Renee Elise Goldsberry discusses her role in the captivating drama ‘Waves’

The Tony Award winner talks about her new film, career and more.
22:49 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Renee Elise Goldsberry discusses her role in the captivating drama ‘Waves’
It can't Italy is ABC radio of course I'm always excited and happy and just amazed to have talent with me and this is the person that you need to really really understand how important she. Tony award winner gifted talented actress star this film waves with I cannot. Just say enough about such a captivating filtering in to get into. Renee Elise Goldsberry how are you don't need to be unity candidate how are you and I ample I'm just glad to have you here because again I've been watch decent. Track yet and you gave me life on that show talk about and combating. That. And so well that is so let's more about first off could build on his films such a captivating film. Tragedy an American family. I really takes you on this Odyssey a Jeremy on soma tomorrow. Sandberg and talk about year old Katherine. And first and foremost I recently side in my case that I I just was like on an emotional roller coaster because it saying if it is it's very dizzying. Didn't know what to expect and I try to read too much up on films of four icy because I wanna have a very objective. Idea of it and I left there are feeling just so full because there's so much in it its active. Let's break into it first informal I want you because I know you have such a strong character. In this this project that I want us Phyllis a little bit in if you can. A summary of what this film is about because as I mentioned it's an Odyssey about a sip a suburban family or American family but it's more complex than that. Yeah we you know we reached Friday and spoiling it so because I had one of the best pleased experiences come in particular is is to go in and go on this ride. It's unique because you you just can't tell you're going it's almost like. You know you're not sure aground you're on you're not exactly sure what's gonna happen but it's a film about an American family they happen to be black. Specifically about two teenage kids who are the kids in the family in the film is from their prospective first from the sun. And second from the daughter and in this family EC what looks like a family that has. And then you notice. Powell did pressure. That just cut that pressure to be excellent that we have so much in our community and that's what's on our kids especially we. We feel like we're given them something if we see how that pressure starts to kind of Wear away. And basically break down the ability to communicate need and vulnerability between teenagers and and the parents. And you see a cautionary tale of what happens it's a tragedy happens and then you see. In the second half of the film this family. Moving on and beyond it trying to find a way forward it is. Stunningly beautiful the performances are amazing and I'm not talking about alone couldn't. I'm talking about but everyone in this news me and and important to see. Really important and use it alone really calls and all of the teenagers it's really captures what that experience is like. If you've been a teenager. If you're an apparent NTT teenager if you are parenting teenager run they'll block yes. Absolutely and I think that's a great thing to say that you know obviously it resonates with literally anybody 'cause. It is about that teenage life which I think is so depicted so accurately you know be given to moments of joy riding in a car being with your friend Matt moment the seriousness. I'm feeling awkward and feeling like you're not part of a group. All of that and it is encompassed within this project this film does feature so I I have to ask what with all that being said what. Essentially drew you in for your character of Katherine who plays of that the matriarch of this household and and is so dynamic in that you know she's a mother. Honest and earnestly but a stepmother and an end you know the actual term out of what you are is still talk about you this role and specifically what really said. Yes this have to be it this is fit for me we'll probably. To be honest the first and attract me hit its role as sterling came for Houghton. I've yet to play his wife and navy and specifically with the movie that has the weight and the the intensity and the beauty of it you know to play those scenes with him is was just. A dream come true to have an opportunity it just work with the best. And to meet him because he's just really fantastic guy and and to be in a movie where the characters the parents like this the T movie for teenagers and yet these parents the characters are developed. And we get to see how they deal with consequences of the actions of our actions and children's action films. Those scenes really drew me and I really connected to the role Catherine. Because she just was awoke is that she a working woman. Who's holding it down and I think she's probably even more defined as she's a therapist probably even more defined by being a parent. By her love for these children quite confidently pairing these children and and you learn in the movie that she is the stepmother of the east of parent and you don't know it it's it's. Not you cannot detect that and till it comes up in the end in a very an intense scene. And I love that because I think it makes me relate to her a little bit more there was a period in my life for I was a teacher I was gonna have children