She's Only 21, But Is Saoirse Ronan in Line for Another Oscar Nomination?

Ronan appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her leading role in the new film "Brooklyn."
16:08 | 11/20/15

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Transcript for She's Only 21, But Is Saoirse Ronan in Line for Another Oscar Nomination?
Fund the government just hope that it feels to me away from home. I've been road you and night to us. Bulky Brooklyn College to be three nights a week and that page situation for the arsonist. Why. Money. 10-Q. Three kind keep. Blake. And mesa someone as clever as you couldn't find proper work at home. I've been here too long. I think it was like in. So when is just a wrote to me about it. So the tuition try to. Anyway we need other skills and broken. Mystic stuff in the I want to be an Irish Karen in Ireland. Considered is that the group us. Homesickness is like most sentences. Could make you can wretched. And move onto some idiots. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called Brooklyn. It's a love story I think the best love story you're gonna see anywhere right now. And it stars searcher Ronan in what I think is a performance. That everybody staying should get her. And Oscar nomination another what charity has won so I'd probably doesn't care about second. But I do because I think there's just something so unique something so special so no ball in terms of what a love story should be. So I welcome news. Well he paid everything you're doing is so perfect either except for the spay cats and that you insist on pushing. It's our time yeah I've the F recently I know where I just I didn't know it you know I've been combatants for the last ten. It and I kind of and I take that up and went in and I'm and wait for Eads it. By the end of the questions I'm. By the is going to have died if what I'm not attend one of the pop art and what's up that it may. It's fake it's fake he felt he a marvelous aren't I dizzy it's fake. But I'm devastated snag. I. Pop is my favorite saying. To and you know I really at the senate. They don't you could act on the to blow up towards him and get it back into the regional and more about art. Accused of ethnic accident because genuinely born in the brock's laws so what you're doing a movie called Brooklyn for I don't really I Alan turn down. The Marie. It's surgery on the block they're different and that's what it lately and ice. Am Miami and apparently very very recently hit pop for its aids at the ice. About. When immediately when you were too angry to break. In. Artist. Yes who is who is this character that your mind. And yes that basically broke Clinton is fatten the fifties theory fifty. And it's bad apparently cut a us Hugh sentenced from its mount tam contents Garth she's crown. To gown is in Brooklyn teen art. And I don't wanna say it's as simple story but it's kinda simply just abandon a light and somebody over columns that's awful homesickness. That she experience and she comes out our hair and kind of comes and at a press and and hostage she is between her home and Ireland's on him she was there and listening life that she's creative and of course you've got. And to guide us you know the hires that at its apart its elite the country's. Some kids aren't yet yet when you set that up like that it sounds like. Sometimes a very worn ball may be sentimental kind of love story. And there's not a second of that in this. Having to evil you know. It's it says very whether written scripts patents. And it was important to you that story just sent. Even tougher sell I read like it is specifically hires an authority hires Eileen very much panic or making that's far Ireland's long actually screened sometimes back in January. He and two people came up to me afterwards and had no connection to our dollar and just DC DUI details. Whether it was the kind of stay. Had may have to way from home. As everyone now over in the Asian you know 181920. Has. Our weather and they were in long distance relationship are whether they over the Parsons Hines. And somebody at sentinel to a 12 way. Everyone's been ain't so far exit to wreak so that story. And because it's not manager it was never written in the way. But to me what happens in this movie is that you don't know where home its. In other words it's is that where I was born and where I grew up or is this new place and that's warned between that in knowing it and between these two men. Yeah I think home is at eight I think that's the pain has home is. Security office. Bringing an end to the except that the people Airways and the place here and Henry can't can to what could be connected because you're in love. Exactly what you could be in love with this plant yet last time you when you're six years ago lovely bones and asked you whether you are team Edward or team Jacob but yet. For twilight I mean I think I've been thinking that everything I bet you have because in this movie very chilly. Got two teams here. Teens and teens came in town yet and a don't know Gleason blind and Rico and the other one again what you choose is that your life two word there's just many. Then I'll let me just and loving and its many many tube it. So I don't pay canyon and and you index. And now yes so download is tires flattened and she needs and halfway through the fan and seamy Dallas has the toughest trials but 'cause we spend so much time with memories Carrick and towel and read built up that relationship and it's because of tell me that Danish sort of starts to command of herself and she's so me very quick and sassy and catch in the mail campaigns and you know she's as Irish Ireland the arc and he's kind of fascinated buyer but I sheen's. Hand and probably that's an analogy isn't stopped and she's difference and she kind of plays on the the you experience this. I mean yes you wore your parents dirtier in the Bronx you're dead an actor didn't he became an actor over here. Over here in new York and then you go back they take you back to earn those big yes yeah when I was trainee ands and yeah I was Barney air I was Ollie surrounded by the Ann Meyers. At community. So I never regrouped with an American acts and turn thing and I think in a way. I was always SARS of the one that was from some place at CNET even when we went back to our islands. I L is pound adult sons but I was from the ER Cammie cruel from the countryside but it sounds like I was from there and so. And mine is ASEAN and I meant to over state are now nineteen in this temperance. No matter where are bound to whether it's evenly in the same quantity gruel and it's very dom tech you know because. You don't really now what to expect Christine Allen that okay eight. Techniques we've got this independence but your claim to sell independents and pat