How Helen Hunt won cool points with her teen daughter

The actress also tells "GMA" all of the details about her new role as the host of "Shakespeare Uncovered."
4:18 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for How Helen Hunt won cool points with her teen daughter
And I'm here now with Oscar winner and four-time Emmy winner "Mad about you" star Helen hunt. Got a big new project called "Shakespeare uncovered." Helen, thank you for joiningus. Thank you for having me on this beautiful day. Beautiful audience here. Got to admit that too. You and Paul Reiser, seven years on "Mad about you," I hear you two are still close. We are. I hear it's his new role that's given you cool points with your 14-year-old daughter. My daughter has not yet "Mad about you" although, you know, life is long. We can hope. But once Paul appeared in "Stranger things" suddenly she cared. So, you know, I told her that he was over for lunch. He was at the house, star from "Stranger things" was at the house. I have not yet impressed her with my work but there's still time. Has she seen any of it. She saw "Miracle season" because she's in it and has two wonderful scenes. There she is, look at her. That's her graduation. Ah. Very beautifully choreographed, ah, nice going. And she's also in another movie -- she's busy. She does have time for "Stranger things." Following in your footsteps. Do you have advice for her? She doesn't want my advice. She doesn't need my advice. She has a level head and a kind heart and a strong work ethic so I think the more I keep my mouth shut, the better everything will be. I love that. That's awesome. And now -- Keeping our mouth shut. Now you're the host of a new series called "Shakespeare uncovered" but your love of shake peer started when you were a teen. When I was 16 or 17 I already worked for a long, long time and it occurred to me, boy, I don't know how to do anything else. What if I get bored of doing this one day and I've studied acting since I was 8 or 9 years old and dared to put a toe in the water of Shakespeare which always seemed daunting and fancy and maybe I wouldn't understand it or maybe it would be boring. And I started to just a little bit peel back the layers of what is in those plays, the humor and the heartbreak and the adventure and the politics that are in these plays, and I thought, I will never get bored if I work with this. So when they asked me to host this episode about a play I have done and loved, I was thrilled to do it. And the way this works, an actor, they draw on their own personal experience when it comes to Shakespeare and you chose "Much ado about nothing." We have a short clip which sets up the episode that we'll watch right now. On "Shakespeare uncovered" -- I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Reporter: Helen hunt. The opening says we are all in. And the original romantic comedy. So who are you in "Much ado about nothing." It may be the mother of all romantic comedies. I've performed in romantic comedies my whole life. I love Tracy and Paul and Jamie Buchman, all couples who use their wit and their cleverness and their outrage and their love to communicate with each other and in this play these two very smart people with all of this chemistry just, just pounded each other. I'm more clever. I'm more clever until something real happens and a young girl who is important to the Beatrice character is hurt and suddenly they drop all of it and the language changes and that line that someone said I do love nothing in the world so much as you, just the simple music of that line shifts the whole play, so there are plenty of brilliant writers that we all get to see if we're lucky enough to go to the theater but with Shakespeare the music of the language itself does something to you even beyond the content of the words, and that's pretty rare and beautiful at a time when I need beauty bad. I agree with you. I think we all do. Yes. Helen, thank you for bringing your love of Shakespeare and the series is the third season of "Shakespeare uncovered" that premieres Friday, October 12th on pbs and coming up, more of

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{"id":58303268,"title":"How Helen Hunt won cool points with her teen daughter","duration":"4:18","description":"The actress also tells \"GMA\" all of the details about her new role as the host of \"Shakespeare Uncovered.\" ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/helen-hunt-won-cool-points-teen-daughter-58303268","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}