Seth Rogen talks about his new book, ‘Yearbook’

The writer and actor highlights many stories, including his run-in with Beyonce’s security at the Grammys and when he first tried stand-up comedy.
6:09 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for Seth Rogen talks about his new book, ‘Yearbook’
There is no time to recover from Chris rock because we have joining us us, a producer, writer, actor, you know him from movies like "Super bad," "Knocked up," "Neighbors" now wrote a book called "Yearbook." Ladies and gentlemen, Seth rogen here on "Good morning America." Good to see you. Hello. Hey. Good to see you, thank you for getting the memo that wanted to follow Chris rock. I totally like to come on after literally the most beloved best comedians of all time. You can get Jerry seinfeld next time or bring Richard Pryor's corpse go up in front of me, that would be great. Whatever you could do to make it impossible for me to follow whoever it is in front of me - would be -- that would be ideal. Thank you so much. Do we know it? Hey. Hey, Seth, we were just talking about you yesterday in "Pop news." Because of that series that you're starring in, you know, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and this photo of the '90s kind of fashion, how do you feel about that, Seth? The '90s were the stupidest time in American history from a fashion standpoint and saying that after wearing nothing but '90s clothes for the past three weeks. If you thought you good looked good, you're an idiot. We all looked dumb and I have to dress like this all day every day now and thank god that's not my actual hair. It's a fake mullet. But, yeah, this is how people looked in the '90s N is how a good-looking person looked in the '90s. I mostly modeled my look off Jerry seinfeld. You know, you write in the book that in the '90s you had a go to, the vest. I did. Why the vest? I wore a lot of vests because I was obsessed with the movie "Tombstone" and in it Val Kilmer plays doc Holliday and thought he was the coolest guy ever and I was from a jewish elementary school where we wore uniforms and didn't know how to dress myself and only inspiration I had was Val Kilmer who wore cowboy vests. I wore a pocket watch also which I convinced myself was cool, which, again, just shows how much one can delude themselves looking back. We just saw a picture when you started stand-up the age of 13. You wrote your grandparents into the act and they loved it. How does the rest of the family feel about it when they get into the act? My family honestly is really mad when I don't include them in my work and honestly right now my sister is pissed at me she is not in my book more and I'm navigating that. In literal realtime. So, yeah, I'm at a place where they want me to write about them and if they don't -- my parents literally phoned me, you should have put your sister in the book more. Like this is what I'm dealing with now? And my mom is yelling at me because my sister is not in my book enough but, yeah, that's where I'm at. You know, also a blurb on the book jacket and speaking of your mom, she said the book is sweet and funny but says I really wish there wasn't so much drug talk so how upset was she about the drug stories? She wasn't upset, per se, I think she wanted me -- I mean, you know, I write about doing drugs a lot in the book as I'm sure a lot of "Gma" listeners would love to hear at 7:00 in the morning, but, yeah, but truthfully my mother gave me a good note which is you should write about why you do drugs so much and so I did and so there's a good blurb in the book dedicated to why and I recommend people read it. Yeah. That's so sweet because -- Know as you're reading it my mother made me write it. She said I'm glad he wrote it but would be even more glad if he called me more. That is so true. You're just like us, momma always wants to hear from you. There are so many great stories in here and I was really caught off guard by the one, you had a run-in with Beyonce's security at the grammys and that led to a little bit of an awkward moment, right? It did. I was at the grammys to introduce eminem and Rihanna. They had a song together and I was backstage, well, yeah, there's a story as to why I'm standing in that awkward position that I never ever stand in and that is I was backstage and I got a drink, I was drinking a screwdriver which is a bad drink and I saw Beyonce and I had never met her before or seen her in real life even and I'm a huge fan of hers and she was actually talking to Gwyneth paltrow so it was a double whammy of famous people and I went over with far too much confidence to go say hi and as I was walking over, her security guard's arm like literally slung out Luke a bat and hit me so hard that I fell back and I spilled my screwdriver all over myself and at that moment a P.A. Came up to me and said we need you on stage, you have to introduce eminem and Rihanna right now and so I went out on stage with screwdriver spilled all over me from Beyonce's bodyguard and that's why I'm standing with my arms in this weird position because my stomach is covered in a horrible vodka and Orange juice stain. I'll never see Michael without thinking of the time I did Howard Stern while watching him change in his dressing room. Oh, that is right. Now I'll never see you the same either. Except we always love you joining us man, we appreciate it. And thank you for joining us talking about the book and all these stories and you guys at home, Seth's book, "Yearbook" is out today and available wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"The writer and actor highlights many stories, including his run-in with Beyonce’s security at the Grammys and when he first tried stand-up comedy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77617607","title":"Seth Rogen talks about his new book, ‘Yearbook’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/seth-rogen-talks-book-yearbook-77617607"}