Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:45 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged
To "Pop news" with Lara. Good morning. We begin with a big congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. So happy to hear this news. Not surprising but it is official. The power couple getting engaged. There's the shot. Boast stars taking to Instagram to share the news. And a picture of Jenny from the block wearing a big beautiful rock. Alex writing on that picture, simply, she said yes. He's hit it out of the ballpark with the emerald cut. Said to be worth $1 million. Yeah. Sources close to the couple tell "People "They're ecstatic and so are their families and friend. They've been together for just over two years. Wow. Good for them. They seem the make each other really happy. And we love love. So that's that. Also in "Pop news" another happy story. A green come true for a "Gray's anatomy "Fan, 17-year-old izzy who dreamed of meeting the stars of "Grey's. "This she is on the lot. Meeting the cast. She saw the props room. The costume department. She got her own doctor's coat and official badge. She got the direct a scene. Perhaps the icing on the cake, getting to meet Ellen Pompeo who took pictures with izzy. That's great. And Ellen wrote on Twitter. This was such a great day. And for izzy, as well. We're happy to share that with you on a Monday morning. All good news. Earlier this morning, we told you it was a huge weekend for "Captain marvel." The movie soaring into the record books. Raking in $153 million in the opening week end here in the state. It star, brie Larson, thanking the fans but surprising them at a theater in Jersey. She sold popcorn to movie goer. Supported a mafl track suit. And here she is talking to the crowd about to sew the movie. I just heard that I was on the cups and popcorn and I wanted to see for myself. Thank you so much for coming. You're so awesome to come, like, opening weekend. Better get used to that now. "Captain marvel" already has made $455 million worldwide. Congratulations. Yeah, that's a big one. Zblchlgt I don't know about you. I don't know if you heard this. Wanted to share it with you. It's blowing up the internet and blowing our minds. Check it out. The new way to eat pineapple. I have never seen anything like this. Really? Is this the way it was always supposed to be done? Like a pull-apart? A peel and eat approach to the prickly fruit. One person writing, my whole life was a lie. Another person tweeting I bought a pineapple just so I can figure this out. "Game of thrones" start Lena headey posting this with the hashtag, game changer. Best results happen with a very ripe pineapple. But, I mean, who knew? We've been doing it wrong? I have to admit, I have tried it. It's a little bit of a frozen pineapple. But it work. It did? It's mind blowing. Cut the top off? And try to pull it out. I mean, pineapple is fabulous Finger food now. That's what's happening on the internet, people. Just so you know.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61603477","title":"Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-lopez-alex-rodriguez-engaged-61603477"}