Olivia Munn on her new series, 'The Rook'

The actress stars in a new thriller series on Starz.
4:23 | 06/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olivia Munn on her new series, 'The Rook'
my favorites, Olivia Munn and you know her. Yes, from "The Daily Show," from "Magic Mike" and from "The Now showing in "The rook." So happy to have you here with us. Good morning. Good morning to you. We're going to start out with a little Monday motivation. We saw your workout. It takes you all around the your work takes you all around the world but you still manage to work out no matter where you are and we saw -- check out this photo you posted about one of your workouts. Well, that's my -- Corrine is my trainer from "X-men." She is one of my best friends and she came with me to Italy to film there and keep me in shape. Is that the most interesting place you've ever worked out? Yes. Yeah, that's -- that day I mulled my hamstring, for real, this doesn't foal right because she was just making me do those kicks over and over and over but -- Looked good though. Impressive. Thanks, guys. So the new project "The rook" is based on a book series. Is it true the director didn't want you to read the books before you started. Because the books were -- you know, the show was inspired by the books and the books were more Ya and this was more adult and they wanted us to not get too married to certain ideas. I read them anyways so because you can't tell me not to read. I don't know how you can regulate that by the way I. Do you guys want to see a clip? Yeah. Obviously know a lot more about this investigation than they're telling anyone. At least more than they're telling me. You think they're hiding something. I think you all are. So what's the big secret? How do I know I can trust you? Why wouldn't you? You know why I'm here. You know what a want. The question is why would I trust you? Because what I'm about to tell you will give you the ammunition to have me fired if not arrested. Ooh. So intense. I have. I've they have seen that. The show is described as a supernatural spy drama but there is a lot of action and you're a black belt. Yes. In tae Kwon do. Does that come in handy on the set? Well, you know, this -- my character has extreme strength so -- when you have extreme strength you don't have to exert a lot of energy. Oh, I don't know but -- I'll take your word for it. But it came in handy when you have to -- when you just have to be physical. There was a lot of running in this show like I'm running a You like running? No. I don't -- if there was a fire I'd be like kind of like mall walking out of here, oh, god. Like I -- it takes a lot more me to run. I have to get paid to be running. Do you like running? You can't -- No. I barely like walking. I try to get people to carry me everywhere. How is that -- Every time I hear somebody having a heart attack in a marathon, I am like, see, that's why you don't Rupp. One guy is like, heart attack. Yes. So we hear you have a supernatural way of healing yourself from onset injuries. Well, it is all based in science but I do magnet therapy and I use biomats and stuff and about five years ago I got into just like the science of youth and trying to understand what we can do to repair our bodies and, you know, when I was doing "X-men" I was doing all my stunts and fighting and training nonstop and got really injured and had to repair myself really fast so I used magnet therapy. You have to do some of that stuff as well. I just lay in bed and hope it goes away. Does it work? Olivia, it doesn't work. I can help you. I'm desperate right now. I can help you I always love being around you. You're so amazing and an amazing actress. You got to see this show "The rook" premieres this Sunday on STARZ. Check out Olivia Munn,

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The actress stars in a new thriller series on Starz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63903761","title":"Olivia Munn on her new series, 'The Rook'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/olivia-munn-series-rook-63903761"}