'Real Live:' Will horror movies save the box office?

"Real Live" guests discuss celebrities who are opening up about Hollywood's expectations about body image, and whether horror films could potentially save the box office.
20:04 | 10/20/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live:' Will horror movies save the box office?
I ever lie behind David Caplan and this is real live happy Friday. I'm here with Mike means Candice Frederick and our special guests that week. Eight BC news reporter Kelli McCarthy welcome to LA thinking giver having accurate in any and that we have is we wanted you brought so much that we brought you here are dangerous people will be very high. And I have addicted to you and we theory the real life orange ish color yeah. Spirited thing to it like that aren't your team player or an event so we're gonna talk the first topic is a topic that. We keep hearing in Hollywood body image and Hollywood and it's a topic that typically plays women but. Males are not immune to this the latest celebrity talk about this is Emmy Rossum so she's taken to Twitter to say that she. Constantly in the path of being told by producers female and male but she have to lose weight and she actually talked about an incident at the age of nineteen win. A photographer actually Sheen threatened photo shoot. Basically told her put down that piece of cake what you're doing. And she took to Twitter in response to Jennifer Lawrence saying if she was actually once put in the nude photo lineup with other actresses. And it's the sort of in an attempt to be lightened you know what you better stay at all you know lower weight back. So why is with that's why do we keep having this conversation why does Hollywood. Want our actresses in particular to have this sort of unrealistic. Body image. I think. I think it was isn't about it is it's it's the media standards have been set so high for women you know I think it's we put these women are very difficult place and understand their identities. And terms of Hollywood movies in our pop stars are. Now as I was come up that sometimes very unrealistic to the average woman who doesn't have. The shaft. Yahoo! doesn't have a personal trainer to train them right insult what we see in Hollywood these unrealistic ways of health and fitness that doesn't really translate to that average mainstream USA female who doesn't have the resource that met access to do that to get their body. To be snapped back after having birth in and giving a baby into Christie's pressures. On wait a minute to meet that standard that's so not realistic. Absolutely and I mean off of that till I think now we're in a space where not only our these actresses and maybe even models and a lot of cases. You know getting fat influenced at least Kinnear then are or healthy you know these unrealistic standards that are actually healthy for them. There there are also being in plants because they're seeing more on social media people postings about them. All the time and it's constant people are snapping photos of them. You know just last week he's on Manny mart posted a photo where one user first pointed out you know oh you look so sand and it's not healthy and kind of put her on blast and she you know spoke falcon she sad. There's economic my eyes and I am healthy and I'm Yunel. And the weight that I wanna be out and they you know you can't judge my health based on camera angle or a lot could. Yeah I mean I think also actresses and other celebrities also shame other celebrities as well live beta and I and I think that that's not something that people talked about and I think that as often as Alleman. People really. Consider Hollywood the pretty tight of just humanity he isn't as scary as that isn't. But I think that that is treating such a higher health standard like it. This is what everyone should look like and this is what you guys like flu does creating that bad bad disparity at me. We'll let me activated before there's other personal and after the top of but I have to throw in how reality hot devil's advocate here rate. Let's be real do we want us. He and. You know I Jennifer Lawrence who is you know. Thirty pounds quote and even some quotes you know double that reviewed here. Overweight do we want to see you know an Emmy Rossum we're you know of gold with you know with a guy you know I mean. Get the same time you know Hollywood these people that we Sierens you know TV screens movies things. They're also you know mirroring society mean we all want to lose weight most of us in enemy we all want to be fit. I mean how much we were sitting here are we really judging him are we being hypocritical. Most of us we we want to have that thin bodies while serving you know it's really like this cyclical thing I mean is that that differ. Let me it's obvious is the actor's choice look at this actress choice to be of that size the bid ask support them back I. But if it's the choice being made for them to be that because the sound. I'm realistic standard is being placed on them then as I don't support so if they choose to gain weight I support that. All the dog is on their terms but can you raise something really interestingly some associate media and in mr. Graham. I would like to add something to that conversation Kaplan when he talk about that because. Most women who gets out via instant grand easy tend to be on the thicker side the more Kirby side. Those are Latinos get a lot of love in a lot of attention for