it was engine would be able to have children and I love the fact that I I believe Catherine. Had that experience at some point and then she met this this this man with these young kids and she really takes that role also. So joyfully and so completely and and I just I think that's a really beautiful thing about her and she has to make a decision in this movie. When it becomes more painful. You know who she is and I like that journey. Yeah and an insult to journey that we go on with few and in with currently who again as you mentioned. Amazing in everything that he does and drowning that he I now it's so funny I not too long had his wife here who's in the own diet and hasn't uttered Tutsis funds how much fun this and so she kind of quip that yet you know he's not perfect and I. Are Atlantic yeah cut but yes you know that the great thing is that you guys play off each other so well I mean I felt very authentic you know. Did the life the household marriage and you know obviously you rule the house you know but yet he came back so yeah. Yes so. Talk about working with. Such strong leads new Calvin oh my gosh. He is also a powerful act that where they Eddie yes Calvin Harrison. And Taylor yes they are they are amazing. An end also exit and Meehan Lucas hedges like the young people in this movie. Are still leading if they have done such a beautiful job of telling a story that is. Hard to tell I'm I think that from their perspective by mainly it's this is this role when I first saw Taylor after I first saw the film. I was like people think that there is a rule that is where the York. Because sometimes I don't think began its. Right. You know younger all the whatever the agent I think we're looking we're drummer dreaming as as actors of color just actors and general. Women of roll off that would really challenges that really represented the world that really represent us and this one does. And and I'm just so grateful that these young actors pulled it off. Yes and there's something that you mentioned and I and wanted but understand two or rather you know just touched on but I think it's even bigger than that is that. When we look at this film it's not a black. And American. A film doesn't specify cat race just says it speaks volumes until the fact that it's a family in Hebron and Sammy that could be anybody anybody and so to me I think that really is compound did as you watches film is that sometimes you forget that all while these are actual character as that reflecting on the specific experience birthday because we can resonate with its experiences is not the black experience does act. American experience and high school in the things that you Gillis and drugs is gone and so forth. And so was important to you as you you know touched in our became a part of this particular narrative did you want something that wrist rebounded to. That experience of just say hey this is an everyday experience that anybody could relate to meet obviously it's very important to have. You know people that are representation of us act on the screen but in the same. Brat having a narrative that can speak to everyone I think is also equally important and being in the ruling. Yeah that we we are always asking that war always asking to be able to play any parts. Anybody can play in anybody can relate to and yet also we want to be responsible because we are actors Cutler. And what's interesting about this film might really green to in terms of my my questioning or my idea about what we which we should ask for. Because I think you know as we evolve in terms of how we cast and how we're are wetter representation is we started with can we just be represented all. Can we didn't get odd at all and then we went from matte to saying if we're going to be on can be can be responsible with us what kind of roles are playing what are we doing. And I think what I love about this movie is that we moved be on and back. We've moved beyond are we responsible are we good people are we doing things that people good people would do in this movie we make mistakes. We make terrible mistakes and why is that they are our faux. You know it's not just this racist world we live in hurting us now we see are responsible. For choices that we may get art back head to. That are questionable that we need to learn and grow from weak as people and I love the fact that this movie is cast with people doing things. That day. That deal a lot of people would not have chosen did you lose and and even though you know we are not. Pain it in the most positive light at all times we are human. We are three dimensional characters that make mistakes and learning grow from an and that's the way we need to beaver. And and you could see that humanity throughout and so I want to ask specifically how does then does one prepare this. Compare the star role yet so how do you dizzy it's it's a lot of emotion that is that you have I assume they have have to tap into. And it how'd you come down from this he. And normally when. I'm trying to tap into an emotional performance you know there's a bit of anxiety or pressure in terms and I have an idea how to go and I want to like live up into that I want experience and I wanna be open to I want to. Feel satisfying. He. And just ironically in this movie which is probably one of the most emotional characters I've had to play in terms of the ride that she goes on. I didn't feel pressure now to pull it off because. It's really kind of imbedded in the situation in the things happen in in the love