Frank Grillo on his roles in ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Billions’

The actor plays a MMA legend running a gym in “Kingdom,” which has gotten a second life streaming on Netflix.
4:42 | 08/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frank Grillo on his roles in ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Billions’
We have an amazing guest joining us. You've seen him in the "Purge" movies and "Marvel" movies. Now a double dose of frank Grillo in "Kingdom" and "Billions." We want to welcome frank to the show. Frank, good morning, sir. It is good to see you. I need to start with this, though, a lot of people might be familiar with you in some of the -- you're pretty much an action star but you said you called yourself a poor man's Liam Neeson, an action star at 68 or whatever he is now. Can you still be at this at 68 kicking butt on TV? You know, it's -- I don't know how he does it. He is a good pal of mine and talk to him a lot about it but I'll try. Listen, he does very little exercise and he's 66 or 67 and he's still doing it so I think if I stay fit, you know, maybe I can make it to 60. I see there boxing working at the punching bag. I know your youngest son Rio can in a movie with you. Is he an aspiring actor as well. Yes. He is 12 and making movies with his friends since he was about 7 and got a pretty substantial role. He plays my son and Naomi Watts' son in the film and gets to be killed by Mel Gibson over and over again. It's kind of like a "Groundhog day" thing and killed it. He did a wonderful job so he wants to know when his picture will be on imdb and waiting for Steven spiel Wetherington berg to call him. Typical kid. Back to the show. Let's go back to "Kingdom" and play a mixed martial art legend running a gym and talk about it on the other side. Back in the mix. Feels like it. You are not as far away as you think you are. Now we got a real thing to build a camp around. You're not ready, I pull you out. Really? I yank you. Not going to put you in a bad fight. Let's go. If you think it's the right move I'm in. Yeah? You're the boss. My man. Pretty cool because this previously aired on another network and now it's streaming on Netflix three years after it ended. Did you ever imagine you'd get a second life like this? You know, it's kind of, you know, part of the silver lining of covid, I guess. Absolutely not. It really never happens and because of, I think, Netflix running out of content, I got a shoutout to my wonderful agent started this ball rolling and here we are and people are discovering it as if it's a new show and it's really -- it's taken me by surprise for sure. That's something. Over for three years and it's a new show to a lot of people but the other show "Billions," in the fifth season and you play an artist and do some painting on the show. How much of that -- tell us, how much of that are you actually doing? I did a bunch of painting on the show that you see on the air. And then, you know, the background paintings obviously I didn't do that but, you know, it reignited my bug for painting and I'll move the camera a little bit. I do paint. This is my living room. Here. That's one of my paintings and my kids usually help me paint too so I can't take all the credit. It is very therapeutic. Yeah, how much would one of those paintings go for? You know, it's interesting. Listening, glyph me some bids. Sounds cool. We know, of course, you are known for playing crossbones in the marvel movies and my kids could attest to that. Is that the role your kids think is the coolest of them all? Yeah, well, you know, I do walk around with these -- with these -- I don't know if you can see them. So, yeah, no, they do. They love marvel movies. They've met all of the superheroes. I take them to the premieres and we get a big kick out of it and it's really for them. I just love being part of the whole marvel world. That's so cool. We get a big kick out of you. Thanks for being with us today. It was wonderful talking to you. You brought props and paintings. We'll get the bids to you shortly. Watch "Kingdom" now streaming on Netflix and let's head over

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The actor plays a MMA legend running a gym in “Kingdom,” which has gotten a second life streaming on Netflix.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72278445","title":"Frank Grillo on his roles in ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Billions’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/frank-grillo-roles-kingdom-billions-72278445"}