Bobby Bones talks new National Geographic show

The "American Idol" mentor and radio host stars in "Breaking Bobby Bones," where he travels across the country meeting people with unique jobs, skills, hobbies and abilities.
4:11 | 05/31/21

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Transcript for Bobby Bones talks new National Geographic show
We're back now with one of our favorite guests, the host of the radio show, best-selling author, and mentor on "American idol," and the "Dancing with the stars" champion. Now he's got a new show on national geographic called "Breaking Bobby bones." Let's welcome back to "Gma," one of our favorites. Bobby bones. Good to see you. You have a big date coming up. You and your fiance were just in Oklahoma for other bridal shower this weekend. How is the wedding planning going? That's the only thing that's really broken me so far. Honestly I'm not doing much. If I take a lot of credit, I think I'll get in trouble when I get off this with you. She's doing most of the work. I might just stay out of the way, Bobby. That's your job. Stay out the way. You have another job, a new show "Breaking Bobby bones" where you travel around the country and meet people with unique skills and you try to do what they do, and of course, it is not easy. So what's the plan? Just to make yourself entirely uncomfortable the entire time? It was the plan to be uncomfortable, and highlight the stories of people who have gone through some crazy adversity in their life, and to show that, we live in such an instagram-based world where everything looks like it's perfect, and highlight these people who have had tough times. Watch them get through theirs, and watch me fight it also during the show. There is a lot of that. I always say the hook is the adventure, but you're going to keep coming back for the people and their stories. Let's take a look at a clip of "Breaking Bobby bones." Let's check it out. My leg is shaking like crazy. I'm a little -- okay. I'm a lot scared. You got this. Here we go. One, two, oh. I don't think the -- Go ahead and sit down. I feel like something undid that shouldn't have undid. What the -- what is happening here? Bobby, stop. Stop right there. What's going on? Oh, you're a better man than me, Bobby. That looks incredibly terrifying. I was 4,000 feet under the grand canyon. We were trying to clean the glass bridge that's over the grand canyon, and I'm afraid of heights, and so that was you watching me train to do that, and at the end of the episode, you know, I go out and I attempt to go and hang over that, and it was really one of the top two scariest things I've ever done in my entire life. Well, hey. That looked like -- I was scared watching you be scared on that. That's how scary that was, but you meet a lot of inspiring you talked about that. Who's the most inspiring person that you met on the show? There was a guy named Ralph, and Ralph went and served our country in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs due to a bomb, and he came back to the states, and he admits he was suicidal. He didn't know what the do with - his life, but he found something that he didn't know about called sled hockey, and he had never played hockey before, and not only did he learn hockey by playing a video game. He trained, became part of the U.S. Team, and then the U.S. Paralympic team won a gold medal, and Ralph was so inspiring to me, and then hi to play hockey with him, and I don't know anything about I'm from Arkansas, and they beat me up pretty good, but still just to spend three days with him and learn his story, I'm so proud to share it on my new show. We cannot wait to see it on the new show, and now that you have done all these crazy things for the show, you said it was like cleaning the bridge from underneath the grand canyon was one of the two scariest things. How would "Dancing with the stars" rank on your list? That's number one, Michael. Really? Nothing's going to beat that. I can't dance. Why? To dance in front of millions of people? Listen, to me -- I know I won the show and all, but that was the scariest thing I've ever done, and probably will do. Wow. That is surprising. Well, you know what? Nothing can break Bobby bones, but we're going to watch this show because we appreciate what you are doing, and always great to see you. Good to see you too, Michael. All right. "Breaking Bobby bones" premieres tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central with back to back episodes. Make sure you check it out, and

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"The \"American Idol\" mentor and radio host stars in \"Breaking Bobby Bones,\" where he travels across the country meeting people with unique jobs, skills, hobbies and abilities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78000816","title":"Bobby Bones talks new National Geographic show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bobby-bones-talks-national-geographic-show-78000816"}