Harry Potter stars on the making of the Broadway production

Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett appear on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about their roles in the hit Broadway show, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."
17:59 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Harry Potter stars on the making of the Broadway production
Except for your you know dominant role in game rooms you. About. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's pop and in the culture. And. If you do you ever hear Harry Potter you hear the book. Yeah and you heard of the movies will now. On Broadway straight in from London is a show called Harry Potter and the Kurt saint Kurtz. They drag Earth's it. Non no cuts to pompous this. And these two guys are two of the stars making this to me. Because this is a great she I I predict now with a test to happen. That they show nominated for ten Tony Awards will win best play because you know what it is. You guys are part of this whole experience and Q and it's like Harry Potter 2.0. You two don't have any part of those books when the movies you re created. So introduce yourself tell the world you. I Adam supplements. Mammoth new boy Playskool appease mouth and you don't have money blond wig. But but I but long way. Though so and then it at least if you want I didn't spotted the religious. I go to the Illinois has a clue with great faith. My guess is that kids just maneuverable that you have to do that get me into it if it's found incidents at. What this May Day at a. Will be to have you on now nominated on Broadway dot com and you know fort audience choice in saints gore. And it's interesting because it's very MTV it's like best featured actor and where you both. Obviously. Much competition arugula of the blows to speak anymore and that happened when you got only now but nothing. On the positive I could be authentic and and at the connection on stage strong write it. Yes it is not. Some bad and but now a category here in the category it's called. Best on stage. Team or. Yes. Together. Unlawful quantities. And the hog ultimately that I made and so it. Affect what. It doesn't and seeing as sincere liking for each other's. We know we yeah. Not helping them. That we've we've become very very reckless threatens. It's much it off from the get it and this is bull far first big sort of prick. And we were just going and playing together known we just like. It was just throws like a real formative experience from movable that point they. Let's it's a start in the penthouse and them but when how did you with a social support and now hope. Each of the through this really really long huge process which is create. And that they will not only is it difficult. Basically to just act in something that comes in two parts when you buy a ticket. But there's just a lot of stage magic going on so I think you could easily be killed alt. Walking route that's the. At it's. That technically this is really really challenging us but looking at it you can't ago that must be a death trap that actually unite because we have such a long tech. And everything is so precise and you know we're right on we're have suppresses it. You find a fluidity and rhythm as a company in as little tumble in this short relies heavily on the ensemble. I'm once we found it just. Works and got. Sun times when that happens is it true because you paid how many performances in London. We just shall home and it's. So your days where you just go well I had. Yeah I was out for somebody's birthday the night before we're allies hope you know where they have got up and go to an object is expected and as we talk of republic. Doing in my district like trying to keep sometimes very emotional scene that you. And then suddenly if the do piece of logic and you're juggling new and to different things went trying to keep. Newton that that at some something alive can be a bit challenging. Yeah. As Al dispute to sun's affair yes and then you are the scent of Drake on the compliment but what you both potter hands when this again. I mean I I've read the book for those drying out come of them as when they came out until it felt almost a huge found I wasn't some peca Bakken re reading them. And then the phone Tacoma Christmas might you know from animal and now and then but it was anyone like call the plot of Elvis by. Went back and and thought three regions and look at the stories and and it. With such a profound and very different impact from reading and idolize. Nikki humanity within the stories is she is so beautiful. And and the rich these cards is just how to complete. But it for me. Net yeah it was sort of like Dodd would read them my brother and we were younger. I can number one chapter in particular cut rat and called couldn't and the prisoner of Azkaban. And it was when all these. Someone said the calm was a rough and then there are human being and someone was Tony and so if I never advocated just freak none nada. Block is going on official echoed. And I remember just that moment is really just just love it and you know sparked the imagination than me. Did you get you to talk to JK Rowling about any this. She was great she was pretty I think haven't involves GM in appreciated she's created the story which we. By John and Jack. Jack write the script but you know they've creek today as as a team together. And these two very much Eric harris'. So you know we we had conversations in which I've from the onset and and she was like us they have been involved. I know we go that well clearly stoning yet because they. Policy and upon every accused the Dickens remain achieves any kind of the group hug that's exactly like you know and parked culturally. You know as a writer and she just had no legal whatsoever was so chose to done to us. Which is very inspiring to see from some governments like. The fact that the what do what what about putting that that first performance you do where you put denounced. What he feelings are you insane. Our youth who are you feeling okay we did hit a U nervous about the reaction from a live audience like this is where it like it. I always thought that the play was in the news and from reading it I thought this is the the most beautifully craft the play written by Jack Jones who. And the work we return in the room back I looked on Tiffany all of his work is phenomenal. I was that this plays amazing. Just a moment are you wind down and play. And it's been three seconds before oh Michael this is dreadful. They've had a bomb had going to be awful. How these that recurring net most of the critic. In England is called Michael Billington. We can that was and Munich are that almost loses place this thing. Boy who flock to you soon. And that's up to thick black figure struck me as I feel waited on. And then look at all of the people like. I like the boil plucked teeth. Blocked from drama school at the capitol are really read it. As a giveaway. Eight days an actor's nightmare. But you know except for you are you know dominant role in game thrown. A bed. It right. News we not only land hello how long did it. State I think. It does and we think you've seen. You gotta have it's like to put him out of what up pretty well. It was quick but then once. That. That of his days. As a first week of dollars and and through back there about flat. When I went that the they wanted to commode and accent. Which is whatever it. And eyes. Really an annual and other actions I was I give those who. Motley cockney accents on the only caulk and west of it at that they have enough but abroad Mona. Our government. These as well Watson