Trump's Appointment of Steve Bannon Causes Outrage

The co-hosts debate whether or not the president-elect should have appointed a less divisive person.
4:20 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Trump's Appointment of Steve Bannon Causes Outrage
Pick for James chief strategist isn't doing much to calm a lot of people's nerves Steven K Bannon. Woman executive chairman a bright spot and outright website claims. History own. Racism anti Semitic and white supremacist posts and given these allegations. I mean it. What do you think it's how do you do you think it's helping people get a little feel a low Bennett doesn't help. When then president Obama's and I mean what does it sort of make it harder. But it but they've been victim you keep hearing is that the country is divided and and then he picks one of the most divisive people in the country. You know that that's what's. Does my back. Pratt that's. Is the Republican Party so I think he's gonna have checks and balances with an of people that he hires and Barack there are going TO. Probably disagree which will keep then won an apparent chat why would be nice to have a counterpart to rents preakness. Who is a little may be more moderate than rents rise as a moderate as opposed to somebody who represents the ultra right who has on his web site headlines like this. Bill Kristol Republican spoiler renegade jail what's I have to say the bill crystal's original what's expected Gillick that. Why doesn't. Sensational things get clicks so it's no it's not right but. He's not writing those articles either so they don't necessarily reef lacked. They abused his personal acts like he's got work things up it wits. Eve and I know Steve belittled it is not a friend and I don't buy ice Steve that I mean he submit content not injure pipe what was a front line used to run bright white dot com the site has changed a lot. Since Andrew died Steve took over for a while I was submitting content and they interviewed me this year when I got this job. Steve is known in the right wing world as a fighter. He's somebody who takes on the establishment he was a supporter of Sarah Pailin he'd a lot of documentaries on her. I think what trump was looking for was a balance between. Rice treatments is an establishment guy who's logged in Washington DC both sides of the aisle respect and likened. And a guy who was gotta fight that GOP establishes that both supporters who'd who supported trump those grassroots people. We go out and feel like they were represented now what I will say is. Trump has an obligation to look into people's character. Because one of questions and I now hand once in a very own character so he should take a minute and look into the character every. You know I greatly ease I. Know I think he got him across the finish I guess was the guy that guidance of ironically to seem more presidential in the last checked I wonder if want to make that deal you have to give them some don't what scares me. People I understand the tribe voted to some extent because there are afraid of globalization they're afraid. That they jobs going overseas that are the people so what happens is. If witnessing history in the twentieth century the thirties and forties and we got into a world war over this because people were afraid and they blame to the are back. For their problems. And that is what I see somebody like this guy from the ultra right espousing. And it it is happening in France it is happening in Hungary people are experiencing fear of globalization. And they are turning on then neighbors this is what fascism looks like. And it scans that have a because I know that. You know you saying everybody should act nice and be united in watched. But had. But people are scared and that is what these protests are about it's about fear it's not as much about range as as much as Fiat like she describes it. And like what I just said when asked and I people on not benefit tax that you said is sending Muslims home and let. I apologize like I said the fortune teller behind Donald Trump should come forward and say. I'm sorry. I said some things in this campaign that eight people feel like I S president could not represent that I'm sorry. And that's not why am I deeply regret regret it and you will see their idol I would let it seemed that my life I that I see. Balls and you're a court Donald.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The co-hosts debate whether or not the president-elect should have appointed a less divisive person.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43552777","title":"Trump's Appointment of Steve Bannon Causes Outrage","url":"/Entertainment/video/trumps-appointment-steve-bannon-outrage-43552777"}