their occurred in this Brian there's a body positive campaign is really going on in our friend about Davis the big that a part of that. To get women's and break stick curves and to celebrate the occurs I thicker side. I mean less than individuals from might Kim Kardashian read in terms. People celebrate her body type and some would say is manufactured Graham but nonetheless that's a standard now that people are heading choose trying to get that implants right. This is maybe like five years ago you thought reverse of people tried to lose weight to lose the curve in so. I don't know what will be like for individual who has of people who'll be watching that to understand what is beauty standards now and what exactly what was my. I think a little Pollyanna to be like oh my god a photographer to photo shoot for any rough and first photo issue with like. Put that piece of cake down almighty god I can't believe it like I was so offended if licking away he was probably fashion magazine cover huge coverage but you know what it's not that surprising like I can't I can't. Be in his Bobble. It pretend that it was like so offensive and that at the point of what militants see she should stand there and eat like a bucket of chicken just approve appointments write about it. I don't think even off of just that statement Atlantis kind of the proof right that is kind of this perpetual thing you it's almost like. People expect that they're gonna get shamed well there. Great that we agree on what we were talking before the show Kelly and I we're about what realized she embraces her web fluctuation but what do you think about some elect Rihanna who does that she's like you know what. You know have you guys finally embraced all of us I. I mean I think tonight's claiming she's embraced the body positive attitude right and even recently she sat. It's okay if your if your size are your weight fluctuates. And she says whatever is healthy whenever feels good to you here is what you should be doing and she then went as far as to say dressed in the clothes that make you feel it she said before you get dressed. Decide how you feel and then make a decision on what you're gonna Wear because until you feel good about U. It kind of you know that's that's the base of everything that everyone else is going to steady work. It to see Rihanna asked eight that you think I'm regiments and Rihanna because then let's Segway to beyoncé. Right right at me assays had her baby she's picked up more curbs in the from the top and on the bottom and I swear every NC ran every bloggers out there is celebrating this new Kirby beyoncé. Intel is being celebrated from that standpoint abuse so I think we begin have to look at this limbs up almost in his polar opposite like. And one way to standard is real thing and that an Aggies celebrated and in another instance is mark Kirby and then that gets celebrate. One I think it also a cultural thing you brats you people of color spratt to women of color and I think that. When we talk about you know eating disorders don't talk about body image it's very much through a white woman skis things usually. You know told like you know white women had issues and not so much women of color. And so usually when we see that the these cars he's about body issues issues and leave the body objectivity conversation usually stems through women of color. You often times because that's the Fuller image since I was really about embracing it you don't see that as much it winds. White women in the name when they talk about budget. Humans that's actually the plus size model mentions that a lot she talks as a white woman and net. Being this currently admits she had difficulty with her family she had difficulty but that her cities and her school districts on cigarette and a small town and she did I was. This Haydn and you know people said even going at that she should loosely and then let an innocent oppressed class has not on the cover of sports and as you. A lot of these sort of of these women if it's always seemed to sometimes it is even fur you know public figures is outside the Hollywood gave the Demi Lovato for example she's been very public about. Talking about body image not necessarily even those of course the very public figure within the gaze of Hollywood she's talked about it in terms of other issues that she has you know whether it's health hazards health initiative other personality issues that she's been dealing with any. How does that affect sort of and for her taking it very personal soul Keener Amy when we're talking about the likes of an Emmy Rossum or even Rihanna and hasn't really taken this would really. What type of tolls is taking on other young women like mentally when you look at some like Demi Lovato with clearly taken a much more. Mental health hole on the menu what do you think this is doing to young women like Abbas. I think even younger and Demi a lot of Arum I mean Demi Lovato also has a super young audience over at talking about like tend to like fifteen year old girls who images every thing I mean that rapid in the social media. Arrow where bullying is so prominent. Where it's so expected wares just like you have to look a certain way you have to be a certain way they're constantly being judged. You know. Partly there also putting himself out there about also keep for putting themselves out there as well putting them out there on their behalf so it's just. It's creating such a frenzied of just of just