'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' returns for its 3rd season

"People Now" host Jeremy Parson helps share the most binge-worthy entertainment this weekend.
4:20 | 12/07/19

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Transcript for 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' returns for its 3rd season
Let's head over to janai for "Binge this." All right, guys. It is time for, all right, time for "Binge this." You guys like that? Yeah, let the beat drop. You could hear it in new Jersey. Here to tell us what we should entertain ourselves with this weekend and why is Jeremy parsons from "People" magazine. Unbelievable. We're so glad to have you here. Let's start with TV. A most glamorous stand-up comedian is back. Better than ever. Give us the inside. "The marvelous Mrs. Maisel," I'm absolutely loving it. I know Dan not as into it as I am. I love it. If you want to binge anything, this is the way to go. "The marvelous Mrs. Maisel" stars Rachel Brosnahan talking about this 1950s housewife who decides and realizes she has a knack for stand-up comedy and upends her life to pursue it. Seasons 1 and seasons 2, you can binge both of those. We are introduced to this amazing world of characters, so much talent in the show and it turns out season 3 is now available. Have you started season 3, Eva? I haven't started season 3. It just dropped so get in on that. It's great. What are you doing today? What we're finally seeing is Rachel Brosnahan's character midge is taking the show on the road. The comedy game, going to Miami, Vegas. We'll see those adventures breaking out of New York where we've seen it play out so far. Okay, so a lot to watch there. Now let's talk movies. Two big stars reuniting in a new film. What do we need to know? I love this so much. Eddie redmayne and felicity Jones. I love them together. We'll get to why we're talking about this in a second. "Theory of everything" is where I fell in love with them together, as so many fans did. It's the story of Stephen Hawkings and his life but really obviously he's accomplished so much in terms of being a physicist and scientist but this story puts their love story, their troubled marriage front and center and it's the chemistry between felicity Jones and Eddie redmayne that does that, tons of awards attention. It was nominated like crazy. He won an Oscar so check it out and binge this and "My week with Marilyn" was when I really was introduced to Eddie redmayne who plays this assistant that escorts Marilyn Monroe around London during a week when filming one of her biggest movies. It is from the perspective of this kid and his brush with fame for one week with this icon. Really great. Really charming. All of that is to build up so you can watch the new movie "The aeronauts." "The aeronauts" in theaters now. Starring again felicity Jones and Eddie redmayne so back together again. Really pumped to see that chemistry. Very different roles this time. They go in this hot air balloon adventure. It is adapted from true stories but basically have to fight for survival when they're thousands of feet in the air stuck there in the 1800s. Stuck there in that time. Wild ride in theaters. I love how into you are with you sat down with Eddie twice. I have. A few times but the first time was with "My week with Marilyn" and I found him to be so charming and genuine and seems to be the kind of guy excited about all the success he's having. Fast forward, post-oscar, talked to him again. Same guy, he's very endearing. That's part of the reason why fans connect so well to him. Let's talk books. For weekend reads seems like a star-studded cast joining up for a new take on a beloved classic. Tell us about it. "Little women." So my wife and were talking she loved it as a kid and like, hey, was give me a reason to binge read this again and I'll do it. This classic, this classic book and if you are into it, it's the four sisters who overcome all kinds of battles as they go from childhood to womanhood and might remember "Little women" from 1994. This is the one that fans kind of connect to. There you see a little bit of it there. Great cast of characters. Now though, oh, well, before we get to the new one, let's talk about "Lady bird" and the reason we should watch and binge it, saoirse Ronan stars in the. Greta Gerwig, writer and director. Two to binge. And the new one is the new "Little women" coming to theaters and the connection to "Lady bird." Saoirse Ronan stars in it, Greta Gerwig and timothee chalamet. So well knowledgeable on all the things to binge. Nicely done. Got a little time. Air horn. Thanks, Jeremy. Nicely done, whit. Streaming online weekdays at noon. Eva, over to you. Thank you. That was awesome. Where are my glow sticks? No sticks, no.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"\"People Now\" host Jeremy Parson helps share the most binge-worthy entertainment this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67564899","title":"'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' returns for its 3rd season","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/marvelous-mrs-maisel-returns-3rd-season-67564899"}