US Hockey Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick on 2018 NHL playoffs

Nine-time NHL All-Star Jeremy Roenick breaks down the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs and the league's changing style.
21:08 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for US Hockey Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick on 2018 NHL playoffs
Aren't welcome inside the ABC studios nick click here Jordan. By Jeremy Roenick Jeremy it's been a fantastic playoff season so far Alex Ovechkin has the spots Crosby in the yeah it's. Much anticipated for Washington fans rate twenty years haven't it would the second round and just to make it even sweeter to beat Pittsburgh who's gotten them over the last couple years so approximate two I think. I think for a lot of us army will be enough to be the Washington Capitals fan to feel good Alex Ovechkin has a chance now to move closer to a Stanley Cup you know. I think everybody loves hockey likes to see the greets in the game win championships just solidifies their gains it solidifies their careers. In it's it's alluded Oxford for the last ten years so. This is hope does team can in. Continued that the play that they have and a panel went down just because over the second yeah outlet the advocate is great to CO bats can finally get by he deserves it you know he deserves a chance to play for the cup but. It's not going to be easy enough happened I mean adept at they've put together about the job that Steve item and that the deadline yet he took a shot you know he went all in Brian McDonough. Eighteen you really built that yeah almost almost all of them play it's amazing what what Steve ours have been was able to do I mean when. You put teams together and be able to pull off masterful trades rate in and really give up little brick at a lot. A known entity secure their profits and GT Miller he's been Greece scored more goals for the tabulating on the stretch than anybody else so that and I think yield McDonough got her a little bit I think his game has deteriorated a little bit. But when push comes a show appease it was going to be dependable so. Great plays there but that he is if you look even further back what they did it's getting surrogate ship in the offseason. Trading away Jonathan drew in for search of officer chip had actually more points as a defenseman. And passenger so. About high end rookie defenseman. That uses crew it is rate as surrogate that is. He started building this team that that is a trade but you know summer the year before. It's been in pretty amazing that in this. Development of this. Again and and that they really. Hurtful incredible talent and span coast and culture. I. You have been through this gauntlet how many time well that the that they impressive thing is that Tampa Bay got past Boston. Team that dominated them all year and more than dominated. You know Teva beat them and olasky in the season. Their last unity and for nothing to only time that they had lead against Boston in four games this year. So the fact that they beat Boston four games and the fact that they did it with their number one line not scoring until the fourth game of the series. Is actually met is is spectacular to me because if you look at the team the line that carried them it's green point a lot Tyler Johnson lines this line did everything offensively. They took they shut down that the first line of the Boston Bruins as well as you possibly could end I think Brayton point took another step in his maturation to superstar status. Just apps would be who when you can win series without your toppling scoring mean that such a benefit when I stand abroad before it gets your prediction for that series. They had a good run there they made moves for Rick Nash let's get the Brad marsh let's go through your mind watching him what are you doing. What on earth is going through your head. Obviously what's coming out of his head is just not needed in sports. You know there's there's no licking anarchy. And I'm I'm glad that the national likely finally. I. You know maid meter made a point to Saint Louis and Warner and have been more and then made reference to a but. You know six innings in his note that the disrespectful. To this is where he got the IDF. It was so outrageous it is outrageous and I you know I think he even though he won't tell you I think even rumors and wishes he'd do it this. No he is a superstar in this league he does. He has one of the better wingers in the national arguing he just it needed the tracks from Brad marsh land and from Lautenberg in this and I think. Again it's it's it's the growth of U of U maturity I think he's he's gotten better over the years much better he's much too big to be doing. He would that the eggs accurate degree point he has. He is a superstar athlete there's a difference between stars and superstars in the is the superstar. And there's no it's it's bad for the game it's bad for the team that for the players you don't need the plea that he. He's he should just let displayed in the talk hate he came and I don't think anybody expected to be the star that he's matured and Joseph but. Being an antagonist almost following