How Meghan Markle channels Princess Diana's humanitarianism

Andrew Morton, who penned the bestseller "Diana: Her True Story," discusses his new biography of Markle, "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess."
4:38 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for How Meghan Markle channels Princess Diana's humanitarianism
More N on the royal wedding. Prince Harry, one of the world's most eligible bachelors will tie the knot in just over a month an here with famed princess Diana bioapher Andrew Morton who is taking a Cser look at the royal--be. Please welcome Andrew Morton. [ Applause nice to hav he Nice to see you. Yes. How were they able to keepheir relationship a secret for so Ng I know. For months they were under the radar. I think half the I was that they in Toronto which is where she was filming "S" and not a papadrazzi culture as there is in New York and London and had theirvate time. We're so happy that they were able to H that time together. Weren't W Al we didn't need to know as much as we ended up ning. It just seems like they ar such a loving couple.'re so ador, never you see them. What do you think I Abo Meghan that cau his eye? Well, there's obviously the shadfiana about her in the sense that she wants tive Bae's hardwired to that. And when they met, on a blind te, I mean as she sayshe dn't know that much about Harry. Oh, come on. Think she knew an awful lot more than she's saying and was very excited about the meeting he said it was the fact that were talking about theyted to mak a difference and I thinkn her ct of arms it's going toay make the change, because THA what she's all about and shes that star wasll about. Ou know, you nuprin ses a very well wor with her as you didn her book. And you said there's the similarities. What other similarities you see between princess Diana and Ghan? We've got thelamour and charisma. She is a very charismatic . Both from broken homes and the also felt very different whenere growing up,eg because she was CI Diana because she was the daughter O divorcedents which was unusual in those times and also Meghan was F M of an activist than D Diana was more of a career so and, you know, Meghan, for ample, organized demonstratio at school against the first waro that's the kind of thing S dng so she was out there and she was ING company, complaining and so on. How I that goi to be for he she has always been oupoken and, you know, being a Roy she will be able to taketand on a few things but H be a little more buttonedn. She's gng to have to really draw back because she had a og Shead an Instagram account she was a social media maven and now she'ad to close the all down and she's had couldconform to what the royal family do B in a sense she's going tong her own ey and damism into the family, an America success story and fasted to see how this couple, this spe relationship shall we say which symbolized by these two how they go forward as an internatio power couple. Do really wish them the best and york is fl of beautiful little anecdotes like Meghan had to N how to drink tea before she the queen? Yes. Well, she knew how to drink but she actually went to Pasadena that doesfternoon tea in the British style. Sohe was holding the little finger out and, remember, she was vd by the queen at Buckingham palace, they quietly to buckinam palace and went for Ano tea and afternoon tea with the queen I ig deal. You got the corgis there and T corgis like to bite ople, pretty rascally characters and they loved Ghan. So in a way shewe talked the corgis and that was aeeting where the queen gave the look of . We a royal family. Do we knowroer family would will be attending wedding. Well, a, her mother certain there's a big question mark over the O them -- of the Markle clan and I hope they can ree it becau you don't want that to the fact that the markles are' there and thereill be a Markle coat of arms and Meghan markho is getting rried. You don't want that to ovadow the wedding. No, you do T. Well, Andrew, always a delight. Know we'll be spending a lot between N and the wedding and a-- People will talk. "Meghan: A Hollywood prince out tomorrow his book. Now over to rob. Robin, we are gearing upor afternoon .

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Andrew Morton, who penned the bestseller \"Diana: Her True Story,\" discusses his new biography of Markle, \"Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54492539","title":"How Meghan Markle channels Princess Diana's humanitarianism","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/andrew-morton-opens-meghan-hollywood-princess-54492539"}