Tony Rock discusses his new BET game show, 'Black Card Revoked"

Tony Rock talks "Black Card Revoked," Mo'Nique and upcoming projects
19:08 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Tony Rock discusses his new BET game show, 'Black Card Revoked"
It's a million ABC radio I'm super excited because I have B one B ul Li Tony rock sitting right probably see how how are you. Madeleine rain and Greg thank yeah we're talking about a year of eighteen BT theory and theory black card road below yes. And I airs Thursday night and PM eastern standard time and only need to be checking this out. Upper Derek last month blood we're still going through it we're still having led the episode with celebrities. Who may potentially get their black karma and it has the question ray and that. And gateway are prior knowledge of the hole gave black. Carbon off prior knowledge was just playing my sister and her friends at her house were negotiated in a bawdy she would just pull up little box of cards and go about it. And this is it was a so edged into play because everybody's answer. People feel strongly about dances and asked for the debates thoughts and that's what a fun isn't just the beating your answer why you're into the creek on. Yes and I mean obviously I've seen the show and sell watching these celebrities I defender Anthony net income areas of course you all time in my camera there. That we love that part well. Now. I don't even a moment where you will bid in jeopardy of getting your black car provoked. Beat out own banks the mom like Todd is firmly intact and they act as a frame has had a I am. Take your black art to be revoked if anything near lake is always thought that you think it I did that I know my lack. Card would be revoked is a strong word. Yeah black be in question for very many things so review goats to a cookout a new brings global potato salad. No you don't volatile like that that was global. If you can't make this and a salad does bring something else but don't bust global. Asked if you bring a pumpkin pie. To a black how Seoul on Thanksgiving. Or black cod is definitely in question. Units of like that if you don't know. Some black history facts you don't know you know. What city Rosa Parks refused to back of the bus and you know that some like that you should just no emotion just not as common knowledge that it had a member of the black righty at Atlantic I don't know these things and you save them publicly. Then it's like okay you're black on is definitely in jeopardy because now you've made me embarrassed for you because I'm black. Seattle I mean I think what's so great about does this show is that you don't really get it still it yeah Ike. Animated by the yeah are telling you what it is I'm have been a moment that you didn't act like sit back and let them play out we will of the craziest. Moment so a lot of crazies moment was guy Torry much different guy Torre was on the show and he swore he knew in his heart and soul. And he knew to pox government name. So much thought he liked his displaying and pointed to the sky like I got this Libre. No rest easy. And then said the wrong answer. He said something trees chopped garlic it's it was multiple choice and he picked the wrong answer and lost the game for his diversity is plainly and some ideals of conflict and out now. Man whoever let me out his black homes that legal on bad cop right right. Sometimes too much comes not a good thing. Now. Well I. I'm making light of the situation blunt obviously we we've known you we've seen you as a comedian to back the years. You know and you on this black and I couldn't let that Ollie in on the last of I'll weigh in on these people up an army. I think it's because he thought about black cotton ball bullet right. I robo. I don't. Admirable I didn't I didn't go look like. I think that what happened in that situation with what they hit that long distraught long story along shall story I got off the plane LA teams he ran of on the next week. A did you hear that she's. Act like a boycott Netflix. I'm not boycott and Netflix because my brother special has not aired on Netflix yet somehow be accomplish dangerous enemy number one. The two. Oh alas that was. You know I don't think she should count other people's money I was always raise that you know accounts males money. In of a cry about so many have a more juice and a cup and you just be happy you have you know if you don't like which you have. Did you wait up and get more. She took it are people took it as I was saying she doesn't deserve more money. She shouldn't get more money. Other people's you get moment never said any of that never ever sitting in that. And the thing that was upsetting not a bit upsetting. The thing it was a slight weird about it was building will meet confine my phone number someone like. She can make a phone log and number at any time is called like hey would you say would cleared up we were gloss that weighs on a happy medium agree to disagree whatever is gonna happen happens. Keep the movement but now as. Tony Iraq as a supporting black people and Tony rug doesn't love black women and people just put in so much on it is like our citizens not said anything let. I hope she gets. All the money she wants right next but special. Maybe as option of going somewhere else maybe you don't if you've been given you which one how about showtime how about stars how about the next place you know. Does she excelled you know can I know she was kind of in support of what Monique at this statement and other Al blitz. Besides Netflix to have a comedy special right want us like didn't goals social media and to thank you got a problem when it. Taken at which of people and take your people and yell. Boris. Join forces and figure out what's the next step social media doesn't ending solve it just makes you look like you on a random people. Are less likely to support you movement when you own social media every day telling them to do something that you know. They probably weren't gonna do W. Pasture. A you know obviously. You you are always pretty much candid about what's going on until can't advancement while magnet to mark our psyche but real. You know another thing that we had we see new language you know. Like. Rock is as. This guy that people know love and they love but let's seeing you