Trapeze Flying 'Pippin' Star Reveals She's Afraid Of Heights

Patina Miller replaces Ben Vereen in the revival of the 1972 musical.
5:45 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Trapeze Flying 'Pippin' Star Reveals She's Afraid Of Heights
It's one of the most buzzed about shows on Broadway right now all thanks to ten. Tony nominations is a feast for the eyes. A circus inspired musical led by one very amazing very talented ringleader. So let me. It's the revival -- have a two musical Pippen and stepping into the role made famous by the great Ben Vereen is the talented. Tony nominated for best leading actress in a musical -- Tina Miller and we. Welcome her here today -- stolen the stage for a moment yes yes that's nice to be here I mean this is -- -- I had a chance to see the show actually mind blowing and we -- feast for the eyes it is strongly. That there is still much -- taken because you're talking of this earlier there's so much happening on stage that you really and to see it almost two or three times to be able to take everything at more five. Help of ticket -- that salute at a buck a return not doing badly you guys are hot right now. Today I mean the response to the show has just been crazy. And who would have thought you know a year ago we started working on the -- -- -- shopping in seeing if all of these different elements would come together and. -- matches simply because it is a revival is a put added pressure on you as an actress to kind of lit up this expectations course that. Everyone always asks me an -- ballot stepping into those big. Those big shoes and of course and the -- is amazing in and the beginning it was very much she now. It was a lot you know you want to do a good job you want people who saw the show forty years ago they come expecting -- something. And you know I just kind of put all that out of my mind and you know what we have a fabulous director Diane -- and worked with her before and the opportunity to be able to reinvent. Something you know the leading player my own leading player and work with all of the amazingly talented people on stage -- been the most rewarding thing. Now I was doing a little bit of research on this the original director Bob -- actually had intended for to be a little dark a little slightly disturbing yet. And I would say that -- are are some moments in the production where it certainly does get on that border. And that's one of the things that I love about -- she's just so fearless and when we were talking before I actually auditioned for the peace. She said we're gonna go -- we traded because a lot of have seen a lot of things -- snow. You know bad guy and don't sideways if people she -- -- you know visceral you know you have to really. Look at these things head on and not be afraid of and I am so proud of her and proud of our company that maybe we went there and we're going all the way and you get. You build the dark but you also get the light and funny it's it's a great 982 enjoy a you know musical that so many people. There's a lot of Smart a lot of sarcastic dialogue there's also love Smart very intriguing mind bending acrobatics going on what kind of training that you have to go. I like -- and some two. And really she is she's leading here what keeps you coming. From the top of the theater. She didn't know either afraid of high after it and so sign up some kind of a waiver that in any island I kept very much hidden that I stereotypes -- Why not -- -- -- in the -- for the first time going up on the chick peas for the first time seventeen feet in the air. During one of -- workshops and having to sell it. You know totally and I for I like really released all of the fears and I've been taking some training. What can I do it every day and it's just really fun and challenging and that's what I love about it. I love now knowing the fact that you're afraid of heights knowing after a partisan performance about the way that you are fling yourself all the routes they who's really amazing man -- -- one of the fascinating parts about this production is that essentially it's a play within a play mean yes. Obviously Shakespeare's known for Hamlet. Mid Summers night dream for doing this kind of breaking the fourth dimension and interacting with the audience in your role is really kind of that bridge. It is on both sides of the stage it is merely better at it does add pressure but it also if you do it right it -- -- -- -- to take all the nerves away because being able to. You know set the stage said that mistress of ceremony and I more than that it's whatever you want to call it you know she sets the tone for the evening. And you know being able to look at everyone in the -- and established every relationship with them early on just makes it. How. Where. You know under the weight right -- it. Consistent look and ask this before -- together because then I'm not gonna give -- -- getting here but there is a lot of this idea that. If there were no stage if there was no make it but there was no music would you. Would -- still be fulfilling. Its. All the glitz and the -- is it okay is it just nice to have. The ordinary life love is -- enough or do you need all of the glitz in the gland which is kind of if you think about it. How how it is now you know -- the glitz and -- people is chasing. You dreams and to be to be successful it is to be star and then to have people take pictures debut -- to have been nice glitzy costumes but then. And you certainly have found my congratulations and you need to rely very excited and -- continued success -- -- this show is amazing Pippen. The Tina Miller all the best -- he's so much for having me.

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{"id":19227820,"title":"Trapeze Flying 'Pippin' Star Reveals She's Afraid Of Heights ","duration":"5:45","description":"Patina Miller replaces Ben Vereen in the revival of the 1972 musical.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trapeze-flying-pippin-star-reveals-shes-afraid-heights-19227820","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}