Tito Jackson discusses his latest song, 'One Way Street'

Tito Jackson talks music, his brother Michael and The Jacksons.
13:42 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Tito Jackson discusses his latest song, 'One Way Street'
It's Candice Williams ABC radeon and I'm always very excited when I have mega talent sitting right across or meet today is no different. I have the iconic legendary. Wonderful man and you may at may know him from the Jackson 5 that's right Tito Jackson sitting right across Timmy how are you. And his one introduction out as well. Weldon Arab well deserved. You know it it it's so amazing fits in sit here and be able to talk to you because. As many millions and in actually billions of people across the world. You know we we loved the Jackson 5 we grew up listening to the music we'd love seeing you guys and concerts. And being able to have a conversation with you and seeing you know you actually. Embark on your own things talk about this Al blonde that Tito's time which came out not too long ago now obviously one way street and being able to kinda see you do your own thing is always a great saying it's over excited to talk about that is laugh. So first and foremost I know it's been a busy time for you you're in your not so long ago with with your brother Harrison family. And then I see that you oft does in concerts and performances here in the US recently. And going to be doing a whole another thing at this 2019 let stand. Yes them to on the legends awards I'm so excited about that you know that's October worth. Aston honoring them often is these couples who music you know and I know what Frankie rocker Jimi issued Georgie was all these guys at the appearance here so is going to be great you know and CN although friends that made the music in the day. Yeah. Absolutely and about it. Yeah I mean it's so fun to it that kind of relish in those moments when you know you see someone of yours acts here kind of get back to build my. There was we all do have grown accustomed to watching on television it's very rare. You know when you're able to kinda see it live when you do would set to treat. Is is it was in those moments early on to perform now how how has that changed for you. Well you know it is what it is you know perform and is performing for me so. Form at that negative is. To be absolutely warned of oak animal OpenId and Coco brother to and to Norman along with me and is going to be a great like massive number side so excited about it you know all these guys have always give enough love and Reese back. And the music over the years and this one of the greatest things and just do this or them if I'm honored by an absolute rim. Yes and you know I think what was so. It's just being conceit is that we knew we don't get me be milieu as part of the Jackson 5 guitarist singer songwriter all these amazing feat. But do that sixteen you said. It's time. Yeah did I didn't because that it was it was it was. Way overdo. You know I had planned on now. Much younger you know Motown days. Ideas it's artist. Not really because I. 1975 my part to move to ban they had already over now Mon Michael Germain and Jack they would Argo to a whole group a solo rush meant. And I got shortchanged as part removed from Motown to epic records and I never got that chance them and I got married and is raising sons and all that I don't have on into the solar. And the fans understand. You know are you ever gonna do and solo album you know they even have a little survey on the Internet is futile under the solo album yes or no. You know and I was losing you know most people and no say well you know when food. Of the and to make almost orasure. I say you know what. I've been the business of this crime you know I'm up here is more than average you know and maybe edges to relax and it's Austria on repeat which is my son's. Ambien. I had heard a comment I saw it being on YouTube about. Miami Heat and Charles Barkley had made a man and that. Miami Heat played their game like. Oh Michael Jackson. And the rest of the guys you know jacksons they weren't very good I don't know and I asked him alone that's needs. About war only to let them know who I am what I can do what you know silhouette. That gave me incentive thank you Charles. I gave me incentive and it's. It's funny that you say that because sometimes you know one can forget that. You know you're living breathing president and in you hear he's being that he could affect few in this the way I mean. I'm sure that you've been in the public eye for so long you have the toughest in the film affected when people kind of make hillside off well Ahmed. You know what it doesn't bother me really when it's. A person that I don't know I'd never heard of order for people have their rights though it in his. I'm I'm having him over Charles Barkley asked bald and this personality it. Similar to my father's you know so. I was I was. A little bit more than anything but. And on the acronyms you know where this him. Push you to do this. Shoot past a line. Though you know that's the whole motivation behind it is an homage does it. It would be evident want that to be one of my tank. I said if I'm gonna do just ran with it kills me. Well armed I didn't tell you because read we love seeing you and Al whiff that Al loan you had one way street. Now you having a new version right. Yeah as well I had released one way street about a year and a half ago on digital platforms. Not to radio any Israel's it was very small and quiet. And I say you know what. The world may see here this song you know I need to relieve it behind me you had not. Gave it to my promotion man basis arbor. And is that few of the songs great lack of Trojan war but you know what today we need to read me and and I have the perfect guy for you which is April balmy with just did Johnny gill solo Mormon and he doesn't about it Charlie Wilson music whenever and I say