more or you know in these odds with holes seeing it right television of the funny guy. How plates must think frustrate my strengths are hosting restaurants are standup comedy in when amateur. About need to do a job and I get to BB and they just they do what you do and will shoot it I have the most one. Yeah I'm I'm just curious like you know and then not this or this happens all the time but when brown family and hit all deal all around are you like a totally different person like that serious. Younger brother like you get in my marriage. I am on the comic whole heartedly when one states when I get offstage kind of turn annals of it because I have to be around people and observe people. I told people have real conversations on that I can gather the information to write momentary. So I can't be on all the time because I have a Wenham Allstate's undoing the research. I'm having genuine conversations and getting people's personal feelings on things so that I can write the material I can't beat on ten comedic lead Wenham all states. And I don't wanna be I don't wanna be funny alt the moment something the series some and the lab compensation when my Brothers and no just have a good time your regular be a regular guy put. I think people have eight kind of have their own notions of you obviously seeing everybody hates gray. And very accurate I've been cooler younger brother. At first I love the challenge Britain's bring it to you gray hair net you know angry you get a congress agent. Xena. Martin reboot. Yeah I hope they don't do it. I because they've moved on from that that that that show worked for the timeframe they were all in marlin and Jeanne what thirty some pins an apartment in Detroit. We're trying to get they'll. Together to move on to bigger better things right as an as America had just got married toes into the show so they were progressing as people. Down there and if fifties. So do you still live and I think apartment at fifty now's like that's weird you know issue navy still across the hall fifty is also shenae days. Eartha Kitt down from boom rang. Brohm is still come into the window at fifty years old Tommy's the launch those Soviet aspect of the show does not there you know all oldest is probably going. Jerome. Is all pent and it doesn't work as well you know it's just that with its all art is like this time it this is different. Well can't get out just letting about it and he but it was it was a great TV show for the years that it rain it was incredible one of the bulls watched black sitcoms of all time. That'd just be what it was. Try to recreate it would we wouldn't do it justice. With new people all for the nest not Michelle we all know and love. You change it at all like okay now they live in his big house and the suburbs and they have white neighbors and S not so we know and love. Alan out right. Every episode as a going I had just left Tommy at work and Tommy said that you die like that's not shall we love them and those who grow with Yang yeah I mean it's interesting because when I had a conversation with Tina. I she is pretty much that that it wasn't gonna need I have that it wasn't that what. A wild right. And I have talked to Carl Payne. Who also mentioned that it was gonna happen at the Tommy passer this is a news from me I think whenever Busey Martin. And TC Campbell and two senior together. It just bought the coat the conversation but I though I think genuinely they know. We had lightened bottle and it's very difficult to get back in a bottle. I mean I'm curious to see I'll played out yet. It's the elephant if it happens a bid if they bring it back I'll be right in front TV watching when anybody else but I just think that. But what it was the timeframe. It was perfect for that time. Fever you know again at the regal fever and they went it's you know you're seeing some might actually just that covers the aquarium flex. Alexander who wants the of one I want every move after he just. Alba out of the all of us reboot. Bring all of us back at least three in a phone on the money as though it does is bring a whole block to bring it Abbott have won all want all of us girlfriend's Rick all of act. And help them bring back to you via. As the black U rules were kid in its embassy double unified everybody. That's. I'm. I talked to briefly. Tracy. And she managed that well one of my shell wrecked girlfriends you know if you that you are one 80 yeah oh yeah. Wright worked that time Reverend Wright was that you with the it's when he that we just you know. I think I think that may have some. Something in the works well but I feel like goods I would eat I will be on that one hopefully Jill Jones board for an. Umpire from a five news but I'm dual Jones boyfriend. I love it I love it OK so obviously we're not talking about I don't balloting is holding a black eye remote and you know it it's. An aggregate arsenal Blackwater to name the four girls and drove. Right at your own name it's Blackwater yeah I mean I get that it but I know. Yeah obviously we love this theory. Keeping the lead we loved this show that your whole skiing and then you also briefly halted all Def comedy yen to you all that coming at. On because I feel like you're hearing your and that's definitely in my element yeah. I'm any comedians that you hadn't heard of before that you started to get familiar with or that. I don't know I know everybody that was on the show I was as surprised some of the guys were like really funny like they did really well. I littered boots like he's accident like little bro Leahy's little running game he was really good. As always. A weird kind of kinda doing that with that would you know Brothers than in past. Not enough for me I love I love I love have a my Brothers would be all the time like I'm this thing as those my god Sally. Prima on the road out onstage is the biggest one of the best experiences of my Korea to just bring him out to sit back and watch a little brother do stand up and kill room. They'll get better next. Is there ever a point we're really hoping on tunnels or is not unite not not. Sold in the I think with siblings or Italy that might be no more than the average person dad Latin. And. Best you know what that's that's very true your Brothers know you better than anybody you'll probably ever know you like your siblings. Because