Jonathan Bennett gets emotional about new Hallmark holiday movie about LGBTQ family

"Of all the movies I've done in 20 years in Hollywood, this movie is the most important to me because this character matters."
9:41 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for Jonathan Bennett gets emotional about new Hallmark holiday movie about LGBTQ family
So let's start first with my character I play Brendan in the Christmas house and Brandon comes home with his husband. In the hopes to decorate the Christmas house. Their family and had this tradition they have where they take everything out of the house and they turn house into all winter wonder. And I come home when my brother. They by Robert Buckley. And when we come home we shall we my husband and I are waiting on news. See our adoption is and go through and deceive we're gonna start a family of our own. And so while everything is going on decorating the Christmas house we're waiting to find out part option goes. And so it's a really really fund so reliant clay because. He's teaching and in love. And just supporting each other this adoption process and the holy days which. We all know he's or holidays right and so to see these two men. Husbands and family always come back to each other. And give each other unconditional. And it it's such agrees I love playing well why wanted to play with because this is the first. Gay storyline in a hallmark. Channel movie it's the first time you see human love starting their own family and that such groundbreaking because representation is important. And to represent the story line on Hallmark Channel. I mean it's an honor really it's to get it to make history and this year I just think about younger army. Would have thought watching a movie like this holiday is growing up I did have representation. Chris is movies that had you know story lines of humane and in love. Starting at Pham a reason that so. Think back to what younger me. Or steal. When he watched this movie. Is it's really blows my mind I don't know what do I know and fuel less scared probably. You know and you feel more scene. At Christmas watching this and I am so. I just can't win. There isn't hazing moment. I love this and this and we called the adoption seen. In the film wherever my husband and I are outside of the house decorating for Christmas. And we have a little bit of that hit because were going through. You know the highs and the lows and it all goes through when they're adopting a baby you know that's not all flowers you know age and so we have the votes in front of the house NEC my husband comfort me. Ended in hung together and yes. And because that's where two men who were adopting. Beatty and earn a loving relationship do they cats that's that's what couples do and when when the scene was over we there was so much. Anxiety and excitement could make anxious nervousness to shoot the scene because we knew we were making history. And would it was over. We had members of the crew the that were elves BTU plus they are members of the community and their members of the crew and they came up to a personal entire crew was ever there wasn't a dry I think on the sat but we had. Few U game and come to us and say. Hey. Tom we were on a lot of these were allowed homer. And we do this set decoration and we blood sweat and tears into it. And for the first time. We feel like we're part of families you. And now made me again just getting emotional talking about it. Let its concern matters right they didn't based center there timer on these movies they. The editor energy and there there. Everything into making these movies perfect ends. Or then to feel. Like they're part of the family and that they belong at the table. That's when we knew. We did something really special because. They do everyone belongs. On March penalty and holiday table is bigger and better than ever been four. And it's Arkansas there and we earlier in talks for 20/20 one we already have. Projects agreement in development that will make the holiday table growth in the next year and so this isn't just this. This isn't the end this is only beginning for this channel Mary. Of all the movies I've done in twenty years and Hollywood. This movie is the most important to me because. This. Character. Matters. And this character is making a difference. If there was any message I can give to the young people out there want and that's an MB it is the fact that you're never too much. You are always enough. And you belong. At our table. And as always I can't say it's our crack. There's always a secret. Or. This brilliant so much inclusion in it but it's also the way they normalize the inclusion. In this film. 120 spending Christmas together. It just looks like every other Italians one he's what you know there's. It's the modern family and it there's good times and at times of parents have some rocky times you know there's all these things that make it real I think that really been identified and see it. Its how real. It's you know there ambulance and up by. With different characters in the films and always had to happen are only our only. Mom and dad had that happen once OK yes you're going to be lit. Really connected these characters in the connected characters and makes you feel like you're not alone watching the movie makes you feel like OK other Google that it. I call ourselves the great wall of Hallmark Channel because this family on screen and off just had such eight. Dynamic chemistry together. It really comes from not only see you see. The actual brother Ernest between me brother mrs. Edwards and brotherhood between you Robert Buckley legal electro Brothers you know we make our each other ET each other trying to each other all the time and but it and that they will not clutch and that's all the and we get on us and we got along so well. And we were poor Sharon Lawrence all would do is try to figure out ways this channel because she's mom and mom's an easy target you always got to go back so we're in close ends honor all these pranks honor. And she got a real feeling of what it would. Are open council or. And so it was the energy and chemistry that we would have offset really went on screen and really helped create this. Dynamic. Risen Walsh family almost all are channel where. But volunteer in their little bit. Nomar rougher on the edges than the other families might see on dollar channel and I am especially other copper and laid out a lot of corks and absolutely mute well. I think what this movie's gonna do that so important is it's going to show. Every network in the world. That inclusion is not only OK eight when it's necessary. And it's important. It Hallmark Channel. Is putting out one of their biggest movies. And it has a gay storyline as one of the main story lines. Then. Every network can put that put out a movie like this and have inclusion and it. Because. Hallmark is literally setting the Bart saying you belong here. You belong on this. I think it's. Eats eats just setting a precedent. That that other networks have to really stand up to. Step up to. They go from. Being. You know starts to go from. Being a teen heartthrob if you will and mean girls and playing Erin sandals. To know. You know sixteen years later. Being grown up in a loving relationship with. My partner James and CB not only open very visibly open and out. And center you know. Feel like they belong know that it's okay to do that. And then to do homer critters this movie and clay the first eight character. That. All of that and then to get recognized for it. I think you would've told me fifteen years ago. One ID you know this shy timid scared Jonathan. Coup was. Kissing Lindsay Lohan in a movie. If you would have told me hey wouldn't you know. Fifteen years you're gonna be alum proud and you're gonna make history and then you're going to be on the out 100 list I never would have believed you. I've come a long way and I am. It feels nice to be recognized and not analyze its it's beautiful thing but Justin. Among the people that aren't that are on that list. It's like whoa you guys are doing really makes ash and as regular prisoners but you know what the same time. Prisoner release are important so you know it's. It's it's a really cool thing to be artists.

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{"duration":"9:41","description":"\"Of all the movies I've done in 20 years in Hollywood, this movie is the most important to me because this character matters.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74317489","title":"Jonathan Bennett gets emotional about new Hallmark holiday movie about LGBTQ family","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jonathan-bennett-emotional-hallmark-holiday-movie-lgbtq-family-74317489"}