about. Company about the maybe round pick out of these days thinking basically they're saying. This guy was still good. In game through. He has the plates court is yet but he's the guy to do it. And east and never got to be. The very busy. Admirable things lie you know we're in the last season. You. Something. Additions and part if it was a second senior reasons emling. A cup with a strip backed parent who Padraic pain. About it yet don't think among its yet I haven't comprehend but that I think that left within. Thought he loved file company. The why did you remember. Excellent well. That's a on this joke. Did you get the job it's it's actually in completely different. I'm purses and yet my it's all right. Only. Met with the concentrate. Penalty in July 2000 sustain and they were costing fete the lost what shall put of the items and funnel fully workshop. And I have four editions I think woman to John and then moments to even longer than indirect. Ankle the workshop which is run out and read the script that time and entered a week of the fully workshop. You know we're was playing a law are playing round playing well physically. I did a couple of the main seems revolving these two and Harry and Elvis. And then also they finish their work so very late today cold open of menopause or overrule the person scuttled by a full month. It's nice to you have no idea when you're doing the workshop that they're really going to offer you not mean they said that wasn't that. Audition process. Edwards does justice to just tied upn to jobs is his and development workshop but which is you know what we did. And then at the end of it but the pot which is correct. My I was but different I was. Just gonna let drama students and with an agent and he attempted to London for the week through tuition for community out of the rose and one of them was. HP and then I went and read it for Sonia the producer. And Joan testing. And then three days video from mineral. And I was just there's public took a major rang me is a cat occupied commitment to London. Nice it's three days you do for my blood I think about a gala thrown at. Let's deal with the way that thing possible. Again. Political action with. I think that you guys had two different back to your doctor Deborah Buxton says the tough. Street upbringing. Have a tough streets about flat equity Hartley they but not unlike you know think tens of change that Rea so you never gotten any trio. Agreed by the chose not talk about a TV that Al Ahmad. That is the safer trouble. Effect of the ethical little bit of that. You didn't get you didn't have this similar upbringing. Norwich is is like trying to when he is back in time hate it's it feels like hosting content so that and electricity hasn't quite reached this is dead dolphins event every different like eighth. And yet it's it's really on a country sides in its. They one wrote him one right out of Norfolk used. Dollars and license the upper case Cynthia. Will that might have you to rubbed off on each other now the FCC net that you need that. I admit it's not poppy that's two anyway he now little bit that you picked up something you know all I I I think up so much of how this bad yeah yeah yeah I'm not Mount Everest is just the other thing that's. Oh yeah let's. What a present. Yet I'd done this last week I was shocked but nothing cannot. I don't know what that means that you've done. Of I've never done up a foot. You wouldn't expect. Traits that immigrants that's been flying but about half kind excellently yeah. What is that there what's the cracked what's the crack as. Getting. And it's a great estate tree trees overgrown evidence from the and picked up and hoses doesn't sort of seeped into what you're doing on stage. Now with the crack outlets that have I get a lot of dealers. But at this month I was given it give I've yet they. I'll be taking over summer. When you look at each episode weird question but I kind of like it because you do this city together yet all this time. Wind you look at Sam's work on stay. Is there a moment that he had us in these performances that should demanding but one that sticks with the that he does that kind of resonates for you when you watch. No nor Joseph. If I'd say the driver. Does that that would let yes it that would. It. This day and earth for it was very quick race heck he's been pushed back with sun has with Harry it's Samie Parker. And visit that word. I think obvious on the page is quite unlike a book acted and the such a good joke of making them actually likable and I think the place on the on the should switch off immediately denounced the form. For the zepa where he. The blanket and Harry says. 22 relationship with them by giving them a blanket that yet. From his mother and and thumbs in his own hits Houston and says what we reduced will be blanket and of an argument and each panelist I think that's. Pretty powerful. In May it's without. You know the whole spoiler thing the beginning of pot to the first sort of 1520 minutes and or watch a law board of agent you know. School business that. Viet in the and every different person and a point. And it's. What the that there the text. About within them for us. Six sentencing is a law and the you know he created an undated as the ballot there as well with a small. Changes are done them having come back to pressurized space it's so. Due to violent and you warmth and it's it's it's lovely to be off the stage for a while and just to go to watch him do his thing on his because we have so much together. So I think for me that's what that's. Point demon in the reflects well. And at least I mean you feel it when you see this in the audience feel the audiences different here in yes. So vocal as a lot like a good way yet likely aren't we don't let yellow socks. It's yes. I've even you can hear audible dot and audible solved in the audience integrity what's. And the laughter and and concerns and things like just. The district is pretty high up in a place as that if it was written Honda that the blob on the wooden performance today let's comment yet. This is great to have you both here but they show always ends its. Pug but there exit song. There's a bit of something that comes from maybe you've prepared to do. We have yet I think that that they had he and suddenly head. Then it I can look at what building technology you know reassessing its opening Anderson about the bounds but that's not and does not. How come on you thirty yeah. Good he's got he's got a group wants but which I have never about having Goebbels. The idea is that song is it's it's a snippet of. And that he had something he can't fake. We I gave my wheat we have enough and that was it is suddenly last night one of movement. Yeah I had no idea about in the book you can talk all. Ultimately look Poland a good voice. Could you with just give us a little. Not connected with it as well endless song would be better I can do some bird song for me I'm take Boortz. But the next time you back when metal doing Hamlet in rent. I want a full duet of yeah big opponent then yeah are you vocal they won't effect it yet. Guys in the night you're right it's amp.

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{"duration":"17:59","description":"Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett appear on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about their roles in the hit Broadway show, \"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55690838","title":"Harry Potter stars on the making of the Broadway production ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/harry-potter-stars-making-broadway-production-55690838"}