Rock On Robin

Comedian Chris Rock remembers the legendary Robin Williams.
5:35 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Rock On Robin
I'm -- that's where new York and this is your ABC news entertainment pop the world mourning the loss of comedian and actor. Robin Williams and among those offering their tributes and thoughts. Fellow comedians Chris Rock. Joining us on the phone now Chris and my apologies for the loss of your friend tell me a little bit about the impact that Robin had. On your life. -- Prayers. Inherited the true Osgood it is. -- -- funniest -- there ever saw in my life. I remember I'm -- the first from -- -- market Mindy. Who -- several political -- -- move. Through the first paralytic -- it was like the first commercial. An actual human being the as -- is both funny I like she knew he wasn't. You know. But you know -- -- cast them as an alien it was perfect because he was -- from another world. So how's that kind of comedic style that that kind of genius. Was it something that you had aspired to was it something that you had tried to to emulating. Some person must all performers saying move -- in the mid eighties you know 8887. Somewhat. You know he would just the roof off the place judged. Well what -- rare guys that matched the expectations of the audience -- the audience expected. That be the funniest guy in the world and -- lived up to it and. And and that's what we saw as as his fans and -- and as his audience when the with a camera was off when he would walk off stage. What was he like as a person one on one having -- congress. The real war. Room. Very Little -- and I still need is very worm -- was very. Calling -- Motorola will look younger there rob so little is. -- parliamentary. Relationship. You know wasn't you know -- As in the last few years we were actually. Begin to a point where we can talk you know. -- -- Why move whatever. You know like grownups but it was -- elementary -- in -- -- exist. -- many always had some positive to say I never heard it yet trash you know community and -- around -- each other all day. -- never heard rattle say. -- -- remotely. Bad about any comedian hit. Such a respect -- art form. In general you know. At all levels which the last time -- saw -- -- he was playing a little. The little club in Brooklyn. Animal virus as a -- Sunday night that she. All all the extra comics goes to him -- -- -- did. Do you do you think that. It was very public and he was very candid about his addictions. And battling them. Was it was -- surprise knowing that he was fighting those demons when you have heard this news. -- -- -- -- So it wasn't a surprise -- community rural can be sad bunch. -- -- We're in other -- -- saying ignorance is bliss of ignorance is bliss was the opposite -- -- must not be blessed. Or lose your job. As a comedian. Now is basically then noticed everything. In the better the comedian. Got more aware. He -- she is of the world around them. So I'll stick it -- -- not a happy place and Jeremy you know. You can have too much information. You can sometimes you can -- too much. Certain was not. I'm -- shocked that it -- -- due to commercial. Laissez I want to ask you do you have a favorite favorite movie a favorite episode a favorite routine. Of Robin. Yeah used to. Film -- and Apocalypse Now. You know noted I'll watch a lot of that was great man I love -- -- -- -- What -- -- live one hour photo. Yeah it's amazing. Brother Chris Nolan believed and he did I don't. Elicit the great. Comedic actor great dramatic actor Burt is bigger movies start he was came -- We'll go -- -- one of the great standup comedians involved. Never to be replaced never to be from -- arguably. Chris Rock we thank you so much for your thoughts particular.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Comedian Chris Rock remembers the legendary Robin Williams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24948397","title":"Rock On Robin","url":"/Entertainment/video/rock-robin-24948397"}