‘Da Vinci Code’ author divorce plot twist

The lawsuit against author Dan Brown reads like one of his thrillers as Brown’s ex-wife alleges he was leading a double life.
2:39 | 07/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Da Vinci Code’ author divorce plot twist
For sure. We turn to the real life plot twist for "Da Vinci code" author Dan brown that reads just like hisbest-selling thrillers. Brown's private divorce going public with shocking details. His ex-wife accusing him of leading a double life. Kaylee chail has the details. Good morning, Kaylee. Reporter: Hey, Eva. Yeah, the details of this lawsuit read like fiction. From Europe to the caribbean and to the former couple's home in New Hampshire, this master storyteller allegedly we have a complicated web of lies courting mistress, stealing money and deceiing his partner of 30 now blithe brown says she's standing up for herself. He spun imaginative tales. But this morning Dan brown, the best-selling author and blockbuster hitmaker of "The da Vinci code" is accused of the secrecy and fraud he writes about. His ex-wife suing her husband of 21 years in a lawsuit filed Monday claiming he was living a secret double life accusing him of removing substantial funds from their hard earned marital assets to conduct sordid extramarital affairs with women one-half his age including buying a horse for $345,000 for one of them. If she could show the money used to purchase the horse came from their joint funds, she might be able to show she was entitled to all or some of those funds. Reporter: The suit also claiming the 56-year-old man misrepresented the couple's wealth in a sworn financial affidavit in their divorce agreement and hid multiple future projects worth millions from her including a TV series based on writing she says the couple created together and a children's book due out in September. In a statement to ABC news, she says this lawsuit is about standing up for myself. We work so hard together. Struggling to build something. After so much pain, it is time for truth. But brown adamantly denies all allegations calling them fictional and vindictive telling ABC news any suggestion that I was not completely honest in financial disclosures during our divorce is wrong adding his ex-wife received more than half of the couple's assets. The fact that he was having relationships with other people during the marriage is not something that he can be penalized for as part of the divorce. If he really didn't say, oh, these are things that are going to be generating income for me, then that could be a problem for him. Reporter: So Dan brown dedicated "Da Vinci code" to Blythe writing she was without a doubt the most astonishingly talented woman I know. Now she is demanding a trial by jury, guys. Stranger than Fick. What a story, thank you, Kaylee.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The lawsuit against author Dan Brown reads like one of his thrillers as Brown’s ex-wife alleges he was leading a double life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71594206","title":"‘Da Vinci Code’ author divorce plot twist","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/da-vinci-code-author-divorce-plot-twist-71594206"}