Patriots star's home robbed during Super Bowl weekend

Police believe the suspect entered Rob Gronkowski's Boston-area home through a broken window while the Patriots star was with his team in Minneapolis.
3:45 | 02/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriots star's home robbed during Super Bowl weekend
Back now with what police are calling a double whammy for new England patriots star rob Gronkowski. First losing the super bowl then when he got home, discovering his house was robbed. T.J. Holmes is here and, T.J., Gronk is not the first celebrity who has been targeted while out of town. We can all relate to this, right? People go out of town. What do we often do, turn on a couple of lights. Well, it's hard to fool people when you just caught two touchdowns in front of a hundred million people but there is a lesson in this story for all of us. 911, where is your emergency. It's not an emergency. This is rob Gronkowski calling and while I was gone my whole house got robbed while on the super bowl trip and I just got back. Reporter: The losses keep piling up for patriots star rob Gronkowski this week. He returned home from his team's crushing super bowl defeat in Minneapolis to find that his Boston area home had been robbed. Police believe someone got in through a broken window and got away with plenty. While he was away on his trip his house was broken in, multiple safes, possible guns taken. Reporter: But unclear how many of the stolen property actually belongs to Gronk. His roommates had also been away in Minneapolis and according to the police report, Gronk's bedroom door was still locked but his roommates' doors have been breached. Even the police chief acknowledged a double whammy for the patriots star. It's a tough combination to have suffered this unfortunate loss and then to get home and be a convict of this kind of crime. Reporter: Stars like Hilary duff have been targeted before when they were traveling after posting pictures on their location on social media. Last summer duff was posting these of her Canadian vacation and her home was robbed. The criminals are using the internet and social media to target their victims to commit crimes such as burglaries. Reporter: In November, los Angeles dodgers right fielder yasiel Puig's home was robbed while battling the Houston Astros in the world series and eight months earlier half a million dollars worth of watches and jewelry were stolen. The warning, police have warned just regular everyday folks when you're out there on vacation, don't post realtime pictures of yourself on social media announcing where you're not which is home. So they give those warnings to all of us. These are stars, it's a little different but still for all of us a heads-up. Opening the door essentially to let them know where you are but more patriot news. Josh Mcdaniels, offensive coordinator. Everybody thought he was taking the colts job. The coals thought he was too now he is staying with the patriots. When you think about this, it was supposed to be a press conference announcing Josh Mcdaniels as the new head coach to the colts. They said the press conference is coming up. He changed his mind and backed out. And picked assistant coaches too. They're staying with the coals so all this was in place but he had not signed a contract. All the terms had been agreed to but he didn't sign. So why speculating that this means that maybe when Bela Gandhi goes that he's been assured that he'll have that job. They sweetened the deal in some way in new England but they're saying that's not -- that wasn't a part of the deal. That Bela Gandhi is not going anywhere and that wasn't a part of the deal. All these coaches who coach with Bela Gandhi want to be like Bela Gandhi. He did this with the jet. Is that how you want to be like Bela Gandhi. They wanted to be like Michael Jordan. It was supposed to be today. Lesson learned. The question I have, Sabine, did you miss daddy when he was at the super bowl? Did you miss your daddiy did you. She's hanging today. Ah. Yes. Daddy was gone too long so she wants hang. Daddy told her to applaud after his segment was over. No. She didn't. She didn't think it was that good.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Police believe the suspect entered Rob Gronkowski's Boston-area home through a broken window while the Patriots star was with his team in Minneapolis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52899030","title":"Patriots star's home robbed during Super Bowl weekend ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patriots-stars-home-robbed-super-bowl-weekend-52899030"}