Shania Twain reveals she's heading to Vegas

Fans will soon be able to hear the country music legend at her new residency in Las Vegas.
5:11 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Shania Twain reveals she's heading to Vegas
you could say impresses me much. A five I'm time grammy winner. One of the best-selling music artists of all time and called the queen of country pop. Please welcome back Shania twain. Woo! So good. So good to lay my eyes on you, hey, I know you're a proud Canadian. Canada is on a roll. The raptor, congratulations to the raptors. Fantastic. How about that Canadian U.S. Soccer team -- Canadian women's soccer team. Did you sigh the video they posted? Did you hear about ts -- on the way to their match. Have a little fun oh oh oh totally crazy A new generation exposed to your music. So touching. Yeah, I mean these are young women who are starting their careers who probably would have come to my shows when they were 3 or 5 or something like that so it's really -- it's moving to be still inspiring them, you know, on their feet out there. So girl power. So you fire them up. What fires you up before you go on stage? Oh, I mean I know the fans are waiting out there. I hear them. I look forward to getting out therand basically being all together in this great party. So -- And that is a perfect segue to what you want to let everybody know and that is -- That is, we are having a party in Las Vegas. I'm going to have a new residency for two years so -- When do you get going? ? We get going December 6th will be the first show. The tickets go on Friday sale. We'll be at zappos theater, planet Hollywood casino and this show is going to be a party like I've never had before. Is that going to be different because -- wait a minute. That is saying something because I have seen this woman. I've seen you in Las Vegas. In fact you, you pulled me up on That's right, that's right. I was never so nervous shaking and singing with you so what's going to be different this time? Oh, well, this show, first it's called let's go so this is like a punctuated show title. And the other show a few years ago that I had was more romantic, there were horses in the show, and this is a whole other complete theme altogether. This is about let your hair down, shake it out. Party together. Celebrate and all these fans over the years reuniting with these -- like girls in the video who have maybe not seen me since they were 5, you know, the first time they saw me in concert or whatever so -- and it's just a celebration type theme to the song. We'll do a lot of dances and interaction. I'm building a stage -- I'm building a dance stage, dance floor in my saloon on the stage so you can imagine what will happen on that floor. See, I know, always -- you can never imagine what's going to happen when you see you in concert like that. Let me also say this, you have a lot to celebrate. You've been open about Lyme disease and how you've had to face that and how it almost robbed you of your voice so how are you doing? I'm doing so much better. I'm in a much more positive spirit. You know, the first residency really was the big test. Would I be able to -- would I be able to do it, period? I had made that commitment without even realizing that I would actually get on that stage that first time. So, you know, after being able to do that I felt like I could do anything so I went on tour and I made a new album and, of course, now I'm back invited back to Las Vegas for another residency and honored and grateful I can sing again. It was a big challenge because there was a long time I never thought I would again. And how about your son, he's been bitten by the musical gene. He's crazy about music production. So that's what he does and I keep trying to get in there and, you know, say, well could you try this for me? He's busy with his own thing. It's not -- it doesn't have a lot of time for my music right now. Ah. But I will -- Spoken like a true mom? You just called out your son. I know. I know. We'll hopefully do something together but he's definitely doing his own thing and it's just his passion. We're passionate about you and we're so happy for you. Cannot wait to see you back in Las Vegas. Shania, thank you so much. And tickets for Shania's residency go on sale this Michael, I know you're with

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Fans will soon be able to hear the country music legend at her new residency in Las Vegas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63758929","title":"Shania Twain reveals she's heading to Vegas ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shania-twain-reveals-shes-heading-vegas-63758929"}