National Geographic’s Susan Goldberg talks about the magazine’s new coffee table book

The new book, “America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs,” covers the country from “sea to shining sea.”
4:03 | 10/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Geographic’s Susan Goldberg talks about the magazine’s new coffee table book
We now have a stunning look at the new book showcasing our nation froea to shining sea. "America the beautiful," a story in photographs from national geographic. Their editor in chief Susan Goldberg is back with us joining us live to talk about all about it is so good. It's been too long since we last saw each other. Good to see you looking so well. Thank you, robin. So nice to be with you. You know what, I've often told you and have said national geographic, the archives that you all have, three centuries of photographs so, Susan, why did you decide to put together this beautiful book now? Well, we knew when we were publishing a book coming out in the fall of 2020 it was going to be a divisive time because of the election, but, of course, we couldn't have anticipated the pandemic going on, you know, or the difficult but necessary conversation going on around racial reckoning so we wanted to put out a book that would remindpeople about why we love the country so much and I think just paging through the book makes it feel like you're taking a drive across the country. And speaking of that, the book takes its inspiration from the poem turned song "America the beautiful" and gives a little background on the woman who wrote it and how she was inspired. You know, I love this back story of "America the beau" it's written in 1893 by Katherine Lee bates who was a young professor at wellesley college and took a train trip across the country so when she's writing about, you know, for beautiful for spacious skies, she's really looking out the window of that train. She's writing about for amber waves of grain, that was when she first saw Kansas and for purple mountain majesty when she sees the rocky mountains. But she also writes about problems in the country, she talks about alabaster city's gleam undimmed by human tears so there were problems then, there are problems now but it's such a patriotic fascinating poem about what she saw. I thought you were going to sin it for us. That's okay. Next time. But can I just thank you because you had people write an ode to their beloved state andou had me do one and I was really privileged to do one for Mississippi and I want to thank you for that, Susan. It's beautiful. Well, I love what you wrote, robin, about the warmth of the people in Mississippi. If you are a new in town people bring a bundt cake because that's what they do and writing about how your family put down roots in Mississippi after your dad retired from the air force. I just thought it was lovely. Momma started in Ohio and you have somebody, the king, who wrote about Ohio beautifully, didn't he? Well, he did. We asked Lebron James to write about Ohio and he talked about being a kid in northeast Ohio and how in Ohio you have to earn what you've got and no matter where he goes in the world, he's always going to be from Ohio. And I just thought -- I've spent a lot of time in northeast Ohio myself and I just thought in just a few sentences he captured so much about that state. What was written about Maine was beautiful as well, Susan. Well, Roxanne Quimby who founded Burt's bees' wrote that Maine was so great because it wasn't on the road to anywhere else. It just was what it was and kind of hangs tenuously off of the corner of the country. She just wrote about it being such a unique place but we had people from all over the country writing about the places they love and it reminds you of why you love where you're from and how many great places there are to be all over this country. Well put, Susan. Thank you so very much and to the national geographic family, we're always grateful.u take care. And we want to let people know "America the beautiful," a story in photographs is available now wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The new book, “America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs,” covers the country from “sea to shining sea.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73830095","title":"National Geographic’s Susan Goldberg talks about the magazine’s new coffee table book","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/national-geographics-susan-goldberg-talks-magazines-coffee-table-73830095"}