Lynn Whitfield talks about her role in ‘Greenleaf’

The Emmy Award-winning actress, who plays Lady Mae on the hit show, also shares what interior decorating projects she’s been working on during quarantine.
5:00 | 07/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lynn Whitfield talks about her role in ‘Greenleaf’
We have a wonderful guest joining us now. She is an Emmy award winning actress who plays lady may on the hit show "Greenleaf." Please welcome Lynn Whitfield joining us from Atlanta. Hey, Lynn. Good to see you this morning. Thank you for joining us. We know you've been in quarantine, but you've been putting your love of interior decorating to use because you redid that room you're in right now specifically for at home interviews. So tell us about that. Well, I did. When I found out it was all going to be at home, everything, I said, okay, I need to be in a color that I look good in so I said, okay, blue works. I like myself in blue, it works and it's a versatile room so I can move it around. It's like a home studio with a little glamour to it, you know. Well, it looks great from where we're sitting. You should be a set designer for us here at "Gma." You could really help us out. I'm coming any time you want me to come, Michael. All right, perfect. I'm going to invite you as soon as we're cleared up with this covid-19 situation and, "Greenleaf," want to talk about your show about a family, they run a megachurch in Memphis, of course, there are a lot of secrets, a lot of lies and a lot of drama and now this is the final season of the show. Are fans going to be happy with how the series ends? I think that what fans will be is, they will be fulfilled and what happens towards the end of the season, they'll feel the full completion and they won't -- you know that feeling of like, eh, that fell flat. I don't know. They're not going to have that. We're about to take a roller-coaster ride that is amazing and I think they're going to be very happy. That's what everybody wants to hear for sure. We saw Oprah appeared on the first season of the series. Will she make an appearance on the last one? Well, you know, Oprah's role in "Greenleaf," we are, you know, sisters who are at odds so I don't know. May always comes in and messes things up so we'll have to see if she kicks over another table. I don't know. But, yes, I mean I'm telling you, when I had to let Oprah have it, my boss and kind of like get all in her face, Michael, I was terrified. But it all worked out. I love acting with her. I'm sure you do. I'm scared thinking about getting in Oprah's face and yelling at her. Let's take a look at a clip of your work on "Greenleaf." Let's check it out. What does Aaron think about this? Does a first will have a claim on the second or undo it? I don't know. He's coming over this morning to discuss it with me. I want your father in that meeting because I don't trust you to handle this after how you've done things so far. And that wife of yours, whose bony little wriggly hands set this rube Goldberg device in motion? Where is she? Up in that lair of hers we pay for. Ooh-wee, not the wife. Your character, what I love about your character, so many great one-liners over the course of the show. Do you have a favorite one-liner? I've got a bunch of them. A whole bunch of them but one that I love was actually to the meddling stern daughter-in-law of mine and, you know, she said to her, dear, strength like yours is best expressed in silence, which means shut the hell up. I think a lot of people may take that advice and use that line on their family members as well. We know your daughter grace, she's been quarantining with you and you guys have been doing a lot of cooking together so what is for breakfast this morning? We got you up early? All right, so what I had -- the thing that I this is not as important as what I put on it. So gluten-free toast, but I put honey, sin among butter on it that grace churned. It's hand made butter. I'm amazed at what she's doing. She's been doing most of -- so she made butter. That's how bored we got. You find out hidden talents when you have to, right? I know. It's been incredible. You know, and it's also been great to get my body back in alignment after not having it be in stilettos for three months. I'm walking well and in my flat shoes and comfort clothes and, you know, and actually, Michael, I don't know if you're experiencing this but just kind of realizing how much we do that we don't really have to do. Exactly. You know? Well, you know what -- It's cool enough sometimes. We appreciate you coming on and doing our show for us this morning, Lynn. The background looks beautiful. Decorate something great. You look wonderful and enjoy that homemade butter that your daughter made and the show "Greenleaf" airs Tuesday nights on own, thank you, again, Lynn

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The Emmy Award-winning actress, who plays Lady Mae on the hit show, also shares what interior decorating projects she’s been working on during quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71814729","title":"Lynn Whitfield talks about her role in ‘Greenleaf’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lynn-whitfield-talks-role-greenleaf-71814729"}