Whoopi Goldberg Goes Behind the Scenes at the Oscars

"The View" co-host takes us behind the scenes post-Oscars and explains her "Oprah" moment.
9:35 | 02/29/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg Goes Behind the Scenes at the Oscars
Right now let's go to will be live and how little value that would. Here what time they get to get up this morning. Odd the local access to pick up a new look good you'll look very got so many think Kristin let. Headed Kristobal I think. He rocked and I think you rock the house and you know some of it was uncomfortable for folks but that's. What you get when you get Chris rock and you (%expletive) him off. They'd taken our business and I and I and. Up on it at that if you want ice just if you want actually your racist you wouldn't know it anyway if you weren't races you didn't take offense. I kind of felt like that was going on in the audience. Well here's here's the thing it's time you know he's been going on since the Oscar nominations were now so they. Their moniker of racist was put on people. Does everybody. Now everybody got but you know it and what Christmas pointing out is that you know this is you know if you look at any movie. Before in 1930 then you know where folks are playing masses. You know maids or what ever you know we were we were boycotting when as a result all white movement we didn't do that and his point is listener or other things to think about you know did. And his jump you know people went. But it was clear wedding what he meant I don't wanna did a great job though so I was taught someone else happened to this weekend. A lot of stuff happens to me this weekend you want to see. This plow into the crowd yeah. Good evening. I understand you want to see my Oscar now. I'm me. It's you'll. An angle. Emmy and Oscar and imaginary one Iowa and this for us mommy. You endangered her. And and I really love. Is that that's an envelope that they announced then that Denzel had in his hand Jason my senior. I think will be in LA. I love what you see that giant upstairs because they make me feel like blue. It's that time again you know because they put the red conference and I commend find my stock. Nice car. I. As nice and I think that's mind. That's my backside if I ever got to come to Hollywood and I wanted to play my hands and ground. Chinese do my hands and feet. Right here. And there's my dress. All laid I'm sorry guys you can't come with me and get ready whereas this is really top secret so forgive me. It's bad enough. Immediately trouble for this thing. This is where everybody calm style there's no precedent here. No presses LLC you can talk about all the people you want to sell you know what you guys. I don't remember her saying I'm should do everything. I promised a friend whom I was gonna try to go see him. Some come up. Articulately. And rents went certain. And then. Can you need. So let's talk a little bit about the Oscars you nominated this year mean. And you have. Active lives love mark lives he just knocks me what was about bridges spies that made you say yeah when I tell this story. I was so compelled by the story ordered enough so much about this before and I thought it can get we got fired up my maybe I can get an audience fired up about an equally. I was there at the terrorists. Time you want us right you were hosting I was host tonight and it's all of the years prior. How do you keep. You steer it from getting broken or are beginning to the police say you know screw everybody. Judges like. Breathing out breathing in for me you know you wanna break me tell me I can't make movies anymore. But you know not winning an academy quarterback Tony nominated is not gonna break and that that is not why I'm in the business when we make color purple. A boycott was become by the NAACP. I think we've got eleven nominating last summer so it's and it's not one win. For more custom work ago were boycotts basically do is they say. Armed we don't know everybody who's out exposed to the issue everybody who knows nothing about the issue. Please follow our lead and the ignorant of what the boycotts about Iraq don't kid yourself the opportunity to make up your own mind about it. Do you think from makers have some obligation to kind of look at the rest of the world and say. Well maybe we'd need to. You know make this look more like what the world looks like. I feel you know on on these issues of diversity news. The firing line. On these issues is the hiring line. This is were all the good work we'll get done. This is how people qualify for membership in the academy by being discovered by be given a chance to demonstrate. Their voices rack. Well it's conveniently gets the who's been grip always good to see you won't do it it just enough. People realize how much we love each other. No. Big money on this morning on the Oscars we're just get themselves to candidates meet and outs my daughter anytime come to the Oscars I must take her was. She was with me when I won it was very heartwarming to see you act like salukis they made good life. Plenty of little faith filled and eliminate term. So I'm wearing the days of New York they're wonderful husband and wife team. And they built this based on and that's made by Edith head for all of lucky and mine June. In case you're wondering. This class of around the chassis were on our way to the Oscar. We are here in the us this fund and grain. Thank you got great seats it's enjoys the view and I want to please welcome Academy Award winner. One thing over. Donated them Vienna movie. Can be a struggle. About them. Say something. He wanted no make a movie. That skinny white lady who invented a mop plus a black girl what happened but due to cancer before need to give her TV movie. Body had to the big pillow. Okay. My. Some great holiday you know there are a lot of surprises last night I mean you know we'd like Sylvester Stallone was gonna get. The the supporting but he did not right let's what do you think about that. What is a thing you know. I never want people see say your shoe away because that's the beauty of the Oscars you actually don't know who's going to win. And they cannot be an upsetting when you push it and say that person backwards and backwards and that person doesn't win. They have to overcome a hall but to stop knots that you know salons a pro so he knew what to do but it can be very unknowingly and apple have. Given you this and and then it doesn't happen it has its tax bill is a little bit not slides and I'm not topical slapped on them. Well yeah you know hoping we won't want to now either the controversy last night because total beauty tweeted pictured you. And they said we love Oprah's new taxiway Nokia's that's I don't really look great now clearly you could you not yet. It with you all Twitter I have had about it this morning. Yeah well I don't let you know I'd. They could have used in the ranks and he said boy and the rank and time has undetectable. You know. I'm still pretty did if you compare me to help us not look like Oprah that's not a bad thing yeah. A lot worse. Yeah. It's totally dug Pennsylvania say you avatar did harmonies so it. Not let it cannot do I didn't do that I know that odds they don't I don't. Beauty and we want we want to donate 101000 dollars to at this charity of your choice did outside which is nice oh and yeah it wasn't. Then then then then on need to do that they'd just you know it happens people make mistakes all the time we've done it on the cells up. Thank you swerve for that in you know come on it was an honest mistakes we ballclub that. Upper and I.

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{"duration":"9:35","description":"\"The View\" co-host takes us behind the scenes post-Oscars and explains her \"Oprah\" moment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37286535","title":"Whoopi Goldberg Goes Behind the Scenes at the Oscars","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-scenes-oscars-37286535"}