well he's worked with these guys who. So weak even to try and this past. Yes it is absolutely is and it's it's also very much you're in your own voice which we love. We love hearing your vocal. Now it's kind of interesting because obviously you have mature wore it. Pay or how was singing as a young. Jackson 5 member and how it is kind of in this space now how do you feel that it's. Hard to connect with people at times I mean you know there's so many classic songs and now you're kind of talking to a different. Grew. Well you know back in the day I was a member of the Jackson five's scale is the jacksons now known. And I have five Brothers song come into the studio and I Brothers and compete for you because I I've always hit the lowest voice in the family. And so this that you stick to the bottom you know and that's where stated that area. And I said one Dell Dimension. Give them. That dais today. Yes and I'm glad four that now. You know. We don't we're we're getting a taste obviously at the legends. Told you before and that's not. On almond and you know you were doing some US speaking your perform mean. Where else if you can gauge right now I know it's still early will you don't do war like the eight are you looking to do more dates and another album is out. Absolutely I'm going to be joined they assess the solo and also performed with the BB king blues band and others like so when. I've marked a road to broke this you know I have to rule would you be imposed or few weeks until the next acts and you would have. And I'm workaholic who likes him is. How do you. The whole thing about with. Obviously when you were younger working with your Brothers and now. I mean do you feel less pressure because again it's like as you mentioned you were con in the bottom there are or due to working. With the Jackson. I do not enjoy working with the Brothers matter of fact we just came out studio doing the song. Life as it lists Olivia makes you and it's great work with the breadth. Actually it's easier than working itself alone as you working alone got to make of the decisions everything has buys them but when you kept vibrant that you share. Oh yeah yeah. Yes and you know I I. I have I can't like not mention obviously the late great Jack and your brother. On you know it's it's amazing scenes to see just how much of an impact east Ilyce today I am such a big fan of course. Thank bomb just like I am with the Jackson 5 and they Jackson's and a new generation and you know your your sons are out there and they're really doing very well that's seen Europe IC. How much they are able to light creek is amazing fan base. On you know I have to ask just because. On you know. Where this aids now and it in this is across the board where I feel like a lot of people love. Their legacy and and and what Michael Jackson means that in his contribution. I eat meat for example. Every. Almost talk touching on every single icon there is what are your thoughts on that in the recent. Type of conversations I have been had. You know I know there was a lot of docs and there was all these things that came out I mean my opinion really hasn't changed but I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are. With this whole cancel culture. Well when you. We're here in the spotlight in April like the ticket Jews rose worries you and Michael was the type of person that. Period. Too generous where people have. And we used to always tell him Michael you can't do that you can't just let he will have carte Blanche on. Also mines here. He grew blue difference in the average Ers. I can I can understand why things have and one way they do but you get people out here who this woman period they're down the legacy award happy that is going to be a thesis wrong he's had. That. He or. Boy himself though. Can't take that away. And he's he's just too content is such things ain't too nice mess who he is yeah. I mean is is it. Hard now even more so when he was here to leave these things in here these things. And in this part of because he's not here act itself so we have be its local peace revenues from the families so and we will be as we know mark project and true he has and a bad it's. What's the word and that's when. You'd known to the world you have absolutely and then also. You don't have to mention your beautiful and wonderful sister. Dan XO and look toy. Yeah Henry V and Mimi has that period and amazing. I think Janet because I recently saw her when she was doing the told Laura I know she was NBA Ganges on how is she doing house her son. Jen is doing warned of far sarge and about a month ago in New York City with her son and that she's doing very well liked she just as she's just finished a residency. Las Vegas and the great thing you know mom mom got a chance to go see her perform mental thing and Janice Sheehan you know Janet agendas like semi truck Chico in the long haul and that Monroe man. And before we go I'm just curious now I'm in the cracked me if I'm wrong but how. Collaborate it would CNN. Known then there is something that we are looking that. You know hopefully we can put together meant that we have. I am of given together without. My quest to the O two arena shows and we hope that put to have a family. Arctic where we can and we. To a new things and desert thing. Jacksons do their thing. Remain in in my code that we all come together do some together. I am we showed. And that never materialized but it's never too yeah. I know I have to go but I'm still thankful to have you here on anything else that we can tease before I now hope that he had him. My single one way street. Very proud of it and I'm looking to. And it Plato across the world so I'm excited about that in this and and very much love in the song. Absolutely. Thank you so much Tito Jackson for stopping by ABC radio this is Candice willing in signing off. We next time IA.

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