Damson Idris dishes on his series 'Snowfall'

The star of the FX series opens up about his role and what fans can expect, live on "GMA."
3:07 | 07/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Damson Idris dishes on his series 'Snowfall'
We're back with a breakout star of the hit FX show "Snowfall." Damson Idris is from south London but would never know it. He plays a budding drug kingpin from L.A. So convincingly that critics are calling him the show's greatest asset. That's pretty high praise there, damson. Yeah, I really am amazing, yeah. After the show's success and continued success hopefully with the next season your name is starting to become a household one. How has your life changed since sthoefl snowfall. People think I sell crack for real which is interesting. That's a problem. I was in the grove the other day and this old lady came up to me, must have been 70, 75. I know you got beat up real bad the other day, baby, but you need to stop being a little chicken and get your money back. That's not how the crack game work, baby and walked off. She just dropped the mic. Great life advice. So I want to ask you because you took a very nontraditional audition for this one. It was pretty remarkable. The late great John singleton from boys in the hood, he took you to the heart of south L.A. What did he tell you when you got there. Oh, man, so I showed up to John's office in south central and he was like, yeah, you know, we're not going to read. We're just going to take a walk. I've seen "Boys in the hood." Are we go to have a shootout and walked through south central. If you survive you got the role. I was petrified. And then having to stay in the accent and be American, all throughout the time with John and he's taking me up to people in the community. Taking me to, you know, drug addicts, people in the community, he's taking me to homeless people and just introducing me, this is my boy damson, yeah, meet him and then just walks off. And you got the role. In fact, I think we all want to see him in action. Damson, in this clip your character finds his on again off again girlfriend just got no Spellman university. Congratulations. So I guess that means you're leaving us now. Not till next month. Classes don't start till September but I want to get settled. Find a job. You got to be on the books 24/7. Franklin, no. I mean to give you a graduation gift anyway. So you can focus on school. Come on. It's the least I could do. Whoo. Look at you. Now I hear there's a ritual on set. You like to touch everything. Oh, man, yes. One of the rimpf walls I do, as soon as I get on the set I need my character to know he's been there before so I touch everything like I lie on the bed. I touch the switches, I do everything. And the set designer is always like, damson, what the hell are you doing but, yeah, I have to. Whatever it is you're doing, it's working. Bless you. Amazing job. Damson Idris, everyone.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The star of the FX series opens up about his role and what fans can expect, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64235374","title":"Damson Idris dishes on his series 'Snowfall' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/damson-idris-dishes-series-snowfall-64235374"}