for the characters. It's just it was kind of organically they are the kind of gutter roll. Feelings that can't carry the emotional journey that this character goes through I didn't feel it had to reach for. Because it's just it's you you'll see the movie it's it's just there if you can imagine a mother having to live through some of the things. Yeah I am a mom and even if I wasn't. I I just I just immediately related to that. Anguish and that that need to grow and move forward and I love that and coming down from. From experiencing as an actor I really. Kind of cathartic an emotional scenes with actors like this it's really the it's like floating. Really I you just really grateful that you had an opportunity to represent life. In a way that is honest and that's how we feel at never left the scene of great pain. And felt especially I felt like that Mike's performance was honest and felt I think overriding thing I feel is just grateful that may EB. Maybe something honest happen somebody else would see and it kind of illuminate with their experiences. Now that's that's great because you know. Those are I've spoken to it all varies and I feel like some have trouble coming down from that experience. When they are into a dark. Faith yet is again it's teachers don't need to zone buddy if I feel like I'm in a annually in the moment at five if something is happen that's honest in fall. When it's over you know Samantha have to let some of the pain go when it's over I'm just grateful. I'm grateful because B can't always. You know it's not always actors feel like we've accomplished beat we were able to re create something that's me yeah yeah absolutely. And but you think creating things that are very real and authentic throughout your career here for does that mean we know you for many projects including Hamilton. Free desserts a marvelous job here I have to say you know it's been it's funny I didn't hear a lot of commentary as a late for the best of the decade in Hamilton has been named in that that. On the fact that. Please so. Best that they act yet like best Don that and that her and bill with all of that you know what odds on that in meany I think responsibly. In hasn't been you know I think that's been that it. Bitterly it is in my opinion if I had to put out there but in that respect that. That has been put out there what are your thoughts on and you do you feel like. It's such a movement you know being a part of that. Movement that that accomplishment. Knowing that it touched so many lives people sing the song them at all on the FBI. A yeah. No I I am great. All I'm I'm. To me at me I'm not objective I mean it's it's it's best decade it's a lifetime for me in for the rest of my life I'll be grateful experience and for those relationships and that gift of music and an opportunity and to meet so many people and that illegal inspector and so many ways an. Most importantly just for the beauty of the of the truths in that story to be celebrated the that they are and musical and this celebration. Of of our ability tell stories with this music this you know with hip hop and rap at all kinds of music to you hello to use it to doomed to do more things like to validate this music. So I mean yeah I'll be hoping. That when you know legal beyond decade and we kind of move to half a century and century as I am not objective but I would love for Hamilton to stay in the conversation. Four. Here and I'm sure well. I'm sure learn it will always be a part of nine and and and music theater babies in history and an and all of us you know it's it's just good story. Of. It is and I mean obviously you'd use the Avant a knack for picking good project. And it. See your thought process and I just I am not an actor bullet you know an act here there. I'm graduates and I felt. Would that being said. Do you gravitate towards. More serious projects EU yield interest in believes only non meat and just going full throttle and Richard Fain I. And do every named big Chris Rock hasn't yet he says but it women want and re name. That's how I feel about my career I wanna I want is if they'll if I can get away with it but you know I I wanna try Alan do it at balancing note to myself about any opportunity as long as I feel like it's. It's celebrating. A part of our human experience if it's highlighting it it's teaching us something if it's. If it's something I want my kids DC it's something that I would of wanted to see it if you know especially if I get older as a woman of color. Clayton Powell at the rules take I want them to be center stage because I won. Women. To be seen as they get older and better and older and better I want one arrest has continued in the water I'm I'm. So you as an actor you know. I'm I'm game around I wish I could take. All the credit in the world for being a part of a project somebody wants to talk about I'm always. I feel that way about every projects. Some of them get more attention another's. But it's it's it's a prayer you always ask you always ask I hope this is a good thing I hope it's. It's you know bringing positive eighty into the world and waves definitely it is and Hamilton definitely news and with just applicant in the direction. Absolutely and of course. You know one of the things is always is critical acclaim you cash pocket and waves is in that little kind of flow at Eck. Amazing. Apathy why I didn't know it. Trade because it's a beautiful thing to be in some of these rooms and and be a part of these conversations waves is a movie that really