After The View: View Your Deal Oprah Edition

Oprah Magazine's Adam Glassman shares more of Oprah's favorite things!
9:04 | 09/26/16

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Transcript for After The View: View Your Deal Oprah Edition
Continuing our view your deal. At theory deal dot com also went bespoke life for both Oprah magazine and the view so. Send us your questions as we get more of this act and lots of deer all look I went in line and that's comments of. OK first of all you had to put on the Irvin the I. Okay it's incredible deals like if David's question you've had since college and there are pockets yeah I'll Wear it Arkansas. Exactly and you could Wear these over leggings if you want you out of that he looks back street could just look like me and put it on without any. Don't let. Literally whom we first had them in the magazine covers like what is let me send troops and the all the dollars so I had to literally send all of the. Cool ones he. Well when these things of that wanted a laid at the amount is now only out of not the want to see that you're gonna love my view not the ones that now in the name of actual like. Fit in style yet. It's analysts about these amazing hands full this is what I. No this is where Imus when you're shopping for jeans and pants it's very traumatic. It's only works he really an all the girls you will probably say this indeed is that what age you are what size your it's really hard to find him include energy asked if she really well. That's why I love dropped by a they haven't read gene because yes as you mentioned earlier that stretch stretches its. Angel is essential in any thing I'm filled it done but the waist band is what makes it really remarkable. It has to wait stress that stretches in every direction some literally if you wanted to be a lot that day. You don't we just Alabama. Yes that's what's of that and you were there really comfortable look like a slimming panel and read it it is mine have all right here you see that is the and your foot washes that's agree they have grave watched as their dog was Evelyn as a movement later at the last. They have a five he won because we don't mess around here at the field or over magazine. They told me that I'm just can't we. Old we have out I don't L exciting. Real women models of money yes about your pants and say the result I have known Sydney before she was Sidney I knew her mom beavers was marries. And just about anything you know my mom so it's kind of freaking out point six years later. This is the brother and others yeah. I know it's a getaway a state going to ask you to climb up off. You're wearing a five pocket right yet to fully atop their almighty a lot of this is the five of their secret fifth. One line and in this one this line it does not leave them and they have and he has them. Are they comfortable they're super Russell turnaround yet show everyone show the world sons when he gathered here booed today right. They are on nice unique I'm accompanying gulf front. And is do that little now they feel really really comfortable. It is. This is the tests when you put on a pair of jeans you want to do this while Sox. Aren't an apartment moment while that's the problem you don't want to show like we call it will tell in the fashion business outside where you're like. You know your undies are selling other little gap don't want we'll tell him you ending a look for groceries if you give your kids are run around. When you have to look at apple app on the plane they don't know don't do that because there are a little bit higher percent higher on the back. T this is so oh. And it cool news that they instilled cool their genes are not mommy she won it in a lot of girls are areas that curves are yours I can I don't know people relate to curb Saddam but. I'm sure the ladies here can't hit and first thing you do is you're trying to find it Jeanne if it's the right curve at the right time we'll entirely like today. Exactly. Witnesses let me give you get and that's. You have to find something that it's your largest port for everything else can be altered OK but I've been telling you with rough mile that's unnecessary. Because there is no gaping in the that we've seen. Let's seen some these other. That would style do you have idea how you have this raid. Is he doesn't I'm skinny of the militants in the thinking questions coming we want to hear from you can't apparently. Now come over here so we can hear Tina in the light you know this raid on okay which is really nice to you have this lately boyish figure way you referred to yourself that they. At dean T. You are I would agree with but you know I'm kind of figure in other areas Atlanta town Connie ball got areas clean air you see nothing yes your Tyson. Well that's great yeah. It's gotten another figure flattering top and all of these are more than they're 50% off and I right out of they are 50% off so you gotta go on the and I had a lot. I'm daily check and it isn't even. And if you go to some retail and you can find any but what did that mean this is a hot hotline ended teens are free shipping. Region the patent if you're talking about love we love let's see another I wanna make sure we get everyone together he can't. A lot coming we want to talk you know this time even if they have nothing to do what we're talking now. Daschle or any day as Adam once and an earth like a a you'd be surprised at zones about the within the question Carol wants to know size ranges. Sides ages this is by best answer from the teeth to claws and everything in between truly everything. And it there is something for every body Carol there's going to be a skydiver everybody everybody as well I really appreciate about. He's feeds it's like the sisterhood of the traveling and that's next this stuff and what you are and cold soda pop. Mattel flatter and also other top it has no luck plot threads. And feel the fabric that we had a chance really feel like after it really nice. If nobody is in the machine analog. Yes yes. What is the walking you watch obese and to watch on the team machine watchable. What's great about these thoughts because every day someone is accused of yeah for dinner a need trains into the office. These are year round tops and they go from day and night dated painted an album. That's all right you know survive humid today at his deal. Okay do we out over here get this done OK Helen look at what the price on the tops the blood on now like yeah what does not every member. Old great credit later they done that then that's okay that's that is with a lot. 39 dollars and 39 dollars that all 67%. Off its money. 29 to 59 you're getting more than 50% deal. Yeah but this one is 39 dollars this actually is the mention this is he on the regime. I'm really angry. Exactly what I you have a hobby like what he. He's not very hard. I'm actually tell him refers to herself as a pear shape I'm not saying that that you're saying that I ever wonder how hard line hot and happening yes yet. Ellen you don't look at those. If I find something that fits my hips it often alone. That's my day because I get money in no doubt that this that's really love about capping an all out and around very nice and milk to percent I did you look and a guy and a this is also says he's wearing a state hands. Both of these ladies and bodies say they are calling Larry gas is a unit traveling pants I think I sent my my friends into the night. Okay. A certain alien to you rate and it it. All they're totally alien right off the shoulder I heard that from people that now the level it I'm not one of the shoulders of neurology lets them. Notes that's the new rod rod not about includes an important not to shoulders. Oh my gosh could minor in normal yeah. But they're even styled and. Two different ways that we haven't you know attitude and you that was his toughness and he didn't let that CEO clearly he'll legal analyst latter. A little booties on here. And availability under its. Duties here that yes lightly can hold off. So that you had never heard of these. I haven't but I had seen that put them on they did really well like at that they sit in the heads and then they weren't too gap in the back which as a pet peeve yeah I did the did you did that I don't allow not hurt and oh and snapped bend and snap yeah. We. Absolutely. I've often been here some not all body types hate you so much the at least we did you LOR. You. Worried yes. You view your day's few deal got to see The Beatles and stuff and get the stuff as well but radio Stuart magical kingdom. Thank you very much for bringing the hazy of them made name. But think you guys for joining us today keep watching we might have another went up our sleeves okay maybe it's a daily report please. Yeah.

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