the district that Sean Avery may you know you have more pointless and Hillary you don't like that you but never like this a little Manson yeah yeah I don't want to see little men syndrome because it's I think that's it's that's respectful also. But there is about a part of being a smaller guys that you have to fight harder to get your respect. To fight harder to be noticed you have to fight harder to have success that. And that's what is that enabled Brad mercy and to get to worries is is that by eight it's that that your in your face. Kind of I am not going away criminality. That and on the could be pushed around just because I'm smaller that norm of about Aaliyah. But there has to come a time where he due to separate the two Brad martian. I think all of far I'm sure you Catalan elections. If you learn a lesson from licking some guy's face up and down and in the league telling you would have it be as big of a social. Because of of a social premises it was. I just think that'll I think we're capitalists and marsh and like in the rest of the Bruins. What do you think this year is gone and now capital planning I think he's going to be electric to meet one of the X factors is going to be the help necklace Baxter because you are my favorite player got a watch 12. We just adds another element to the capitol I was always a surprise that they beat Pittsburgh without him in game six but a little bit surprised that they were able to because. Or without six that the problem with that the problem with backs from is he gets no respect. Ray and he's he's always ranked. And raided by the players and that's hardly has been most underrated players in the game. Because he's behind Alex of action because he's nets' offices gets you know some from the McAleese because of hope beat. And because about other play makers in the game. He's not a big goal scorer but he's kind of the centerpiece of this team backs from. Is the guy that feeds overmatched in May it is Kuznetsova another on the same line but that power play runs through pacs from. He's the guy the controls everything he's the guy that brings the game down to level that that did he needs. So not having him healthy is you know could be a big big deterrent Rachelle Leah Purcell. I think it's I think it's a great match up there's no question both teams have amazing talent. It's it's going to be whether Washington can remember. That they're still in play out. They just because they got past the second round doesn't mean that day have to take their foot off pedal. They have to be able to concentrate leaf sixty minute games plea that's playoff style games hard digging hard physical not just let your talent when games they get into that mentality there that they are tough they will be tough to beat. Welcome back after game line let's talk about well saying up three games was a lot. Any kind dispatcher. Repeat offenders I understand they want to make their point three games. With the I listen. I didn't agree with the either thought it was a really good hockey it was actually one of those things where it was a good hockey league are wrong. When you have a smaller guy them that looks another guy right knee. You know. Austin look them right knee dropped his shoulders it was a one on one battle come wealth is much bigger. And you know I thought that the initial initial contact was shorter then had an awfully it in the consideration injury. Broken jaw laughs player aegis that repeat offender. You know there could have been the could have been evidence that it was the head at first I just think you're you're caught in and then in the situation words a bigger. Player against a smaller player. It was the fears contact that is going to cause you'd give the Internet like today and I was think listen EEU was not announced suspected player you know until he is our Carlin and they look Ida high. The player's ball dropped their shorter in anticipation for the hit. Three games with a little bit much for some of these hits I understand look at it just got to get the dirty hits out of the way the the Cotchery had arm back as unacceptable. Or it. Another one is respectful hits the the cross checked some behind at the board's yacht. Your one hit I didn't like that advocate a suspension was crude dropped taking out Batman because it didn't seem like. It didn't set up. Yeah wasn't. Game changing play it was a loose pock and didn't really have apple possession. It is tough to get what it's a hockey and hit. You know it's it's it's. Milliseconds I mean the problem is the problem is is there's that you're gonna have circumstances that he that are going to be controversial. And some people are alike and some people like Italy and you know. George Soros the disciplined the head of discipline is done I think is as good a job as you possibly can make sure he. He handles all the different situations that we've had to play I can't remember having as many. Usually everything my I mean everything we have the cross checked by Morrissey. I'm get a cross checked by Evander Kane that that word that were suspensions. At the Cotchery. It. You've had so many different the situations that George Paris has had to try