needs. This kind of word of mouth so that people will see it. And so I love talking about and I love that it's patently refusing to on the film festivals and and it's and in these early conversations. Through this season. Because I'll people see this one. Where so you know what that beings that I have to ask what did mean if let's say because I feel it's very probable it got but not for this are that are you don't what would that be life changing what that means something significant because. I know you seem to be such an RTs that I know you do this for them are written for this experience but even now they know. I mean but now I am for me with. This movie it's about people seeing it because it's important YYE. Help you Politico ceased. You know it's not if this is unique. In that I think Simon just said to me I think it should play in every high school. This is what's important about arts the fact it could maybe show with scenario. Two people. That they could learn something so that it wouldn't happen to them cautionary tale. I think it and be they beauty of our awards is that they. You know celebrate but also. Let people know so I pray that it does really well because I want people to noting go seek I think it's important NC. That's that the main thing and also. It is always wonderful to put on a beautiful half yeah and show up and be apart of you know them that they most glorious and glamorous ninth of the season. We. You know with other artists that's always amazing of. It is that we hope that again this will bring in that type look BL because I. Definitely love the film and I really want people understand that it is something. That you can bring your whole family to obviously if you have teenagers this is such a cautionary in important tale armed that I think anybody and everybody should see. On the Brady out of course came out. Last Friday but I definitely feel like it's still time for you to check it out my dad so much time actually it's not everywhere it's only at a new York and LA LA sure ocelot Reuters yeah I just coming out in theaters near used to keep in Ohio and Kenya via. OC absolutely before we go I I do want to talk about. Spam because the holiday season any plans do you in bikinis fan what's going on in my. Favorite thing to do is piece it nothing in my house. With a nice glass of wine in a lot of food to snack on my children running around may be down stairs. And good friends having really good conversation it's literally my favorite means its view. And that's dominated this holiday season I'll be with friends be with family I'll be laughing I'll be talking and LB you know let my kids at week's east hours. Let you go. Why not you know I mean it's it's around that time gives his season. And then we turning four are Alter I. Yeah thank you I will be returning for season two of altered carved. And that is that that's what I'm excited about in the future next year I think early next year I'm pretty sure it's gonna drop be shot season to you. It's my Netflix show altered carbon in. We wrapped it in June yes it stars Anthony Mackie course a logo on mystic have you been watching Hirsch. On yes the judge you know she. And I ask you love her what I thought I had her when she first it bouquets and then on oh early Nike can I tell you that girl is every he has if you sold down parents and one of comes and sees my god she's she's in the show with meet art department at U. But she was in between after she shot the pilot for all rise enough is on the she's and I'm looking forward to that it's really really big league it's it's. It's crazy to deal would be an action hero as he is the outright anger on track hurt myself how could be careful that we need you around with them and Morgan project. And also on the evil the show on CBS and islands Nevada daddy and yeah. Cage I wanna shout at my cancer but yes you ask Michael there we love him to actually got him in black and blue hats that I can. Melanie the folks that aren't that the we come from providing and the am doing good thing you yes you are and they aren't an ally and love the cult the collective family ness of it all because it means you guys urges families this film. Is about a family have waived with two outs New York LA coming to theatre de police checking out a 24. Also we love that Steve because it would have a burden but they do have Desi films and you know what they're casting them and beautiful ways yet telling everybody's story he loved veterinary care can I cannot keep my own blank legal and so I just gotta thank you again because they would it's a pleasure to have you. I'm telling you back in the day it's Guatemalan like the other like yeah. Look at a groundbreaking. Role is Bernie it was scared me Evangeline Williams was a bully her and she could sing it night yeah yes I had wonderful relationships with all kinds of beautifully. And most importantly ash she had beautiful sister ninety S hats who is killing that game right now. Yat it was it they they did a really good job I mean that's not coming home here at ABC act and stop I wish I was right. Kelly and beautiful stories of people of color tablet I absolutely will again I don't like you favorite I don't know what I I just appreciate you. For stopping by to talk to me about this wonderful and amazing account please check it out waves in. And the near you can't wave beat Italy on near you I don't play and I say. Daddy gave brown believes. It thank you thank you insulin citing.

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