Colton runs away again on 'Bachelor' finale: 'I'm done with this'

In a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated finale, Colton is seen fleeing it all as Chris Harrison chases him down.
3:43 | 03/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colton runs away again on 'Bachelor' finale: 'I'm done with this'
Highs day. Spring fever with a high All right. Now to the big "Bachelor "Finale. Fans want to know what happens after Colton jumped the fence, apparently ready to quit the show. Host Chris Harrison is revealing new Abbie Boudreau has more. What happens? It's been a season full of drama. Tonight, expect even more. I sat down with Chris Harrison and let me tell you, he was in the mood to spill some secrets about what we won't see on the show. Colton. Reporter: For the first time ever in "Bachelor" history. He's gone. Reporter: A bachelor is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have any idea where he is? We lost him and the show. Reporter: Chris Harris sop taking "Gma" back to the critical moments in Portugal. We were discussing having to call the authorities. That was the next step. Reporter: Finally finding Colton miles away. Where are you going? Dude, I have to idea. He was emotional. Mad at me. Mad at himself. Everything was pouring out of him. I'm Done. Reporter: Devastated after an agonizing good-bye with cassie. I want to be with you at tepid of this. I wsh I knew that I could get to the same page as you. I just don't know. Reporter: That moment a huge shock for "Bachelor "Nation and for the producers as well. Colton! I have no idea where he went. I never understood the depth of his love and commitment. And that she was the one. And when she broke his heart -- it just put everything on tilt. And it was over. Reporter: The show at a halt. Leaving the season two episodes short with no fantasy suite or proposal on the table. When he wept back to his room, that was going to be the fantasy suite. He thought he was about to have the night of his life. No pun intended, maybe this is put this to bed. Put this whole thing to rest. Now it is, how do we really get him back? That took a serious conversation. Let's get back tomorrow morning and see if we have a show. Reporter: All while taysha and Hannah believing they have a chance. We had to let them know. Reporter: Do you think he was being misleading to protect that mgt I think he was so scared. I think he loved case si so much. And I think he was so scared and maybe it was kind of -- self-manifested in that, you try to protect something and save it so much that you -- end up bringing it to be. Did he feel the show let him down? I think there was a little anger and animosity. A little miscommunication. We're only there to facilitate him finding love. Especially at the end of the show. So, does Colton find love? That is the million-dollar but before we find out, he will first have to face the other two women who were hoping for his heart. You can watch an extended sneak peek for tonight's episode on our website. Tune in for the two-night live finale event starting tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on And it will be interesting when we see colt. Back with the other two who are left. Do you have a guess? Who are you putting your money Oh, my gosh. No, I have no idea. Are you kidding me. I'm so nervous for tonight. I'm such a "Bachelor" nation fan. I will be watching. Are you going to watch? We will be watching. Absolutely. The big night tonight kicks off and when it's all over, Colton will be here live Wednesday morning. Who will join him? We'll find out.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"In a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated finale, Colton is seen fleeing it all as Chris Harrison chases him down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61601515","title":"Colton runs away again on 'Bachelor' finale: 'I'm done with this'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/colton-runs-bachelor-finale-im-61601515"}