New book explores Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle

Katie Nicholl shares little-known facts about Harry and Markle's love story and opens up about her new book, "Harry: Life, Loss and Love," live on "GMA."
6:08 | 03/20/18

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Transcript for New book explores Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle
An inside look at the royal romance between prince Harry and Meghan Markle. That is right, guys. The royal weding in case you hadn't heard is less than two months away and now we are learning more about how prince Harry and Meghan Markle got to know each other in those early months. It's all part of a new book on the couple out this morning and we'll talk to author Katie Nicholl in a moment but first Harry and Meghan's story. The relationship between prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle started out quietly. The two of them dating in secret for months. Until the Paparazzi finally caught wind of the relationship in October of 2016. In her new book, "Harry: Life, loss and love," Royals expert Katie Nicholl says the prince and his then girlfriend were spending time with friends to avoid the Paparazzi. Their circle including prominent Canadian couple Ben and Jessica Mulroney and their three young children who opened their doors to the couple. As the media speculation went into overdrive about the possible relationship, some observers noticed one thing the two shared in common in photos on Meghan's Instagram account, blue and white bracelets. Just one month later, Nichols said she felt the British press was out to get her age worried for her mother who was being hounded. Harry with the blistering statement to the press telling them to back o@f. Saying she's been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment and that this is not a game, it is her life and his. And now the best-selling author of "Harry: Life, loss and love" is royal expert Katie Nicholl. Good morning, thanks for being with us. Good morning. You wrote about those first moments when the press found out that Harry and Meghan were an item, that they took refuge in Toronto with friends. Tell us more go what was going on. Well, one of the things I found out when I was researching the book and, you know, obviously you do a book like this you have to speak to so many people and had so many questions because I couldn't understand how they managed to keep this row nance under wraps for such a long time. He is one of the world's most famous people, prince Harry, the world's most famous bachelor and yet they did manage to keep it under wraps much there were two special people in their life at that moment, their friends Ben Mulroney and Jessica Mulroney, Meghan's friends in Toronto and you remember that story breaking. I'm sure everyone in this room remembers the story breaking. It was massive so there was nowhere for them to go. Her flat under siege, so the mulroneys generously took them into their home and it was locked down there and they were protected and no one got a picture of them together, in fact, it was many months after the news first broke when they were actually photographed together. So when prince Harry wants to go under the radar, my goodness, he can. That's probably how their love was really able to actually blossom because it wasn't under the microscope of public scrutiny. You say it was in those months in Toronto where Meghan really decided that Harry was the one. Well, I think this romance moved far quicker than most people realized and apparently one of the sources I spoke to said the moment she really realized that he was the one was one of the occasions that they were at the mulroneys' house and Harry turned up with gifts for the mulroneys' children and she watched him interacting with the children and apparently at that moment she thought, wow, this could be Mr. Right and that was the moment apparently she fell in love with him. That's very sweet. If you look at them they're very different. She's American. She's divorced. She's multiracial and prince Harry from the royal family, yet they do have similar things they bond over. They have similar loves of certain things. Talk a little about what brought them together. They do and you're completely right. When you put them on paper you think what are these two going to have in common, a prince and Hollywood star. One thing that bound them was that celebrity, that limelight but more importantly how they both knew they could use that celebrity so for both of them it was a way of putting the spotlight on issues that mattered to them and they bonded over their love of Africa because Meghan had been out there to a charity trip. Harry does a lot of work over there and it was, yeah, it was the charity work that bonded them and made him really there was something special about the girl. Even the queen recognized that special bond because she has formally given her permission for the two to marry. How has the royal family accepted Meghan Markle into theirs? Well, I was fascinated by exactly that and wanted to really explore that in and I spoke to some sources, very close to the family and they said that right from the outset they welcomed her warmly and as you pointed out she comes from a different background from what we might expect. It wouldn't have been acceptable not that long ago. Divorcee and biracial might have been an issue years ago but they warmly welcomed her and the queen saw how happy she made him. This is a prince that always wore his heart on his sleeve and talked about being single and the struggles to find a girlfriend and then here he was with this beautiful American girl who he's fallen head over heels in. We heard speculation about their cake or at least perhaps a mystery has been solved surround it. Can you give us those detail. Yes, well, kensington palace announced fresh offer the press that the violet bakery based in London run by a young woman Clair Patak California born and raised will do the wedding cake and it will be very different. Out with the ole, in with the new. This is not going to be a stirred traditional fruitcake but going to be elder flower and lemon with beautiful flowers and I have a little scoop because flowers, they're going to feature prominently in this wedding and Meghan is all out with the flowers. We know she loves spring blooms and peonies and it's going to be may. We're keeping our fingers crossed for good British weather on that day. Expect St. George's chapel to be full of beautiful plowers and peonies. Excited about the cake. I can't wait to find out about the dress. Katie, thank you so much. We appreciate it. Thank you. "Harry: Life, loss and love" is out today.

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{"id":53863197,"title":"New book explores Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle ","duration":"6:08","description":"Katie Nicholl shares little-known facts about Harry and Markle's love story and opens up about her new book, \"Harry: Life, Loss and Love,\" live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/book-explores-prince-harrys-romance-meghan-markle-53863197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}