Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight Countdown Top Oscars Moments

ABC News' Amna Nawaz visits AMC 84th to chat with the film critic and writer about their favorite speeches in Oscars history.
20:05 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight Countdown Top Oscars Moments
Now why. By Peter Roberts and the legendary Peter built here with you thank you for adding. That. A Droid by the seemed to be legend a lot I think yes I've. Read. You guys. It some viewer top almonds years ago back in. Are you. These are some emotional. And acting. Rob well when things line. I'm. In Egypt and empathy. I don't know none at all I mean it wanted to give the crazy ones this is a Golden Globes. The Oscars there's really great moments ago back. All right well let's jump right and take a look at the first of the angle although it back. In 1964. For this one. This is a really huge moment historically it is not just for the movie industry but for America really as a whole let's take a look at that. All of them. On defense if it's special thank you. That is. Sidney point to air course waiting for of fat actor. Lilies in the field that's just how gorgeous and crop. I mean you know plus done. Now she's. A popular at this moment that they think that it's a bulletin. Historic moment actually we're sitting in this time with the lack of diversity is the controversy about the prank. And now we go back to the time this. Happens where city plot to wit. You know he's not the first African American to win Hattie McDaniel did that for gone with the wind but it was supporting role it is was. The lead actor in him up against people like Paul mean in you know when those performances so everybody watching just went. Oh yes and who didn't gloves and he was the guy. Lovely Alec and paid and so on like me with. Popcorn. Popcorn all our White House entire operations up every. Pressed. Up. We think that you hear him speak like that what that means you're listening to look at where in the industry. And is absolutely classic moment at the settle moment especially when it comes out about diversity. In this year particularly you're saying it's such a big issue and it's it's important kind of go back to those moments where progress we're social front was essentially obtained. And that's kind of seal it well why are we living up to that right. Now thinking 64 teams like go about. You think about. All the change that came about how would it matter historic moment. Sixty still where everything happens if the conscious that is a long time ago and it's a long time between. One. You calling like. During all those decades couldn't come up with anybody else you can even brings me back right after. Our level are. Clearly and that's. On it might even make you anger air 1970s. Very. The moment rocked by. Even see Marlon Brando let's take a look at this. Ferry currently. Cannot stand. This series this war. That was of course when brand that was supposed to accept the award for best actor. In the got father in. Ed he had given its lot of over the platform. Over to an Apache woman basically heat it it. Gets into the light. A native American at that. Air and Hamas ally here and that you have. Like art. In car. It. Probably by the six and a half this I am really have. We should just stop talking with the Naspers talking movie theaters but legal. Eagle. I don't know I'd made that's not proud. Of great. Atlantic and up outlined. I. Thought that we're totally off topic that way it. I think I hate them where they feel her. Before the commercial I just. Like a small ransom did not mean that vial born in the commercial credit or not an alternative and that part it's. When they really has yet he isn't ready the I don't want you yesterday that there Kenya and I'll I definitely an accident but I'm terrible. Animal I don't know I'd think they answering trivia questions. Yeah it's just like who played the lead in this ANC television show that will be canceled that three months and up it's. Likely the probability. And it's pretty good bet that it. Now. That's. The I am. An idea for me out as Walt and Peter caught him react. Let's let the pianist Brad the winner from several years that we've got the ambient scaling. That was heartbreaking and devastating living. I. Here I am ready please. Lifting it's management. That. I would. Oh. Reasons but when. It. I'm. Very. I. Do have a lot of questions. Just. About did. Line. It got this week's act and the top. This as a whole. Lot of people here on act yet keep going that's what we do act. 1992. We didn't really talk about that didn't actually broke wall to jump. Day. So what about. It's fascinating and it might like kind of going up you know was heard about how legendary brand it was an industry and I think. Like but I starting into movies but after time. But you kind of look at that and saying it is like Alec. This is a guy who was so well respected and so lake. Convict had such conviction and asked that he was pulled this off and he's like. Remembered