Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on his NASCAR career live on 'GMA'

The NASCAR legend opens up about what fans can expect next and more.
6:01 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on his NASCAR career live on 'GMA'
Now we have another impressive guest we'll bring out right now racing into times square. He is a two-time daytona 500 winner named most popular driver 15 times. Wow if now he's gearing up to drive the pace car in the indy 500. Let's hear it to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long. Hey, good to see you. How are you? Good to see you. Hey. All right. All night long Welcome, welcome. I was debating whether I needed to come out here dancing. That was incredible. What a story. It was. I wish my teachers were dancing like that. What a connection he has. Your daughter was 6 months old and she took her first steps what is that like for you. You know, it's just amazing to watch them every day process new things and when he started crawling, I was like, you know, we were so excited that she started moving around and now she's just running everywhere and we were all together at my mom's house and the whole family was there when she did that and it just blows you away. I was so worried I wouldn't be there. I was so worried I was going to miss it and be doing something and not at the house when that happened but we were all together, the whole family and just incredible to see her do that? I'm sure she had her first words. I'm curious, what were they, faster or dad? Well, I been encouraging her to say mom and Amy's been encouraging her to said dad and she just now -- she's a year and a month. She just now started to mimic the words we say and like, you know, mimic our dog's names so she's really smart and everybody says that about their kid, right. She is so smart. But she says mom, she says mum-mum and dad and I asked her what the duck does and she says quack and all that so she's a year -- She's a genius. It's amazing. 13 months. That's wonderful, though. I didn't realize we're about to have something in common, the two of us. You'll be driving the pace car. Oil a little nervous. I did that back in the day. I had some instruction to know how to do it but are you prepared? Are you prepared to, you know -- I'm nervous. I think even -- race car driver -- You're nervous about. It's different. In the pace car there is a process. There's rules of there is a speed you have to run and in indy I think there's a protocol where they speed the car up with each lap and that's different than what we do in NASCAR and NASCAR there is a pit road speed and run that during the pass laps and doesn't change so I know it's not going to be that complicated. You know, I think you'll be all right. I think -- I'm overthinking it a little. You know, I've heard this. Most of us have to deal with losing car keys. You lost a car for a year? I did. I posted that on Instagram recently where -- so I have this race car graveyard. It's hard to explain. There's the car right there. That's a car that there's a land speed record car and somebody donated that to me to be able to put in this race car graveyard. It's like 80 acres of woods and about 80 or 90 race cars in the graveyard and they all have a different story and so that car there is in the graveyard. There you see a few more. The car -- I actually tanked my property manager, a friend of mine to put the cars back there. I don't know where they go or -- that's the fun part. You get on the four-wheeler and side by side and go riding back there with Isla and Amy and find out where they're sitting and that land speed record car hid from me for a year before I Time travel. We hear that back in the day your dad had a dealership. Yeah. And that you were the mechanic. I changed the oil, yeah. But that -- kind of lost your I got fired, yeah, I didment it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I was working at the dealership and the service mechanic -- service manager wanted us to stay after work and I said, well, can we stay on the clock. I got a haircut. I'm going to get the haircut and he said you just do what you need to do Ena came back the next day. He said I think you need a couple days off the job and see if this is really what you wanted to do. It was a 45-minute drive and wasn't making a lot of money. I couldn't drive all over town and driving home. I figured dad would see me and send me back up there. I called him and said tell the guy you're working, you're not going to home so I went in and said I'm either working or you send me home for good and he said go pack up your toolbox. I went home and dad said, wow, he sent you home for good? I was like, yeah. He did. He goes, well, I'll put you to work on race cars and got to start working on race cars so that was the best thing ever, right, because that's all I ever wanted to do. It was a great transition for me. Aren't you going to give -- Aren't you going to get in a car like your dad in the first -- aren't you going back on the track and doing something. Absolutely. We'll race at darling ton. We have a throwback weekend every year where everybody sort of has an old school paint scheme and nod to the past. That's cool. I'm going to drive in the XFINITY series race in Darlington Saturday and the car is basically a throwback to my dad's 1975 paint scheme. His first race in the cup series at Charlotte. That's going to be special. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. Great looking race car and one race I'll run this year, I don't have any plans to race anything after that. Never say never but this might be the last one. I tell you what, don't be nervous about the pace car. If you want to practice just go drive out here with these taxis

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"The NASCAR legend opens up about what fans can expect next and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63170651","title":"Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on his NASCAR career live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dale-earnhardt-jr-reflects-nascar-career-live-gma-63170651"}