Nicholas Sparks talks about his new book, 'The Return'

The author of beloved stories "A Walk To Remember" and "The Notebook" also dishes on whether he has considered writing a book of short stories, and tells fans about each of his characters.
4:20 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for Nicholas Sparks talks about his new book, 'The Return'
We've got ourselves a jam-packed show. Here now best-selling author Nicholas sparks, y'all. He has stories like "The notebook" and "A walk to remember" and now back with "The return." Please welcome back to "Gma," Nicholas sparks. So good to see you, Nicholas. We're very excited. Good to see you. We're excited about your new one. But it's been 15 years since "The notebook." 15 years. Why do you think it has become such a classic with so many people? Well, of course, I'd love to say it has everything to do with the story but you also have to give a lot of credit to the director, Nick cassavetes and Ryan and Rachel and James and Jenna. The performances really brought that story to life, and it came together in such a way, the way it was filmed, that it just felt -- it still feels new every time you watch it even though you've seen it so many times before. Always something new to see. The scene as you saw right there, it was just incredible. Getting chills all over again. You're right. Doesn't matter. One of those movies whenever you turn on the TV you sit down and start watching from wherever you're seeing it. Same thing I do. It's crazy. Let's talk about the return. You're known for your love stories this. Is different for you this. Is more than a love story. Tell people about it. Yeah, it's a little bit different. You know, I tried to write a new novel every time and because I want the readers to experience something -- they're having a love story and set in north Carolina so for this novel I decided to add a theme of mystery. I hadn't had a mystery theme since "A bend in the road" a long time ago, and then, of course, that begs the question, what kind of mystery and so I opted for a soft mystery but one that draws the main character, Trevor Benson into contact with two women who eventually change his life. I'm in. I'm in. It sounds like a page turner as you always have. You know you have so many devoted fans and there's a question from one of them. K.M. Asks, quote, have you ever considered writing a book of short stories to show us where each couple has ended up in the future? Such a great idea. This is actually an unbelievable idea. You know, I haven't but I'm really glad -- thank you for the question. You know, I do get asked what happened to in the middle years when they were married or what -- how did, you know, Teresa ever turn up after the sadness of a message in the bottle. An interesting book of short stories if I could pull that off. You have to give K.M. Credit if you do that just saying -- She'll end up in the acknowledgements. What's the key to writing a great love story? The conflict. You know, and certainly I'm not the first one who decided on that. Romeo and Juliet, for instance, the conflict between the families. You have to have a reason that the couple can't be together and so if you think Romeo and Juliet, the families hated each other, "The notebook," since so many are familiar with it, early on she was just there for a summer and left. See, they can't be together. Next time they meet, well, guess what, she's engaged. Oops, they can't be together then in the end, of course, they want to be together buthe can't so you need this conflict because that's what really brings a story to life. All nodding our heads in the studio saying, that's the kye. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Always good to see you. Hope you and everyone you hold close to your heart are doing well, thank you, Nicholas and "The return" is available everywhere today.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The author of beloved stories \"A Walk To Remember\" and \"The Notebook\" also dishes on whether he has considered writing a book of short stories, and tells fans about each of his characters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73307073","title":"Nicholas Sparks talks about his new book, 'The Return'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/nicholas-sparks-talks-book-return-73307073"}