4 Suspects in Chicago Facebook Live Attack Charged With Hate Crimes

The suspects allegedly recorded the beating of an 18-year-old man on the social media site.
4:57 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for 4 Suspects in Chicago Facebook Live Attack Charged With Hate Crimes
This started me it makes it makes me insane. Four people have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a special needs teen and then posting an op FaceBook lot. And as they yelled anti white anti trump statements throughout and at one point asking why they weren't posting war comments and and lights. Hell they want to more like one in warm light when they wire you commenting on my name on each wanting his you know watts listen you kids. I never I'd never wish bad stuff on clouds but I hope they put out the book. Access. No body there is nobody. In the world. That has that right not why people are black people not Asian. No one has the right to do what you people have done nobody has a right to take some kids cool cool but nowhere is it. And this is what you do you like Dylan roots and opted to what the bottom of them have at least. Laugh at totaling 52 knowing that someone could hurt another human being not just do it. But video it. And doing as a group with apple and 88 tortured him little by little these videos are coming our CI sickness inside of them I have to believe they were born that way because I can not fat an evil that played out in the stadium yeah it. Lets us see I was I was watching commentators like twisting income to coordinate and trying to fear is it a hate crime wants not heat content as it doesn't fit this definition and and it's not necessarily racist I'm sitting I'm saying if this doesn't look like hatred to you let you know what a hate crime and then. I don't hate crimes talk about any China's got haight accident bigotry because of color because of creed that agenda they're sending things that are directly to sound racist what you say I mean that's a black person or wipers and hate them for their white it's it's time it and it's bought it and and it's not just a hate crime it's a hatred of folks with special needs and we enough because if you got -- tried this. Op people who could turn around at beach you into what all. You wouldn't and not that's chassis that's that's what makes it. Even worse that you didn't have them don't have the car all day that's what this or socio path that was pick on the weak act yeah pick on people restaurant to solve the I'm just right now I can't do that and Dylan wrote yes and no I didn't cry tier put innocent lots I took. Yes well hey I. I can't let that fear that he had he hears much family testimony that not help you have to out part of that's how to punish him put him and is -- keep playing the testimony over and over again remnants unbelievable to me god looks very scary to be in the age of social media what can happen because these people feel like they're gonna become heroes in some way that they're gonna mean when they were actually looking for comment still looking for people sick. All look at this or just. This sense that people like in the like watching an action movie you're watching out this is real life. You're hurting real person real parents people are doing this now warped for Fe it. Because they think it's gonna make them famous not just everyone in this age of social media. Sulfur flack because it has a way out of kind of influencing the way you live in what you do what you think about yourself what you think about others and and it's just it's scary you know believe because she or he could be famous because we have to be very very who have no talent but the slump pity B of video lately and all the talk. How yeah. So why isn't teenager without any particular talent I think she I could do that moment than than the trickiest thing all of that. Is that. You believe. That people are going to applaud you. And a bar hurting. Someone who could be your brother or your sister how would you feel if someone did it to your arm. Rondo or your little sister or your mother or your I mean it's like. With the idea and make me that they could not get beyond. How come you don't like me what I am doing this says a lot about our society as a lot about status and also there's a certain sadistic behavior and that's. That needs to be looked at one thing that comes out of it though is that every once it's home it's as you know what black white whatever you law are where are all human and no human being can watch any would be tortured like this and not be six and it stopped at. They have now cannot you know I'm at any time you. War someone. And they believe in you. And this is what you give them saying this is what creates horror in our country and our prayers go out to this kid this young man and his family. I was so side this is happen. T I'm sorry I can't even act there was not enough sorry in the world.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"The suspects allegedly recorded the beating of an 18-year-old man on the social media site. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44607472","title":"4 Suspects in Chicago Facebook Live Attack Charged With Hate Crimes","url":"/Entertainment/video/suspects-chicago-facebook-live-attack-charged-hate-crimes-44607472"}