to. Individually. Categorize right and and and I will tell you this the referees have not made easy on them by. You know as much as it's ours referee's job is in the game today. I just think that their performance has been less than average just can't have that the plane and I want to hear your opinion on it because look I was going to the staff last night your 89 all time amongst our order and penalty minutes 43 all time NHL history in points. You play through the ninety's early 2000 intimidation was a factor messier Scott Stevens Chris Pronger. Is this being eliminated from the game to four is it too far to take out. A guy who look I understand we want to focus their skill and these guys who can. That's between three defenders and make David to be able to go around it entire team and one share what at what point you have to have a guy who can take away the middle of the ice because. You might knock your block yeah I think that's mean and that's where. The NHL has evolved and Edwards changed is it's more of athletic. Talent lead in league yes. You don't have your police or your police officers anymore you don't have your enforcers that the police the ice like we did back then. You couldn't run around and hit back in the early nineties mid nineties because they didn't have instigate. Here now today that investigator rules if you if you instigate a fight you're out to your gun you down a man you've beard yet apparently five minutes and in this so many things that investigators take you know it's year old take away from debt. You run you run around like some of the guys do in the game today you'd you get beat up. Every would be a fight 34 times this guy's what does combat you have so there was that own policing here yet that. Stick up and be accountable for your actions nowadays. It's. It's talented you did there are. Jobs. Are guys that just can run around and stir the pot. And it makes it makes it tough in the game and I I think the game is better today. We got to remember hockey is a physical contact means board heard it mean there's no question about it and you're never gonna get rid of that I think to one series that is kind of turnaround has. I was at the game in Winnipeg of the data and down and actually surprised album and Alfred opera Aida guys and l.s in the White House wasn't wasn't rooting for anybody but I just you know I go and get involved with the atmosphere is from NBC to ratings obviously. But I was shocked. That being. At that arena and seeing the size of the Winnipeg jets and how fast they were physically were. It was due. Richards it was kind of intimidating in an impressive at the same time watching. You know these kids today that they've they've been breadth and five years I mean they the eat sleep drink. Train hockey and verify these guys are specimens there's it's pretty impressive what an and I think it's gonna continue to get even more so. I think that's the next wave those types of players and other another one is Jamie Benn and that same level of huge strong. Game seven. He got. Coin flip and and I say this with 100%. I'm committed. To. Not knowing anything about the game there because I thought Nashville was gonna win game five I was convinced there I was convinced. Winnipeg was gonna win game six there's no way when you have a team down in the war on on the ropes you've beat him as bad as would have paid one game five that they didn't win game six. These two teams are so good and so compare born equal terms of you know different aspects of the game. It's gonna come down to whether Nashville. And played the type of game that they won the last two games in Winnipeg warring if sensibly. Rushing. You know. Bring down the pace I pregame not go out and try to impress their fans with the track meet. At that exact who would pay once they wanna attract me if they do that they would have parties and when the unpredictability of these playoffs has been incredible I mean right now really these eight teams or that our lap it was I think best teams in the NHL yet the best it's the best second round match up that I can physically remember I mean we've had. Each 1212. And the one in the west 13. San Jose was three but they are actually two grade the last game of the season. So it literally we add. We get eight teams in the final eight that were one to an all over a hundred points and never happened in national nightly N I and I agree. The teams that. If you talk about beginning of the season with the exception of Las Vegas. Every team that's there are teams of people that you been talk about had a chance to instantly let's talk about Las Vegas because that story has been absolutely incredible. And Marc-Andre part of me is a dialect was written off. 56 it seems like people were trying to write off Marc-Andre Fleury for years and and he just keeps delivering in big he's better now than he has ever been. He's a better goaltender now that he was when he won in 2009. He's better goaltender now than he started playoffs last year and and ended up getting. That taken away from them from memory. If he is the guy he's the number one guy without question he was the first pick in the draft. And the most important