this hyper insecurity. That I think is stemming threw back Hollywood game. Stuff that shoot Edmonton regiment and can't as a Hollywood gays that's also had an individuals who were not run on Hollywood ending 'cause for. I don't dis on the edge thing with those media should be is very powerful as a city he has a way of really advancing our Coulter and weighs in our society in ways that we haven't seen before. It's a not a result fitness is almost as popular part of conversation in. As a what did you watch last night people and argue mill prepping knows a lot of sense of resolution media who get popular right by the mill press. There's always had to die it's the pin you about is did he get die it's right necklace had that one shall cause the healthy get your hubby they're of the business big. So what Netflix are about messing up the name of it ever really talked about the process of making food how food is processed in terms of animals and in the protection of them. And make people want to stop eating meat and food and health. Have now become such every day part of our conversation ever constantly thinking about it. But did when you ran and I suppose that's a holiday will lead and what you see in the media we can't help but to always be thinking about her health. We'll name anyone to think about figured there and I think it here it's Friday I had had wanted to go to movies I think about. I think about four movies with Halloween approaching. The earlier. I think about how far right and think about clout there this weekend Hutus opening. Are sort out heartwarming movie is it be exonerated in particular this year it wasn't the greatest year for films and this is where there's honor of horror movies comes to the rescue in theory re so in September we saw the news be it. Huge UV. A 123 million dollars opening weekend it was the highest movie. I'm. You know film critic circles. Foreign movies really you know me Steve this year at the box office race. You know there's many theories right you know some of them are you know while he is sort of like one good movie review and then no one or movie. Banter like. OK you know they get into it and or one or good or movie it's cyclical in an immediate fix at all homelessness though it becomes a great movie than people get into it so. Let me ask you guys know what is the open horror movie genres can they really save a bad year of movies or is it almost like this. I'm just it was of a random. On were you know I think there's a couple of really interesting components there about why horror movies have been slaying at not stop and there were a lot of they've really had an a lot of the Reeve and is because. You know if you look at movies like get out which did absolutely. Amazing yeah romance. Seem pretty Sarah I and Koch what was the other. That happy deck debt and they get a sound amity and yet really low budget he was under five million for both of those movies I believe and you know you look at that. When you have kind of lessons of cooks in the kitchen almost in the production side saying like here take these notes make these changes and doing. Kind of all this like staff and eight kind of get to focus more on. How they're producing the filming getting it just right because they kind of pops it re anyone and they want to build. Something better product and those human music to the past this year in terms of car so. I mean you yeah. I didn't end with yeah I mean I think that people are looking to or not just because. I mean I think people looking for two horror for escapism but I think people are looking to or because yes it's not like you know. If this is your thing whatever but none of the slavery movie is not another heavy drama. Will get eighty corps hat is. Has always really but even particularly this year. Really had bid up part of the social consciousness but has not gotten credit has dessert until this year. So now people are really talking about in a way get out is there's so much announcement but the commentary after it tackles and racially. Relationships recent it talks about racial fear in the summer he's not mean things. Is very bully in this talk about things that people. Don't. Consider abhorrent to actually tackle who actually does that then it talks about bullying and you know things like that's there was more than jumps fares which are great but it hasn't social commentary has that narrative that we are already talking about mr. boots. Gone beyond through the typical slash and have visited Bolivia and I think so you know or Ruth would become sort of more I don't know like math they're getting. You know wider repeal also we're seeing this weekend Tyler Perry due to so. Obviously there was you know I'll do want to nasal bill right so is this flip the only truth to you make so is this an example Tyler Perry obviously is not a horror movie directory no he's not coming from Friday the thirteenth he's not coming from chuck. Now for a movie an endowment of about the McCarrick is so much more better now and it amounted genre to be expanded and hats that categories of war with allows fourth at Tyler Perry to come in. And it is great comedic aspect. Who write amble with everything about that is this'll familiar with Omnicare terrorist. Because they are very scenic and Padres other movies and that would allow the characters are developed those almost at what type Perry has done with a mouse on the journey. Would these individuals from last couple years maybe