Meet the woman behind Meghan Markle's coveted style

Jessica Mulroney, a Toronto-based style adviser, is also helping Markle plan her wedding to Prince Harry.
2:48 | 04/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the woman behind Meghan Markle's coveted style
Now to the woman who's helping Meghan Markle plan her big Y and prepare for ls a royal. It's a good friend, Jessica Mulroney and ABC's Adrienne baert, you're here with more. Some are calling Jessica megh's secret wedding planner. Yes, and many, many other titles in addition to that. We've had the kat effect. She wears something and then it ends up selling out. As soo as she W engaged to prince Harry she had this ke effect and no sprise Meghan Markle sparking a similar style movement. And now we know more about her cret weapon. Ooh. She's T visionary behind the Meghan effect and the list responsible for meghmarkle's stunning engagement photos. Jessica mulrey, Meghan's closest scavenger dantzscher, style adviser a yoga partner, that friendship making her one of the most influential women in fashion. As she helps who we'veome to call america'srincess on her journey to becoming real-life royalty. Meghan and jesca have been close friends for years. Thick as thieves. They've really kin of gone through the Toronto social scene together. Reporter: Mulroney had her own experience in the limelight marrie to Ben mulroney,se father was once Canadian prime minister double dating with Harry and Meghan and the first family of Canada, Justin and Sophie treau. In her spare time Mulroney is a fitness buff. Who along wh her fous gal pal is now influencing women around the world, clamoring to get Meghan and Jessica's ton look. ?????? and a buss woman. Known as Canada's best-known bridal consultt she's advising Meghan and Harry as the clock clicks towards their fairy tale Windsor wedding. Y will take a trip D to wind store eates where Thell check on the final plans at frogmore house where the ening reception will be and Jessica will alsoet to meet with the cake designer, the florist. Reporter: Like Meghan S is a humanitarian. Jessica's shoe box projt supports homeless women and thoseho shelters. Jessica and Ben now prepping their daughter ivy for her role center stage as bridesmaid alongside prince George and princess chaotte and what about allhose important days leading right up tohe wedding? Jessica will be back in London before the wedding and she'll aually be spending a few days with Meghan at kensington palace where I'm told it will be very much a girlie slber party. Reporter: We all like a slumber party. Oh, yeah. Tomorw they continue the tour of the uk a be in bath to support injured service members training for a spot in Harry's inspiring invictus games that happens in Sydney next fall. They got a lot coming up but still out there doing good things for goodcause. You know what, that's what we love about the Royals. They're always giving back and also look good doing D it. I agree. We all need a friend like she has. Speaking of wedng planning

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Jessica Mulroney, a Toronto-based style adviser, is also helping Markle plan her wedding to Prince Harry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54244334","title":"Meet the woman behind Meghan Markle's coveted style ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meet-woman-meghan-markles-coveted-style-54244334"}