Take it from comedy queen Phoebe Robinson: 'I get my best material in the shower'

From '2 Dope Queens' to meeting Michelle Obama, we had comedian, Phoebe Robinson look back at some of the biggest moments of her career.
4:22 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Take it from comedy queen Phoebe Robinson: 'I get my best material in the shower'
Home niece the the things that this is like my Michelle Obama awake like when I got to come correct. And my niece is gonna be here at analysts. Tito cleans changed our lives and so many ways. I am doing just my first started taping the puck past loves Jeff Brown like Michelle Obama with incidents. And it turned out she did. She invited us to come to DC. And just the fact that she knew who we were she was her podcaster kind of like is this. Correct. She's very busy and I was just a really cool to see like this one man. This is I kind who has been an inspiration to so many people. He got to be the same with Harry you know the fact that you city jumped too big to be like this I kind that you had to war. Just gonna listen to you like easy just keep sane and keep working hard you never know who's paying attention. A lot time keeping wages doing things and no one's noticing. And a lot times people that you love and respect are noticing you anxious about timing. Mean takes. And he. He's not afraid to make fun of herself to was it easy huge part comedies the audience wants to know that you don't think you're above them is sort of like we're all in this together certainly in Atlanta I'm. Single mom lake. You're always right place I can admit that now I'm my thirties and as a teenager I think there rob my parents not being my parents always re Dickey so much for everything you sacrifice for him because I could not be here. But in this here with a nice little career if it weren't for my mom. This is truly my all time favorite picture. Like. In history. I could not like sit up by myself. Some might that's why my brother stand behind me he was a cold the idea for tire they seem to get these pictures. Which I think just this sort of symbolizes our relationship and have each other's backs. My brother act he just got elected as state representative for district six an Ohio and I'm so proud and the fact that he's now in politics and really trying to shape people's lives I think we of course what I grievances the table to sort of like. I couldn't. You really funny so people can so let their guard down to have open conversations his account laughing listening and that's taken like he did and maybe get some information humor. And politics in just knowing stuff I think he's been away from from here. We're in this together I think a lot time to forget it I'm on my side your on your side but I think much about it he's there are still says to show it. We're all in this where families of the ballot work it out anything. Are. Okay so this is this is for my name. Berg day 8187. Teen believed. Pope just and I started out an MP Robin she Vick nearly black resigned her team and likewise for me. He felt like we just weren't representative knew they were so many talented people who look like us or didn't look like us market missing shots that. We saw the people get so I think it just means a lot to sort of just like. Let everyone have their moment to shine and just proves that like everyone's stories Sally I think that gets lost the last time since I. Whatever is happening in your life is just as important and what that's what's happening X amount of life. Some never feel like you shy away or elected your light shine brightly. OK so this picture I am giving use. You know sock hop real menace. About the launch my first in a tour surrogates are meant Glenn all over the country. Very excited but I need material I gotta bring jokes bring the funding to people. It's a little ways it did as an elected speak about jokes in the Sharon has the fat is no one's bothering me to be alone and you know telling the weird not elect. That could be a joke and speak and hope your spouse yeah you think it's very important house health care whether it's like going out to get the size there's just like being home. You know kids back just able to feel good about yourself just use something that's. Fall about you just have that. That life.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"From '2 Dope Queens' to meeting Michelle Obama, we had comedian, Phoebe Robinson look back at some of the biggest moments of her career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64281817","title":"Take it from comedy queen Phoebe Robinson: 'I get my best material in the shower'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/comedy-queen-phoebe-robinson-best-material-shower-64281817"}