Sherri Shepherd shares video message in response to Elijah McClain's death

Actress Sherri Shepherd discussed the pain of having to endure another death at the hands of police.
5:29 | 07/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sherri Shepherd shares video message in response to Elijah McClain's death
As the fight for justice continues throughout this country, many people are grappling with the pain of having to endure yet another senseless death at the hands of police. Why do you kill our children? Why do you kill our children? Oh, god. Those were powerful, emotional words from entertainer Sherri shepherd who shared her heartfelt message in response to the death of Elijah Mcclain. Sherri, thank you so much for coming on today. We certainly appreciate it. I hate it that it's in this context. I saw you wiping a tear as you watched yourself in that video. We feel your pain in those moments trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense at all. You shared how Elijah Mcclain reminds you of your own son Jeffrey. What would you like everyone to know, who's watching. So many things affected me, ahmaud arbery, George Floyd, breonna Taylor, but Elijah Mcclain just really struck me hard because he mirrored my son. I'd like people to know that they're just like your kids, my son loves the WWE, he's 15, he likes girls, he's like the NBA, and he's silly and shy and sensitive. And it hurts and it anguishes me to know that there's some who will not get past his skin color to find out the beauty of who my child is. My son is just like your son. And we want the same things. I'm a mother that's just in fear and in anguish. Yeah, you just gave me chills from head to toe hearing you so passionately put that into perspective for everyone. I know that you've been speaking up for the representation on screen. You pointed out your role on "Friends," we remember that, one of three black women during the show's run. You said, and a lot of people have echoed this, this is easily fixable. Tell us how we do it. Well, absolutely. It's got to be intentional. You including people of color and looking around and going, everybody looks like you. So being intentional about it. I read that there was another network that made the mandate, 41% of the staff and crew have to be diverse. So it's, you know, bring in more people who have a little hue in bring in some more opinions. I think it's being intentional about inclusion. Yeah, and you've been intentional on your show on Netflix. "Mr. Iglesias." You've done a fantastic job of highlighting a number of different cultures. Tell us about the show. Oh, boy, I love doing the "Mr. Iglesias." With our fearless leader Gabriel Iglesias. A high school in Long Beach and Gabriel plays the history teacher. I'm the best friend the we have Jacob vargas who's a teacher, and it's really like a rainbow of people who are cast on this show. I love Gabriel because he cast our wardrobe assistant as his love interest. He just reached out and said, can I audition? He was auditioning big names. She auditioned and she got the part as his love interest. This is what I love working at a place like "Mr. Iglesias." It only takes one person to believe in you. That's what I would say to the industry. I have ten friends on the verge of making it if they would just be given the chance. I love that. That's amazing. Also, by the way, I want to congratulate you, in addition to your hilarious podcast, you were also named co-host of "Dish nation." You're a busy lady in this pandemic. You know, I'm so excited because when I co-hosted "The view," Barbara, I know we have to talk Netanyahu, but we can end with Khloe Kardashian. So this fulfill my love of pop culture and my need to do hot topics again. So I'm excited about starting "Dish nation." In the pod cast, we talk about grown people stuff. Relationships and motherhood and sex or the lack thereof, but all of that. We love watching you, we love listening to you, and thank you for sharing something that was so deeply personal to you to inspire the world to do better, and it's great that you can do that and at the same time make us laugh and smile. By the way, you can catch "Mr. Iglesias" now on Netflix, it's part two. Sherri, thank you, be well. Could you tell my friend T.J. Holmes call me? Amy, I I want you to set me up with a judge and accountant, not a doctor, or a judge or an accountant. Dentist. You mentioned dentist. We'll work on that. We'll check back in with you. Up next here, we'll talk to the 11-year-old artist whose

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Actress Sherri Shepherd discussed the pain of having to endure another death at the hands of police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"71803441","title":"Sherri Shepherd shares video message in response to Elijah McClain's death","url":"/Entertainment/video/sherri-shepherd-shares-video-message-response-elijah-mcclains-71803441"}