your dad like my dad. I knew my dad good guy great guy but my brother my his has brought his brother's my uncles a couple of and they would have conversations and I was like oh they know him. Into what they know him from young Julius. Newly Julius although Julius. Tool belt but it was working got a whole time I didn't know the young. Singled Julia so. The Julius from South Carolina and lived before they moved to New York mom my locals know the whole story national secrets they knows that I'll never know. It secret after my Brothers let's say my Brothers know stuff that my wife. When I get married and my children when I have children will be like what really our dad did that dad did that but my Brothers know. The obviously you know you mean you are. Essentially somebody who's always kept it a hundred that again why I appreciate your. What are your thoughts or Eric have you even top obviously acted double Brussels and they came out because you know he's he's homey yet has yet to many people. I'm were you surprised. Of course of its shocked shop surprises. Moderate I was blown away. Of Malloy. To be 100 in the last three years four years Russell Simmons is done wolf mockery of and any other person. He's been like in every meeting he's. He was the reason vials that all of that he's the reason why even got a spot Arnold so I mean big v.'s effects Russell's more mature democracy anybody else. Accusations a horrible he made that perfectly clear. Rate is horrible bad. Wrong across the bullet I'd my hospitals that any woman at had to deal with that and live within its secrecy is even Boris. Because that as a pain they can't even verbalize and they have to walk around. Not being themselves they walk around in in a who they can't. Tell you they feel like they can't talk anybody's those horrible is that this horrible. Sexual assault. Any type of sexual aggression to a limit people or to be very cable minute to be very careful. Now we told the women nowadays this. I was just joking around about you know hope what she's wearing. It's not this not polls not respectable you know you got it. Got to treat women it's like cells we have to treat women in the workplace like men does everybody has retreated examines an equitable. Arab people or treat people like people. Not like you can say this because the woman or expect this because woman oil demand this because I want sole this'll horrible but. The truth of the matter is Russell don't like mark green is I just feel bad for everybody involved he talked and says I have. You know don't help Albert looks good LP of great show you know. Not that way. Yes definitely now of course you know you have another. Eerie though yeah. Oh yeah. Absolutely. Living biblically absolutely OK we get it through this column living. Biblically it has a book out called the year of living biblically written by AJ Jacobs AJ Jacobs tried to live his life for one calendar year 100% according to the Bible and go to book about it. John legally keep from Big Bang theory and Rosanne love read a book loved it. Turn it into a pilot a ticket CBS and Andrew Andrew Haas and Patrick Walsh he mumbled would be done legally keep. That in the sitcom version the guy's not trying to lead character's not trying to live his life one for one year lease on live is like he finds that his wife is pregnant. He wants to be a better husband a better man by the time his child was born Sully decides to live his life on since according to Bible until his child is born. I played his best friend at wort. That lives his life by the C gives paints in the moment. Fast and free and I don't think he can do it. More so I think his lifestyle has new lifestyles and affect our friendship and my lifestyle because now going to be preaching to me and I don't really want to hear. So it's super funny act you if you doesn't see it February 26 on CBS there. And and obviously this month is as busy for you with debt because his Black History Month I gotta be busy. You Black History Month is everything to me it's. Is the reason why I have the job I have been the the luxuries I'm afforded and the freedom I am I have to say what I say. Is because a black person before me and a black Prez before and that person before me live their life. For the future. But what I mean by that it is. Black people in the sixty's and fifty's and forty's. And even want to live their lives. Thinking about the kid that's gonna live better because of the suffering today been able to. So my parents. Are great grandparents my grandparents lived the life not for themselves. They lived the life. That was I'll suffer a man own. So that my grandson can be rewarded. I'll get the dogs and water hoses and put in jail and beat up the sitting at a calendar. And I'll get the certain. A horrible service. I'll get that denied from restaurants argued this and how will throw it I'll march. I'll protests. I'll do all this stuff so not that I can live better. So that my grandson one day can have a sit com and can have a TV show and can speak of massive amounts of people stays doing stand up. And talk about you no. The in the day injustices in this country really and safely and not be in danger so my job is them live the best life I can't because they didn't even have a life. We'll meet. Anathema to drank there. Well Tony I really appreciate you just being able team. Compass that never has essentially flat car remote it is the actor Matt the that yes. We can actually. Have a game total black ought to vote because of the sacrifices made you know and his as the angels fun is three is loose but it's it would never happen without the sect prices. A bills both that was media apps. Leonid and just my ear it's on every fact every Thursday BET 10 o'clock eastern 9 central. Check it out black bumblebee he's gonna love it because a signal and it's hosted by the wonderful Tony rock yes indeed thank you so much thank my NYC radio I mean can't spam.

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{"id":52939314,"title":"Tony Rock discusses his new BET game show, 'Black Card Revoked\"","duration":"19:08","description":"Tony Rock talks \"Black Card Revoked,\" Mo'Nique and upcoming projects","url":"/Entertainment/video/tony-rock-discusses-bet-game-show-black-card-52939314","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}