Duke's Zion Williamson dominates in 1st March Madness game

ABC News' Rob Marciano highlights all the upsets in the first round of the men's NCAA basketball tournament.
2:51 | 03/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Duke's Zion Williamson dominates in 1st March Madness game
Can you guys hear that? No, it's not rob's stomach. It is the sound of brackets busting. I wasn't going to say anything. March Madness is already living up to its name and rob is here with all the highlights. It's already crazy. Yeah, so fun. Not so much my stomach but so fun. The last two days in corporate America one of the least productive historically and especially those who work from there were a number of upsets last night but it was also Zion Williamson's debut in a tournament, and he did not disappoint. One. They call it March Madness. An your bracket may be hurting from it. According to the NCAA this morning, out of the millions of brackets filled out by fans only 16 perfect brackets are still in play. But there were some wins we did see coming. On Friday, duke crushing north Dakota state as the explosive Zion Williamson made his debut to the big dance in what looked like a dunk contest. Williamson and his teammate R.J. Barrett scoring 25 and 26 points respectively. The biggest upset Friday, 13 seed U.C. Irvine biting out four seed, Kansas state. The anteaters now celebrating their first ever NCAA tournament win. We knocked them off. That's special for us. Reporter: All eyes on liberty university upsetting Mississippi state in a first ever NCAA victory. The liberty flames are still dancing. Reporter: Though the Texas Tech win against northern Kentucky may not have come as a surprise, this moment shocked thpacked crowd. Look out. A little leapfrog, as well. S. -- Texas Tech sophomore Jarrett Culver hurtling one row of photographers and catching a cameraman on his way down. True athletes. Everybody was okay and the second round starts tonight. Some of the teams playing, Maryland, lsu, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Michigan state. I'm sorry, and also I want to point out this is the first year that I can remember that I didn't fill out a bracket. I got a lot going on. Me too. But it's liberating with all these brackets busting but Dan Harris did and so embarrassed by hit. This was his bracket. Sports analyst. There it is. Man with ball. I think he's holding a baseball. Classic analyst. I'm kind of upset I didn't do a bracket this year. Since I know nothing about basketball, usually if it's a bracket busting I'm doing well by comparison. Which color I like better, the uniforms. Stop. By the mascots. Would you have guessed the anteaters? The love the anteaters. What is more terrifying the anteaters or Zion? He is a beast. Zion. Big Zion but re D by Walgreens.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano highlights all the upsets in the first round of the men's NCAA basketball tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61890434","title":"Duke's Zion Williamson dominates in 1st March Madness game","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dukes-zion-williamson-dominates-1st-march-madness-game-61890434"}