Rainn Wilson reveals who he would kill off on a reboot of 'The Office'

Plus, "The Meg" actor talks about what life is like at home with a Zonkey.
9:12 | 08/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rainn Wilson reveals who he would kill off on a reboot of 'The Office'
Je that shot. It's aat shot. Didn't K where to look. Great shot greatest got coming up. You K him as Dwight from office W headedunderwater the "Tat mak jaws look more like a goldsh please welcome rainn Wilson. Hi, everybody. Hello. Hello. Hey, George, how are you? Nice T meet you.hi. You likg it? The he is. How are you,man? Great to U. Great to see you. , Look a is. Sit down. Good morning, America. Ood morning to you. Welcome he sh, oo to be on the show. Thursday. Okay. So we went outnd found a yearbook pre ofyou. Oh, no, . Sohas a typical Saturday night like for you ? What was a typicalaturday night? Th- it was --T was typicaightas a -- I'm slightest. Aungeons anagons extravaganza. I mean -- you what talking about. You know. An -- ] Scol's out. I'm not kidding. Hool out on aid 3:00 P.M. By 4:0p.m. We' at SHAWN higg house, okay, with just -- a of fritos and Dr. Pepper andhen way through the night all daysaturd all dayday until about 3 -- H did you find E photos?this is LE -- you are stalkers.plause ] Yeah,lly are rs. Playg dungens and dragons WHE N't playin the bassoon. Yes, ING T baoon. I suckered into playing the Bach is the nerdiest worst instrumelife. The sound it makes I like -- but my Cher suckered playing play the saxophone because the saxopne players re . Played tenorsax. My school they got T lik wear sunglasses andometimes D kind of funky - THAs what you wanted do. Wanted to do that but he id know, there's this and that is tassoonnd I was like, sign me up I had visionsf like girls ling up around the block T date a bassoon pl but it didn'thappen. I'm sure they' LG U now. Look at you,y. Right. Applause ] Being called like a cross between "Jaws" and "Jurassirk" on Ster Yes. Ere a aws"fan? "Jaws," that washge movie growing up. Or 11solutelyed met, "Jaws," that was the first blockbuster. That kind of changed the americs see movies and experienceovies becse that was the fit movie WHE were LE lines around bck and, yeah, absolutely terrifi sharks, but I- I'm terrified of pretty much anything I the water S -- you know, even if like aiece of kelp brushes against my I'm like, aa also --but, yeah, a huge fan at aithmeg," noison to woo he set out Toake est shark Mo time. [ Applau right That's fair to say. Fair to say. Ou're Nev goingo bea"jaws." You like to S a little bit of "The meg" Here we I was U the impression you were S to S yihe bottoof E ocean. Who is they? I'm the who paifo of Thi Uh-huh. You know, hooks heroi and he walks fast butsind of got a negative So're a billionaire. I am abillionaire,yes. Am the E. Ind of part comic relief an ie movie and thehole operation that uncovered this megalodon that STA ople rightnd ft. Said you've always been a N of the Megan. I got the tongue - megalodon. Mega Your son even has how hetooth? I -- honestly, I think -- M malodon tooth. He was a huge dinosr fan and huge megal F for years before I did the movie. He CN't up about them. They're apexdatorf the entire world. There'ser been a cr more powerful than thealodon Y Mo think S got a galodon tooth on the ughter ] Your mom? Yeah, I really do. I think I ill to trade in megadon te I have N where she got her name is shay cooper she lives in Greenfield, massachuse if the FBIs watchinght now, talk to me. S a an she does anything for hergrandson. Dwight from "The office erybody los character.ves you from th ap we had were and we talked about office." They talked about who would kill offf one the characters had to go. No J hll off Pam. Ed sai he'd kill erye wondering who dwigh ll of W WOU Dwight kill off if he H to somody from he ofce Well, this is dark. This setting very, very macabre butwould hav to be Jim. Absolutely Jim. T think -- that he would do it is he would -- he would lure Jo aield filled with like tambourines noisemakerd letim go and the aliens "A quiet place" would eat Jim. Like a crossov Iike it. I like it. It would be likaa I'd W that. That youut any taught into this at You are an animallover. I hear you haves th? I have I G credit to my wife. Shis the zonkey lover.ere is the zonkey. There he is. Is his he . Derek the zonk. Zonkey all I love with them. Half zebra, half donkey and she googled this is an absolutely true S a google it and what came up was zebrasareucom. Topone with a bullet listing so she called them and like, do Y sell nkeys and they'relike,, yeah. In fact, we had a little baby key. 3500 bubs and six months from now we'll deliver him tor door and my wife was like, done. Six Mont later a trail rol pulls up to our house, ye because T wild. Zebras are wild We don't find these in the wild we. No, T is reason god didt breed nkeys bhey have the worst qualities of bot the zebra the dodon - I had to alpha male the zonkey he W try to be aggressive and like domat me. We had -- had a ba. Itd of like Jason Statham and megow dong. He would come at me and be ke -- buck and I'd go,ka, ka, ka, ka. He'd run do what you're Ed to do when you see a bear F who don't, if you see a bear, I would just go aaa and dominate and the -- I showed him who ISS. Fun hse. Funse.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Plus, \"The Meg\" actor talks about what life is like at home with a Zonkey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57120459","title":"Rainn Wilson reveals who he would kill off on a reboot of 'The Office'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rainn-wilson-reveals-kill-off-reboot-office-57120459"}