upstages don't want to deal which are few now. You living in New York. Soon. Because Jack Henry the crucible on broad yet we just play and temple that. You don't Litsch yes yes just really well I'm fine points in the thing everywhere. I think. Your access to it I point I think yes and it's great because. In a way she kind of reminds me of that Bryant's house and doing. The character from a talent. What she's works. Because. She's old act and she knows what she's ailing I leak that cheese. She. There is I mean there's anything reasons are apparent there in the house he was angry looking forward to. Two people seen. That aren't take two as a child her and come in and saying. We want her for atonement so she could destroy lives and now I'm doing it again and and is Salem witch and cleanly and yet here. Here with an image she's just love. So that most of and a real struggle than it was good let's look to check of the earth and and even now I do know it. I didn't I normal person Har colors and more when I'm not pretending to be hires. I'm not desires Frazier. In but it's great to see you actually playing nighters person. You know with at Jackson that you build temples. It is really all because I've you know you don't do it in atonement. If you don't do it in the lovely bones and when you're in Hanna. Which I always thought was closest to you kind of murderous team yes yes who was I taught to be the suspect's story to me. And I'm me and countless. Teach and voluntary. See if I'm not good at right will you are here you can do more than two. I think I think we can hear New York there until mining Shaq is yet fine they sent me a touchy question. She is usually in aggregate a patent. Well I was asking you to choose between. You're to care but that would give awaits them a little and your choice could have been their. For night falls and minus. To be honest I actually count now here inches IE I can see everything isn't fat. The differences that this is it's not just thin pretty and kind of faith will Tran it's not. The case for and there's this young woman and she's like which deregulation is some. You know the bind the good do it on the EC commission is the go to guy in. There's they're both good Selma they're both good and that both unfair and they both have these genuine feelings are her and stay off for her safety and belittled. And different lanes I think. We now straightaway with town healed fact he doors are right way he's very open house but she's a little. Cautious she is not something I read all of actually I will that we see this young woman and screen. You. Doesn't just kind of fall head over heels are a guide she takes her time ends. She's kind of a bit taken back by Handel opened he has a former T is partly because she columns from. Now conservative Catholic. Place. What out so hiking she's still figure innings and a sense she's still growling she says adding he incidents. Completely different environment and that she's Parse out so now what about how do you deal with the Oscar talk. You know okay you're thirteen when you go to the what is your memory. Sitting there admits all of Holland. Blame Emory is. Being Sunday's east Arafat. Flee through a total about it's that it was hit it good enough and I want to know object I am actually wanna eat honestly round lake up in the morning prayers things stance. Like dinner. Now wreck that's been why are we have different and and and so we Raphael carries an almond matter and rare agents and on ice now England's get for paying its its very. Different I think Quang here could the name actually don't know anyone it's huge public art ever award showing up and my name in memory is John JR's. Walken are in the auditorium with like of people could've curse. 120 acres and the Aaron an exit but you know it's like it's over three errant Bob. So he was handing out record yeah that's so good that is like agree it's a none of this as a writer clean year old youth was not saying Tilda Swinton what are you kidding me old Julio Laurie artist now. Now no bitterness. Of course not but I assume you'll entered this year's Oscar went with better with. Internet and head out and basically we've all your martial arts skills look at. And then ends at second and right that's right. Now don't you dare Kate down and she does she come new year. Again I think I'm ready yeah and there aren't Hannah aren't Latin America with she knows she Sheen and and then. To can the pop that adding. Now I. Hiking the cause I have been through before and Staten. Between a tolerance and man what kind of an on boats cited some of the sort of discussion. Where it chills down after action and it's grace and then where children's hands. You know there's bulls around them before it's even may and it could Ian just doesn't like him not like when I'm. Going to I am going to text Jon Stewart and make sure as Ariana enter liquor in uneven Ellison chairman and that he should still believe he should be keep their hands and it matters to me. So I'm it's lucky that this show always and song. It is look it is lucky. I'd he's express everything and we just want to have quote I have to warm yet is that going to be rap is going to be con. I just not sure it certainly. Could. I want this become just the natural thing to com via. Well lean or anything a lot of need to act. Perfect. We don't have to say yeah clothes up debt had led bits and alone now. Weekend and sent biting on that young man. And drinks and Chandler and a time. Man and a moon an afternoon. And that useless thing I think I know what I was. Why not a musical of the crucible. Eight yet if you look back at fifth with that's his thing and actually it should be like Rea like of the means that like the machine and it's. Which means you and you could be that's coming you have Ike which. Appropriate coming out with a perfect heated and being. With and that would. One Peter Peter Peter Peter and I am I it's now. Which I could think something we couldn't make up around them but I can now next time real popcorn for it is back with the Oscar this. And the free the and whenever it happens I am that the pressure before but now it's honest and actually. You could go about you Alan day who are gonna say I'm gonna shake that he and yes or number of people compared. And so. UN. Vehicles. Yeah. No popcorn I.

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{"id":35324706,"title":"She's Only 21, But Is Saoirse Ronan in Line for Another Oscar Nomination?","duration":"16:08","description":"Ronan appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about her leading role in the new film \"Brooklyn.\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/shes-21-saoirse-ronan-line-oscar-nomination-35324706","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}