How Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim plans to celebrate her win

The 17-year-old Californian talks to ABC News' Amy Robach about her win, her family and her beloved dog.
3:00 | 02/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim plans to celebrate her win
Team usa adding here gold medal overnight and Amy got to sit down with the teenager who captured our hearts at the games. Her name is Chloe Kim and there she is on the cover of "ESPN: The magazine." Amy has the headlines from south Korea. Good morning again, Amy. Hey, good morning to you, Michael and all of you back in New York. Mikaela shiffrin earning her first gold medal for team usa here in pyeongchang in the giant slalom. The alpine skiing star finally hitting the slopes after that event was postponed twice due to the heavy winds and brutally cold temperatures here. Shiffrin's gold fulfilling a promise she made to herself after the Sochi games where she placed fifth and the other big headline Shaun white apologizing after sexual misconduct allegations against now four-time olympian resurfaced. Lena zawaideh filing a lawsuit that was privately settled two years ago alleging he sexually harassed her and he said he regrets his behavior and is sorry he made anyone uncomfortable especially someone he considered a friend and added he's grown and proud of who he is today. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Chloe Kim still the talk of pyeongchang after her gold medal halfpipe performance. I was lucky enough to sit down with her to ask how she is feeling after her big win. After 17-year-old gold medalist Chloe Kim dominated the halfpipe here in pyeongchang this week with a near perfect run she quickly became America's golden girl. Chloe Kim, your olympic champion. Reporter: This californian teen would achieved her sport's highest accolade is just as rich in perspective. I slept in my parents' house last night and it was like Normal. Normal family talk and I just had a really cool medal. You're still the same person as you were before the medal. I definitely don't want to change. I love myself. What separates you from the others? I think the cool thing about snowboarding is everyone has their own style. I think I have my own style. How would you describe your style? Pretty relaxed, I guess. Yeah. I think I'm a pretty chill gal sometimes. I mean, it was more than chill when -- I watched you win. I mean it was really remarkable to see. Do you have any fear when you start down the slope? I think the scariest part is like learning a new trick and the first run. I was pretty nervous my first run but then after that, I was like, nah. Can you talk about your south Korean grandmother who got to see you compete for the first time. What did she say to you. I didn't know my grandma was going to be there but I'm actually -- I think I'm going to see her tonight. She said good job and then got mobbed by press? What's been the best part about earning a gold medal. My personal life hasn't changed that much. There is a few congratulations coming my way but I think everyone has been so great. Everyone close to me has been so great and talked about it and moved on, you know, it's like not something that, you know, it's just hard to process it when all you're doing is talking about it and giving people more information about how it felt, how it was and it's just like, at one point it's just like, let's talk about something else. Reporter: So we shifted it from gold medals to her golden locks sfw locks. I always wanted to dye my hair. I do like my natural color but I kind of want something fun, different. You know what they say about blond. Well, I wouldn't agree with that because I had a lot of fun as a brunette? Now it's kind of gold and matches your medal. Yeah, kind of glad -- well, I told my mom, mom, I want to do silver. She's like no. Can I ask you a quick lightning round. Whatever comes to your mind first tell me what your favorite workout song is. "7/11" Beyonce. Guilty pleasure. Sweets. What can't you live without on the road because you travel so much? Lip balm. Me too. I always say that if I was stranded on a dessert island I would have to have chapstick. Any good luck charms or supersignificants. Myself. I'm my own good luck charm. -Me five on that. I like that. Biggest pet peeve. When people walk really slow in front of me. Same. It's like, move. Don't come to New York. It happens all the time. Just walk on the treat if you're going to walk that slow, you know. Get out on the sidewalk. I need to get places. Favorite olympic moment other than your gold medal. Massage chairs. The rec center. You really are my kind of girl. Good stuff. What's your perfect Friday night. Pjs, popcorn, movie hopefully with a bey. Our movie idol. Kelly Clark. That's her teammate who came in fourth in pyeongchang and actually twice the age of Kim at 34 but knows exactly what Kim is experiencing now, also winning olympic gold in halfpipe. Back in 2002 at the age of 18 so very sweet to see that she is her idol. Oping her some respect like that. That's wonderful, Amy. Like so many, these athletes make some tremendous ago feisacrifices. She did. Most of the sacrifices came from her parents. They gave up everything to get her where she is. She said the least she could do was win gold but also talked about some of the things she wants to make up for, things she didn't get to do and says she wants to go to prom and I'll quote her. She wants to find me a boy. She mentioned that twice now. The bey. She wants a bey. We know that Chloe will head home. How does she plan to celebrate when she gets home? Well, the first thing she wants to do is see her dog. She says that is who and what she misses the most out here in pyeongchang which was very sweet. Look, some cute pictures there and says specifically that she plans to hibernate for several days. That's how she's going to celebrate. Sleep, get up, get something to eat and then go back to sleep. She's earned it. She has. Amy, hey, it's Lara. She's also our kind of girl because I hear she wants to do a little shopping. Yeah, she said that she wants to buy herself something really, really nice but she doesn't know exactly what it is yet. I asked what her first purchase was going to be and she said some chips. Potato chips. She said, yep. She's 17. I tell you what, thank you so much, Amy. I mean, you've brought us great coverage for the entire week.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The 17-year-old Californian talks to ABC News' Amy Robach about her win, her family and her beloved dog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53098856","title":"How Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim plans to celebrate her win","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/olympic-gold-medalist-chloe-kim-opens-big-win-53098856"}