fantastically for it right and at the time there were there were hecklers was in the crowd and it's kind of like in retrospect it looks like yeah Brando. Was right on that point and there's a reason that he sort revered as a reason that that that like things were able to move forward and I. We should say I don't think we've who claim that it wasn't just that he gave his time according him over he refused the Oscar she locked up there on his behalf and basically said no refused to take. This action which no one has. But he had a reason for you know he kept using her to be the spokesperson toward their native Americans. Saying that Hollywood head just stereotyped them. Year after year after year. And particularly you still here today right. What you hear it all the time but nothing was yes it was the whole cowboys and Indians sense of what you grew up on in Hollywood in thing. Just at least be aware of what you're. An arm and may be and not just jump in so readily the next time you're doing it so it is slept well the saying is really cricket has social. Relevance. It's that moment. Did you think because there's no lack of stars at any award show now who will get up there and used their time when they accept an award to say. We should be paying attention to what's happening in Venezuela hour in Syria hour or wherever but new instruments at the Oscars said. Julie sees it. When he won for Patton he. He said he didn't when excepted and it wasn't there we didn't send a spokesperson or anyone to do this or make a point about it in the Brenda was saying. You know be in a creature of the sixties he was saying I'm gonna see if I can shake things up bullet why not use your moment them. A remarkable moment I'm gonna tickets that the water. Thank you said Nancy we know it's really. Cut up. Everett do Ehrlich. Let's move on to 1998 this is one of my favorite moments and a tricky that's pick that's when you actually remember being a kid and watching this moment with Jack Hopkins. Clay Alex. Let's take a look at this. Guy says I don't know let's let some younger ones we have make them look older but this one in and it's it's it's kind of difficult but forget that forgot to ask that you go out there. And you do all les. Things. Evan anything here to all of and this man doesn't work out on the academy. Yeah. You gotta getting erupts right if you want gains but that's got to the axis of us that's on the That's Hollywood like that in. But all of the rumor that started after this I don't know as the greatest while he was doing the ship is giving an award for best supporting actress. And a lot of people felt that he did he only read the last name which was Marisa Tomei. There were a lot of major British actresses that would and for months terrorists Tammy had to deal with this because he didn't. He never really said her name and ID it was when he. Went back to the cart. Ethnic. Since she had to be doing interviews for the year where she said. I didn't win. Art. And that was all because it but things tired. I think. Eccentric that's kind or foreshadowing. World but still the day than anyone thought city slickers. Would be up there among the award winners yeah ask parents. After a product coming. He was just really entertain. It was like to hear him on the career wards that's what Sylvester Stallone going to be happy one a talked about that scenario. Let's move on Sally 1998 the beautiful beautiful movie Italian movie life is beautiful directed by Roberta that meany. I'm catcher can forget this amount is for ever and ingrained in our lives would take a look at that. Or. So. Rarely are people talking about back category yet the next thing but it's something everyone talking. And also he kept it he kept the energy going through best actors well like an a for that speech but. Is it does business like essence our air ran out of English in my best aren't that's arm felt so. That's very. It was just it was it was amazing. Injection of life into what can sometimes be a little bit of the stuff he ceremony now and yeah I got to reinforce the chairs now that's just. Best. And are. What I mean Kabul. Waiting for dangerous change to try. Somebody to just come up. But it can't be only one I'm Ayers who would soon be entry and again. A lot they Maggie. It has to me and I am somebody Elin there it just crowd surfing her way to the other. Yeah. I was riding these ideas that we have suggestions for anyone out there and maybe we'll. And here is one of mine I loved level of the this isn't as you know I don't remember you not think he still. Of them I. Yet you been in the long I. Lapierre island fine okay 20020. How Barry making history check out. Halley Berry and more. This moments he. So what's it. Been ink. So. If you remember watching it. At the time and she's shaking she's like she cannot get ahold of how she gets that their pasts for air and get the words out I mean. I think hills watching it now it was such. A huge moment for her it's a huge moment for them. Because what I said before about Hattie