'Roseanne' cast shares hilarious behind the scenes moments

The fan-favorite series is coming back to ABC, and "GMA" goes on set to get a first look at what's to come.
3:05 | 02/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Roseanne' cast shares hilarious behind the scenes moments
More happy news back with one of the most anticipated shows of the year, "Roseanne" coming back to the small screen but in a big way and ABC's Diane Macedo is here with a look behind the scenes of the get ready to laugh, right? That's right. The "Roseanne" reboot starts next month but a sneak preview of what to expect from the show to some behind-the-scenes moments. I'm on my way to the set of the "Roseanne" show for the "Roseanne" show reboot. It's been 20 years. I'm so happy to see you. Pretty amazing. It's very exciting but it's very emotionally overwhelming. Reporter: It's 2017 and it's a family reunion. You look great. Ah. Baloney. Reporter: Roseanne and the rest of her cast mates are gathering at soundstage 8 to read through the script. The name of the number one screen "Twenty years to life." Reporter: The first time they see the re-created set. That first moment we walked in together I don't know that you can totally explain it. It was just like walking into your home because it was so familiar. Hi, everybody. It was so crazy to walk into the set. It feels like such a time warp. Everybody remembers the couch and the Afghan. Startling to walk onto that set after 20 years. I don't have the words to describe how it was. It was strange, exhilarating. Wallpaper was reproduced from photographs and the hair was standing up on my arms like being home again. We had to have our corn and then we had to find our pickled eggs. Where are the pickled eggs? Because we always had a big jar of them in the pantry. That we got on Amazon. The first table read was surreal. Oh, she's my tootsie-wootsie. Just havings everybody sit around the table like we used to and have the sets behind us looking almost exactly the same. It was truly incredible. Our last selection, the jokes were just writing themselves. I will wake up with jokes in my head. Dream jokes, we wanted to show an accurate depiction of America that's very divided. And new faces in the conner family portrait in it was fascinating to watch Darlene parent her daughter in the kitchen that she grew up in and have Roseanne standing there watching her make mistakes. As she did, you know, raising her own kids. Reporter: Including a son who likes to wear girls' clothing. There is a lot of surprises. To answer all the questions people have asked for 20 years. "Roseanne" returns Tuesday, March 27th. Lara, it features the original cast including both actresses who played Becky. Two beckys. Two roles. Developing a new character. This is great. Thank you very much, Diane. You can see more behind the scenes tonight, joy Behar is hosting a special "20/20" right here on ABC and we'll be right

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{"id":53099025,"title":"'Roseanne' cast shares hilarious behind the scenes moments","duration":"3:05","description":"The fan-favorite series is coming back to ABC, and \"GMA\" goes on set to get a first look at what's to come. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/roseanne-cast-shares-hilarious-scenes-moments-53099025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}