Colton Underwood is the next 'Bachelor'

The 26-year-old former NFL player, who revealed he's a virgin, will get another shot at love on a new season of ABC's "The Bachelor."
5:36 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for Colton Underwood is the next 'Bachelor'
th Now to the moment that we've be W for, a huge" exclusive. It is time toeveal the brand-new bachel yeah Are Yo guys to meet him? Ready to him? Here he is drum roll, please. Brd-new bachelor.come on ou yeah! There he whatup, man. How are you doing? , Let theyou, everybody. It is coltonunderwood and I'm ING to talk to Colton in a moment. T's take look atis journey to becominghe nextbaor. Abcedo has T story. After last ght'smotional breakup with tia on "Bachelor in paradi -- Wanted to work so bad and it's not there. Repor Bacher nation is waking up this morni to a ading man, formerootball pler Colton derwood. M name Colton. Ade I to the final four of becca's seasonf "The bachet sting himself apart during that he's a I still am I am a virg. Really? Reporter: And Thi is N afraid T show his softer But he' also a man W holes his own. You haveroblem with me and tia -- Before you know S. Weul G You shouldt up. We shouldn't go anywhere. Reporter:hird for love be the char for "Good Diane Mo, new York. We're going to much more with bachelor nationing up. Theyfight itut in our attle and nowe'll go ovo ginger.what? We're not goi to go to ginger. Il talk toyou. I was mixed up there. Qution, the cat I of the bag. That is you, are youfeg? I'm veryexcited. Yeah. You know,ou're famiar with bachelor tion. On bachelor with and "Bachelor in paradise.." Yep. Thiime is a charm. They say. That's what you're hoping Tt''m hoping for. Saw nor in paradise" and you just broketi will she make anean "The bachelor." E finally one same pahe first time in our relationshood friends. Just gd All right. B there's a L of -- we W in that piece. You aled personal information aboutourselfn "Tbaelette" an Y, hoo you think you haveo even more -- any S out there? I that'snehing I took pride inn both seasons is just being to who iam. I think it took all to get to WRE I am at now ow who I am aerson and foe what I wan in ae partner. That's a big thing to veal.this is T type son I am and have you youreans fort and I respect that. You're ao a big supports fan and pyports. You're a big spo fan. Am on "Th bachelor" and You I'm not talking a me. For the leas out there [ laugh No, you just have be passionate about sothing, sports was my passion growing up bee I saw H it transformed my LE but beonate -- have a pon and just be a person. A at the endf all, at the end of season are you hoping it ends with a propal Absolutely. That's -- that's what'm forward to the most being engagedting marrieortly aft at. I love that. I love that, man. A questions. Tanner and jade have been in your situation. Yes. Paradise." They now parents of a 1-year-old, conglations T you. Thank you. Pl and I jus H a question for you. At is the most important thing for Colton toook for wn H gi this journey? I think it's too for someone that fits your life eshow becauses one Thi to fall in Loveh someone with a the cameras and do day Normal lifwith, that's what will last in the long term. I'd go for . Great advice. And also we have another bachelor,icvil. How are youdoinnick. Nick, you went through your journey. Had a -- Y prosed but it didn't work so what advice would you H for co to do something so private such a pubc way? Well, ihi thatnt I kind of have to let that go be yolf, eveningugh it's very public D youust -- it soundliche but be true to yourself and be decisive and very U front because you really W to make the right decision know, try Toole back T tearsou'll be all right. So,eing Thate been on two iterations of this. Do Thi the ceras will disappear and you let go -- do becau they D for M on"bachelorette" and "Bachelor in paradise." After day three O fourheyo R life is changing and 'll see it and'lle here a lot. We'lupte evebo on Colton.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"The 26-year-old former NFL player, who revealed he's a virgin, will get another shot at love on a new season of ABC's \"The Bachelor.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57586274","title":"Colton Underwood is the next 'Bachelor'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/colton-underwood-bachelor-57586274"}