn my human equality new and I think. That has all com I'm terror threat on their hands they were seeing a little clip of in the media and under hands. What is that they legislation so I think people are more. Yes they are kind of condemning haze that alleged norm what seems to be here is hot complacency in the manner. Comment how he enables some of these things but also they're really mostly Sofia on. The fact that. Human equality human rights is actually under threat that's really the problem and then you know obviously economy on the status of but he brought up and it's now. And make a refugee think artists like this in any way shape or foreign. We don't risk just you know Elie needing any of their fans are that their fans you know. There there are severe loyal to their unit to the musicians they like you that that all. In if you. No I think that what we're seeing it is. Celebrities and actors entertainers actually being celebrated and be rewarded for taking a stance. I think that fans and consumers. Really want to know more about the artists they want to know about. Dave accompany their persons who are good from now we are more curious about was your mission statement more cure is always a constitution. I think is more so popular artists who aren't saying anything of that remark curious about my apple why aren't you saying anything you're silence is actually speaking volumes to me by you not saying anything. We see that happen with some lines in particular like some lines as real that's I think she's a perfect case study for this. Salons was really trying to figure out who she was in the light of her sister beyoncé but there was a moment win she got on Twitter and she became on filtered. He said her voice just go and she became authentic self. Not afraid to speak her truth. And they see the success that she has one of the most amazing albums you know as an army pop charts are right now and it's our bobbing her authentic self. Sending within four buckeye cabinet he has that number one selling football jerseys and the playing anymore. But just on the flip side Villanova the the soldier on the Pittsburgh Steelers. His Jersey is now also 21 atop the Rangers went he went against his team to stand out to salute and the flak for NASA as an and so. I think that you would actually be rewarded and you'll find support for speaking huge. They can teach and you see that people now they they really do you wanna know who their artists. What side are they think in these times with Donald Trump it is more polarizing than now even than before with Barack Obama mean people really want to know. Are you pro prompt are you anti Trevor and I think that's the reality in which we are now that just the bottom like. So I think the guy I think before people they weren't as Louie would be just we just were like that before we just where is divided so I think it's true meaning. I think people they almost do want to scroll sometime an artist Twitter via their like oh you know and Amy Vickers a cool clear take on the you know. Trump's taken Puerto Rico what's their take on a hurricane relief. Umbrella yet the line we'll say that he would the end of president Obama's term if you looked at polls a lot of Americans have that the country is more divided at the end of president Obama's. Presidency than before but President Obama clearly was. He he. Was on record saying that he wanted to tone down those differences presidents cup is always been someone who's looked to highlight differences between himself and his detractors. And he someone who's gone to great lengths to do it whether it be swearing whether dias personal insults whether it be Twitter bonds really fun censoring himself and we think about people that are clones censored. Eminem. Is a perfect example of that so I think it was this cathartic experience for lot of Eminem fans in hip hop fans to see someone go with that. Visceral about freestyle. The regardless of Eminem's on past history in what you think about him and his controversies he was cathartic for a lot of fantasy. If you were caught fire with fire that's fine that the question is is whether you see the country getting even more divided is that becomes the comfortable place to be but the cause. Saying that happen the President Obama when that whole you're suggesting when he came out. Had a more so bipartisanship. Rank and race was possibly undertone within that but it was definite Republican vs Democrat. Not want to close rewards right now this is by the anti politics right is that when you took cultural wars and he gets identity politics of polarization takes on a whole new meaning write in terms of what's happening. The reason why I would like for people to stop you there argument I was wanna watch the wanna watch them off the end I was gonna watch the movie to watch a movie in and a place on the play a song that has got to stop. Because a reason why Kaplan is because president truck has now inserted himself. Present drug tweets about the Oscars president tweets about the gold and gold he tweets about the in. Enemies he tweets about actors he tweets about music he tweets about ratings he himself has insert himself into pop culture. So because he's as arms on the pop closer he now has an office of the presidency some pilots exhibit inserted. So we can no longer use argument I'd just soon want to be entertained no this is unfortunately. Part is that there's now been in our welfare.

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{"id":50473032,"title":"'Real Live': Eminem takes on Trump","duration":"6:45","description":"Rapper Eminem takes on Donald Trump in a rap cypher at the BET awards and holds no punches.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-eminem-takes-trump-50473032","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}