Switchfoot bandmates on the inspiration behind their music

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on "Live from the Couch."
4:59 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Switchfoot bandmates on the inspiration behind their music
It here alive and that cats. I want to ask you that song it's so full of hope is that something you guys talk about a lot in previous and it its about what informs your songwriting now. After twenty years together is that sort of the common thread that you we want to put stepped out into the world that gives people something to look forward tale. You know I mean. We were weathering a storm. And suppose. We LT. Professionally personally I think. You go to. Things done wonderful things that some might think about it and then there's seasons where. You're looking for hope I feel like every day at wake up and years in news. Right there's a lot of bad news. And act. Like that. Like I don't know the percentage is but rarely thank and anything wonderful. Most of time to think that's terrifying and the I'm terrified I'm listening varied on Twitter and you know there's a lot of reasons for fear war but. Hi refuse to let the year be the engine that drives me I think it's horrible longer life and I want to be. Geoghan. I hope. And so when I'm writing it's usually. Starting with darkness. And we've come to the conclusion we theme songs because we believe users and recent news. You talked also about how the united alpha and either they say yes that sits today you. 18 let what that important to you to remain there even as he now probable world several times over and shore life there. All it was too far yeah. Well at home. Aliens and its school duke and lives there. Oh. You mean there's something special thoughts were deathly ocean. This. This part. All. We gentry. Now a lot. And at least of the surfers. Going to be asking her and there. McCain. Be it. It isn't like our culture and added did you get out there. Did he just didn't like it when it's cold. Orderly those are his to. Make it surfing is logical and yes it's. That's part of what you. Talked about this report to that surfing. For all of you maybe not for future. But it was sort of the escape from the thing that you do every day and I can't remember I think you maven John is that something like when you do something so different from what you do every day. Reports that he's he the world differently. So what do you do when you going cancer here frank so what he doing here on the road Patti refocus. Water for me so it's an analyst looking where's the line that I can just stare at her eyes and in overflowing water there's something about that and grounds me. Senator differently or. Even then most yeah. Honestly is its board and staring at her eyes and feeling really small space. War. I think that. Perspective is Paramount in the times that year you feel like you have omnipotent. Being with this device that sits in your pocket all the time you know and you feel like I'm and I. So strong so powerful at so many. Important things to do and that's true but I mean you look at the stars you look at the infinite bits of space heat I saw this initiative. The earth bound from one of the rockets bits like it's looking back at earth that from harmony. You know muzzle an earth does this tiny blue dot inform me that that perspective is grounding in humbling and it's that's a good place it. Remind yourself your position yeah galaxies can only. I was this sentiment and well you can speak yes yeah yeah yeah and be on to Hillary in that suites at half an Italian who witnessed. All have special coverage here on this day yet but it. Oh. No two Italian. It within the.

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{"id":49159426,"title":"Switchfoot bandmates on the inspiration behind their music","duration":"4:59","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on \"Live from the Couch.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/switchfoot-bandmates-inspiration-music-49159426","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}