part of of golden knights team and he's. If you don't like Marc project buried you don't like cocky if you don't like Marc-Andre Fleury don't like. Don't like people as he's a he's always so happy in the you can tell the is that how much funny house and how much he respects and loves the game and Harding place. He's just given security. To a a team of you know you can call misfits. That go out and play the game at a top aide and allow them to take chances because. They have a goaltender that meet the cities and I mean there's so many great. Story lines in Las Vegas and who would have. Who'd of ever thought that it expansion team in any sport can come in right away run through the season. In the playoffs their first. In you know make history by being the first expansion team to possibly when they're making. So where. Given away and turn them household names I mean costs and rightly you know whats crazy is. We see so many teams in the national art agreements Boortz and general I have amazing rosters of amazing talent. Right it don't win as many games as big if there. Because they don't work as hard. Rate Vegas proves and the if you put a blueprint together their hard work will be talent. Seven days a week when talent doesn't want to work a 100%. They work harder than anybody they work faster than anybody but they work longer than everybody and the other team usually. Usually first. And that's that's just note that's good coaching that's it that's an act as an OC that's that on the get your mind them and make you guys work. And that's what to Oregon has been been very good is not the X and knows that making sure that guys emotionally are invested and that's would let the bases they've become so patient and really it's break in their way again with seven games and in Winnipeg Nashville because if you're make gestures and back open eastern teams beat the you know what they have dead as they have been because it's how come out that's sepulcher. No it's it's a great thing to have for for Vegas rest is awesome especially at this point in the year abducted two series. Granted the first series for. Vegas. As of was where was with surprisingly quit surprisingly quick but tight scoring. You know through as they put up a good plate at the rest is really really key comes third round because those you know this last push and strips to get the final is really. Any prediction for a couple of I think whoever wins game seven tomorrow I think the winner comes out of that theories mean national number one team in the league regular season Winnipeg number two team he's in these are the two best teams. On ice. Me that maybe not on paper but armories. I think whoever comes out of that and an. Advocate of the Ponce Jeremy take me what you been doing. Records idea I've been all over check out the territories into churches are people you know I've had I had an amazing relationship. With Coors Light they brought me on a few years back to. To accentuate the inexperience got rates so we go out and we go to a lot of the outdoor games. And we do a lot of their participation stuff. No we have the that the pop a pock with a you know which crushed crushed like cans. Shoot at the targets we. Of course late what's that wants to build the experience for the fan. Rates so you know anybody that wants to find out more about what we do you can download the corps'. Coors Light. Rewards out of course they rewards apple allows you to gore and you can obviously purchased you know tens of you know yet to vote cores in. All that stuff you can. Tweet pictures you can Ian conversations online but what you do is use your able to build up points and and have the ability of these unique experience lately. We do interviews with players these people to meet different players get autograph pictures. The flag is given our. Lot of tickets are given out for for players for unique unique experiences. The fans have a really cool way of getting. The the inside rate the the unique experience of watching pro hockey and it's a been a great great time for me weave a medal lot of good people fun times. Across about a beer cans effects and you know we be but what we've done is we've made a lot of people happy by by our embassy. See some things that they might not be able to you if they didn't been involved with courtly. Anybody beat you publish yet your your people reports job in my underwear yeah every our camera here about it much embarrassment did you I don't all of at a price this it is really hard shooting crushed beer cans. And hitting targets but I mean we've we've. I've challenged thousands. I've had. Hundreds beat me yeah hundreds of beaten me but I cut thousands that have. But it makes her really cool experience it's fun you know I mean I used to crush Europeans and there's now when I was kid made this is beer I'd crush of reached you'd about my Brothers you about the driveway who thought would come full circle and have an issue now now I can do with with with the with the best Beers in and in all the world quietly and we can do it did you. Enjoyed good and it's. Awesome that here Jerry excerpt art appreciate it.

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