McDaniel winning supporting and even recently repeated the young go winning warning or twelve years let. This in the history of the academy at 22002. No African American woman had one leading actress in a movie and you know what. No assets. Going. Yeah that is great okay it's I mean we've been boot. Nice part about this year was that after after everything went down after it found out we at all its slate of while of nominees. There were some serious introspection and they realize like wheat cattle at the composition he academy get to a point where it in no way reflects. Contemporary America and then we've kind of built a pipeline. That that. The services. Not late actors and actresses because they can't get the parts that get them the park that kept in the park that get from the nomination right. So would visit there's a fundamental pipeline problem that's finally being acknowledged and there's a just an issue when it comes of the opposition now those are slow issues to solve absolutely but. Com it's Sox this year but it's nice that were finally talk. About it and we should mention of course that's because she's accepting the award as you mentioned for best actress for monster's ball yes what you think about me. I thought the movie itself wasn't as great as the performance that she gave minute but. It was what it was so worth it being with the competition that she had this was somebody who deserved to win for that role. But what Walt was saying is completely correct too I'm Spike Lee. One of the people this year that threatened to boycott the Oscars and upbeat. He quoted earlier from the rat musical Hamilton saying that it way to solve this is to be in the room where and the room where it happens. Is basically not Academy Awards. It's in the studios when casting thing this role can have a person of color I think that's how it varies whole thing it's I don't want to just be. Winning an award for playing eight African American woman in a movie for African Americans I want. To have any kind of brawl and television shame. Motion picture of running laps around it. Can talk about diversity in entertainment these days everyone's pointed mission to great example where a lot of that happening. Again you can have lowered the barriers for entry when it comes to creating content right and as a result you don't have these awesome fight structures when it comes that we can only cast this personal the only people who pay fifteen dollars see movies of this kind of person. When you cannot take away a lot of of the money aspect of it. And you just get this abundance of great content you get that kind of diversity important speaking at TV when you watching these days sick I I don't know I don't know I put the embargo is by far my favorite joke. Really. Absolutely ratio and a show I've seen irony the first season but the second season actually topped the first ever happened ever. And they're just that got the formula something it is illegal with. But I'm talking about the viola davis' and Roger Hanson right I don't having those roles. But being rewarded for good enough to get talked about being in the room where it happens the wise in Hollywood with. When listening Hollywood. Peter has spoken. Let's get on it. Last moment we want to look back and really don't. Know them at the I'm gonna get it to break down this. And featured. Isn't he doesn't think. We look back. And we look forward at 2007. Martin scored easy finally. Finally Wayne's check out. Martin's course. Good to double check the envelope. Thank you so I mean I've and I'm overwhelmed. Dishonor to the academy and also the honor. Of them being presented by my old old friends we go back 37 years. I'm so moved. That of course was for directing the department way. I think still one of my all time. Favorite films like it if it's on TV and on the TV and it's on at any point. It will mean I think I would. Everybody. Hulk out I was happy scars as he finally we. Losing pursuant to take. Robert Redford ordinary people started Marty. You'll be made raging bull. Or you know. Unit long. It's awkward. Awkward. And act. Or. And he had you must be real. And he said he won for not when he could move. That was me. But. Ballots me you're. Iconic American. Way. Yes. If you picked that moment that was good choice I. Think it. Known him at the beginning of time. I didn't have. And. So with each of you should've won for good just the quality of almost all of us somebody change. Americans. People imitate what. The law. And I am getting at the departed just because when that became matters like the greatest thing I've never seen yet it was one like it was overnight for theaters and are rated movies and won on it was like this is awesome. Com and it was like it had DiCaprio and Matt Damon is still human services today on just in a really great film. And I mean we were talking earlier about like folks who are proceed owed Oscar and this agree it bring that up but if you look. The level that.

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