Ryan Destiny discusses 'Star' character and forthcoming album

"Star" actress Ryan Destiny gears up for filming the third season of hit show and crafting her debut album.
13:44 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Ryan Destiny discusses 'Star' character and forthcoming album
Everyone I need is Candice net front here ABC radio looking for Tiffany. And I am interviewing entity be last week ranked SE Ryan hit. You may know her as Alexandra from star but she is also a recording artists we're gonna sit and talk about star her role on the show. And some new music. So for someone is seeking to so much for coming through this is a pleasure to every year and I'm a big fan of the south you hear me here and patent in actually eat. Just to dive in you know additional has been on for a few seasons and it's fox. And it's a huge hit just so it'll just coming onto the show for the first he's in did you predict how big this was going to be in and you know did you having apprehensions her just talking about the selling your role in. Don't know I tried to come in with plate just kind of I was in my expectations in our at the can be had become. A realistic Natalie and I just like. Strategists. You know go in and whatever happens happens you know. So I didn't really know. If it would blow in no food flap exists. In an Indian name but it's equal ambulance receiving. When I'm just thankful for responses. And its meaning it's now. Areas for season three sound scan act saying he saw so. In case you guys aren't aware of the shall itself a little synopsis so it's about. Three girls who you are just kind of navigating. Music industry which is kind of you know not an easy tasks they kept it secret trials and tribulations that they experience on the show. And I know that from me when the things that I love the sightseeing acts perform is seen it gets artsy patent is designees August ours I. You know had a lot of cross and people you already have Queen Latifah yet you know Lenny Kravitz a lot of really people brand he Patti LaBelle. On what was light keynotes is working with enough he worked with patty wore for Andy are shattered me I. Need to share any scenes reindeer paddy of president to tar. And you know. See chants and Hank Aaron. Hillary's in. And make of that stuff and they and his soul Sunnis boundary and don't know very eight. By the wave brands Caron planes assistant. Yeah it is it's it's and surreal happens to that room watching. When listening to non cash island. Watching TV. Fare wars and for Randy Haney. Patty it's it's so crazy yeah. I'm happy and I am thankful for it. What's it like working with Queen Latifah like she giving you guys any advice about this music life Hollywood. Ali said it intends axis question now waste and she is used. Joaquin ice excuse that you believe is his her. And by her being hurt you Watson he's seen me dance at her parents at that. These super Jane you means. Super diners it's still real through and throughout her entire careers he's accomplished so month she still. Her now though this is refreshing to see that Alice in every time and knowing she likes she's pulled me aside. Few different times and is now in that moment that she means season. It's a really cool thing to have that every person anchors. And that's really cool and it seems like you guys get along well which is nice too you know he did you ever girls hanging out outside of the San. We definitely. Weird. And balance it groove and so we definitely. He now I mean now that we're on high it is shown in Lake County now. Taking a break from each other and let's see give breaker on set he says clay forests and in. For eight months you know so. He took a break but we still. Hang out you know panic he evening around it actually it's almost. With Kate from. That is it's cool. That's nice. And actually. Steal yeah alum I Fanny pack and released her hair. Protecting priests and have a place out and analyze the news. In those who. Land and the most by LA. In the new. I'm trying to be here only. Not filming because that is the key. You know do that. Via but he and he treats them that's equal and I. Because Detroit has such a rich music history and it seems is a music has always been a part of life researching. Even within a span before an in and done reality television competitions. History or background I understand that you are working on music yourself and I wanted to talk to you about that progression. Your first is it's your first EP ear first yes in an actress. Interest means it's coming from. Now this news eyes. It's. Just. A tricky journey especially with. Being on the show option to say yes as much as possible I mean you know its stock. And his staff find a balance. And also I mean and then requiring music. Or every year now. And it's different sounds scary amor. Me. It's a passionate about it and Allen's rate. In a perfectionist. So that then he helped in the process that I guess. It does let it every Erik added that. This narrowing down songs coming to news. Conclusion that this is sound and now it's very important mean come out in. Just bomb way because after like anticipating an ounce. As fluid pressure but it's impression. Its engines he got that pain absolutely. How is yours and it's definitely. An army base to it. I've been wanting to pull from nine different Alan and tonight I'm mixing. Sound you know with other things and I loved his I have a very eclectic music days inspired so many different things as national and my music but. The death and news danced to it it. Still be chill this land neatly back prison. You know hello performing. That the mixture. Of those two. Now can expect. Him. It. It's. Out. Outweigh it's and theories it's. It's. Happening. And oh. It's. Seeking at its next I'm trying to beat each. Have been trying to link Harkins. Every year come out this and being eaten hat. That plant on. A fuse. Out this. Even at least one. Definitely. Once it's. Schiller. Yeah and that. Take. It. As those can also expect it used this year for the year is out in. I'm trying to figure out who exactly violent or rectum. And that. World's. So I definitely want to. Aaron a visual with. The first song it means having going to be now you can just see it true introduction and Yoo hoo land. So yeah I can do things. Eight end of this farce your character what can you expect with the storyline that's happening right now link. Khalid Abu Ali's. The Latin people. Come from there isn't. It. He. It's. To see Harry. She's. She's now. Indefinitely. She's an indifferent. And she's had to come. Terms and use some of that it's yes and it differently seasons where. People's. Aren't exactly. Going to give. And I think that's what she's groceries that's trying to prove the boxes. That's average. And her passion is. Down. Really it's just interest in to play someone. Who's. Suppose there's so much at 59 if it. It's I think. And she is on the abortion. You know boyfriends. Tripoli Egypt and Saudi different things and I hate him and while trying to me you know maker music pop offs. It's very cool I hope that season three. Have mark camaraderie. With that the girls again is. They come to enacting this season was more so about them individually. Be hearing out what they wanted to do with the seasons. Me you know and figuring out themselves. So I'll see in three days. Combat together somehow. Finale of definitely cliffhanger. So. You definitely had here. Me ANC's right now. Quote bring. Accent and it's more episodes. Easy. It. Think yeah. So engaging. Eighty's does enveloped the rules so well. It's. Currently. Out for. Some odd year. His. Start filming. Season three. And it's music. And acting now being speak and CE. And keep that. And aides say. 08. Patent is. Eating its house and ease. Welts this. Different. He. I I always say my parents. Because. They grew up in the Aron that I won nineteen. As far as style. Yeah a lot of things I wish they can't beacon and Eaton Vance and that. Economic grade. Packet is her racked that. I see like pictures of them in mind dude. Yes fans definitely. And design is ninety's and the town line treatments. In esta loath. You know. Going in different roads fashion the year if it means trying to do it means a stylus Cadbury hoax and that. Ends this is fun at thinks as fun Sid beans reflects. Anything you. And that's what I do and people miss our Internet here and I definitely. Once you'd died in that world more as my career. To see more of you counselor we will advance testing clean and think he so much for something through in use your welcome it can offer watching. Don't forget to catch the next two episodes before and I eat is sucks our. It airs on Wednesday at 9 PM eastern time right after and higher antique for watching. And.

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{"id":55180994,"title":"Ryan Destiny discusses 'Star' character and forthcoming album","duration":"13:44","description":"\"Star\" actress Ryan Destiny gears up for filming the third season of hit show and crafting her debut album.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ryan-destiny-discusses-star-character-forthcoming-album-55180994","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}