even a decade now enjoy the allowing Fred that to happen. That they capping the reason why that is two as well this because we're open for that now you know horror movies because of blood and swore he wouldn't go but now we see on cable television consistently so now we're immune work without humor desensitized to seeing letting wars I had the same reaction to it several more open to go see it a credible mediator ever hear these kids walk. I did not were haunted by they're getting our America. Future dress Tyler pair obviously you know a lot of films you know folks are African American storyline and the third goes back a little bit to your point candidates where or movies now they're knowledge what they used to be you know they're tackling story lines are talking about yeah. Into racial story lines a couple they mean the fact that even any again. Tucker's navy is not their traditional slash and right comedic story line. But just the fact they hear that he's doing it you know it's not your typical you know like white director doing it is that again just another nod to the fact that this genre. Is just continuing to you evolve relay. Yeah I think. People are seeing in as not. That they can. That has representation. Various people women there a lot of Whitman John from makers they don't really give it credit but there's a lot of them coming out there. Now on the extreme enough on the small screen there are women college there are filming and mail filmmaker McCullough including Jordan Keogh who really. Cindy get out is so different than it and everything you do me in -- wasn't really expecting to do that but it's really carving espy's for an vis. More marginalized filmmakers treat these stories that mark you know that that matter. Things within the before go to our real target with things that thought small predicting the pop hit with American horse story in the last year had huge huge hit and I think on the you know on the small screen TV. That has me that show has brought you know the genre of horror just don't need people like I never rocking think of another show. On TV at least in that genre that became so huge and I never watch the before and you're talking representation. I feel like that show has been looking Noah's Ark of diversity in my honestly like there's been one of everything on Saturday Garrity in and day. I could in the casting notices go after that show it's like. Everyone could. Okay lady bears player ever ensemble. Keep it within the vein of or raise this week's real top are our favorite horror movies straight. All right so Kelly murder start with we're me to get the gap through go with you first. Yeah I found all this claim act I have not the largest storm in. And I but I left seeing them when my friends he can't. And why is my favorite Staten. I'll I I think his 2000 wine is the other is with Nicole Kidman and you know psychological he not tested the ands. And without foreign affairs that I remember really loving as a Hartmann be so definitely good choice to get. And mine it looked through back could ever go over. So my favorite Dara Torres has been the seventies as always going to be this. And likely in south definitive one for me is the texas'. And in line yeah. Great acting curry and I've also read the book with an assessment that. I also watched the series goes on out. But. Yet great performances it's just. I love the idea how arm its commentary around religion in the double and how it also you know man passes in this narrative. Merits of the joy of my youth so I'm gonna land in between nag Catalina. You can't isn't that decades in the united renowned street that there that the plot he adds that that it would only excited. That was my introduction to war and in Freddy Krueger meant that creeping notion of win they always say what ever you do you do not going to sleep yet and yeah there's but out there that I can't tell me. He says is yeah. Break out and our government every one of wine to be Freddy Krueger for Halloween and I think everyone Linehan. And this shirt and that's that's I usually had to by the go to sleep but I still can't watch. Aren't good choice I have money. North is actually very current it's the purge actually love the current period in particular the purge election year very current. I love movies also that our take place sort of like the near future and that we're trying and I think given all the craziness going on rang out in the political landscape it's really interest in your basic the purge the flight. The government have a like you 1 day 1 evening to basically. Do you every line and they've mandated murder is it's crazy weird you watch it I think you watch and you go like that you automatically think you're like wait affect you and he really could do that. Couldn't happen yeah Ali yeah. Never happened and what he's talking about grade pot and different and it's looking like well if it would hear it out a little brother but I thought it. I'd love and I think that installed in particular also have some great doctors and than 1000 hot bats and use the word out of Eagles rank I am well you're not have a big old slumber party and tell them. Watch I'm glad to have grabbed. They're great job that's who finds Kelly he's so nice things get. Apparently that's our sound this that the net. The narrative going to be are you think you're watching real live we will see you next time and have a great weekend. But.

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